The Easy Way to Learn PC Skills

Creative designer at work: The Easy Way to Learn PC Skills from DML Computer Repair.

If you need to learn PC skills accurately and quickly, knowing where to start may be your first hurdle.  PC skills are vital these days whether for work or to get things done in your personal life. You may be interested in finding an easier way of learning these essential skills. Here we take a…

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Best Desktop Computer for Working from Home

Boost productivity at home with DML's best desktop computer for working from home or remote jobs.

For US residents, having the best desktop computer for working from home has never been as important as it is now.  More and more Colorado companies have transitioned their employees and contractors to working remotely, having the right computer to maintain productivity is an absolute necessity. As a remote worker you don’t want to worry…

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Liquid Cooling System

What is a computer liquid cooling system? Liquid cooling provides lower temperatures for your computer. The most common cooling system are those placed on desktops to cool processors (CPU). Additionally, there is a huge warning when using cooling systems, you are putting a liquid into your computer. For instance, if the system leaks it could…

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How Do I Keep My Laptop Safe While Working at a Coffee Shop

Is your laptop safe while working at a coffee shop?  For those looking for a place to get some computer work done in Colorado Springs, coffee shops have a lot to offer, including Wi-Fi, seating and tables, and easy access to caffeine. Follow these tips to protect your laptop when using it in public. Use…

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How to make your computer faster

These days, people in Colorado Springs know that PCs and laptops run faster by using cutting-edge components. The newest operating systems are much quicker than those from days gone by.  However, even if you’ve updated your hardware already, you may be wondering if you can get an even faster speed. If you’re ready to streamline…

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Tips for Employees to Work from Home Securely

Tips for Employees to Work from Home Securely with DML Computer Repair

Millions of Americans work from home, since the mandated COVID lockdowns of 2020.  Since 2020, it has become increasingly important to be vigilante of home office security.  In your quest to secure a home office, let us provide the top safety tips for home offices. 1.  Work from Home Securely by Keeping Your Home Workplace…

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How to Choose a Computer Repair Service

Let’s face it, there is never a good time to search “computer repair service near me.” Why? Because there is never a good time to have your PC go down. This is especially true if you are one of the many Colorado residents who rely on their home computers for work, school, or life in…

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How much do PC Repairs cost?

How much are PC Repairs in Colorado Springs? If you’re like most Colorado residents, you may have never needed a computer service until COVID lockdowns in 2020.  Suddenly, everyone needs to keep their computers running their best, with very little issues.  Sure, finding a great store could be an issue, but how much will your…

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Is my computer worth fixing?

Expert advice: Is my computer worth fixing? DML computer repair services in Colorado Springs.

Is my computer worth fixing? “Yes, in 98% of cases, a broken computer is worth fixing”, says DML Computer Repair Technician, David.  At DML we truly believe that it is less expensive to repair than replace a computer system.  It is very rare that the price of a computer repair is more expensive than replacing…

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Common Computer Questions

The most common computer questions 2022: What is my IP address? IP stands for “Internet Protocol”, which uses unique characters to identify a computer’s details for internet communication. An IP address is, if you were to relate it to humans, akin to a person’s voice. Just like every person has their own individual voice (varying…

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