How much do PC Repairs cost?

How much are PC Repairs in Colorado Springs?

If you’re like most Colorado residents, you may have never needed a computer service until COVID lockdowns in 2020.  Suddenly, everyone needs to keep their computers running their best, with very little issues.  Sure, finding a great store could be an issue, but how much will your computer repair cost?

Here’s a quick rundown on computer repair pricing:

Most computer technicians charge an hourly rate, like rates charged by a mechanic.  For example, if it takes an hour for PC repairs, then your fee is $40 an hour, plus taxes and the cost of parts.  Theoretically, if a more experienced technician performs the repair, the fee could be up to $100 an hour (for certified Master Techs).  The biggest issue with hourly pay rates is, that a final price is not set until the computer repair is completed.  What’s stopping the computer tech from charging you more than the actual pc repairs time?  Or adding hidden fees?

Flat Rates

At DML Computer repair, we firmly believe that hourly rates are a thing of the past (for pc repairs cost).  We charge “flat rates” for computer repair, removing all guess work and hidden fees.  Additionally, we allow clients to tip computer technicians, after a repair has been performed.  This tipping system allows clients to reward technicians for performing extra work and providing high quality customer service.  It also makes our technicians accountable for their customer service skills and the quality of their work.

Contact Us

Call or text DML Computer Repair today for your free computer diagnostic and quote.  Looking for a Master Technician? I would recommend asking for David; for quality service and experience at affordable prices.  At this time, we are open on evenings, weekend, and most holidays for your convenience.  DML Computer Repair techs accept walk-ins and appointments via call or text for all computer repair in Colorado Springs.

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