Computer Virus Removal Services in Colorado Springs

Trust DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs, Colorado to provide expert computer virus removal services for your laptops and computers. We can remove:

  • Malware
  • Spyware
  • Trojans
  • Worms
  • Adware
  • Hijacks
  • Ransomware
  • Cryptolockers

Computer Virus Cleaning Tools and Training

We are dedicated to helping clients get rid of computer viruses on their PCs and laptops. That is why we provide free tools and training with each virus cleaning service done in our shop.



Malware is a small piece of software that has malicious intent. This software is usually designed to cause operating system damage or dysfunction or give unauthorized users access to your device.

Malware Removal

While being less damaging than a PC virus, our repair technicians recommend the deletion of your operating system.

Risks of Malware Removal

There are more risks to leaving malware on your computer than removing it. Malware can send your valuable information, such as bank accounts, email accounts, and social security numbers to hackers and other unauthorized people.

Complete Computer Virus Removal

A computer virus is designed to replicate a computer code that corrupts your operating system and destroys your data.

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Computer Virus Removal

Damages caused by a computer virus are typically irreversible. Our repair technicians will delete your operating system as well as other data from your device and install a new, clean copy of your operating system. After that, we’ll put a backup copy of your deleted data back to its original position.

Risk of Computer Virus Removal

There is a 90% risk of losing programs and data during a computer virus removal services in Colorado Springs.

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The purpose of this computer code is to deliver advertising to the user. This is typically an unwanted advertisement that would constantly show up on your device.

Adware Removal

The most common method for removing adware is resetting your browser. However, the adware can be a small part of a larger malicious software. In this case, your operating system will be replaced by a new, clean version.

Risks of Adware Removal

The browser or app data is often lost after an adware removal. This means that passwords, cookies, and all browser information are deleted.


By comparison to viruses and malware, this is the most intrusive type of software. Spyware can access emails, in worst cases, this software can record all the passwords you type.

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Spyware Removal

Unfortunately, 80% of people who have spyware on their phones or computer do not know it. Due to this fact, it can be impossible to remove completely. That is why our repair technicians take a proactive approach to dealing with spyware. Anytime we detect spyware, we save what we can and delete the computer’s system.

Risk of Spyware Removal

Because spyware is considered one of the most invasive malicious software, all your programs and browser data may be deleted during the removal process.

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This software is designed to unlawfully seize all or parts of your computer system. There are antiviruses available that are capable of detecting hijacks.

Hijack Removal

Hijacks can’t be removed without damaging the original operating system. That is why our repair technicians have to delete your entire system to remove a hijack from your device.

Risks of Hijack Removal

After a hijack removal process, expect a 100% loss of all programs, including games and game data as well as a 73% chance of losing personal data.


This software is designed to remove a user’s access to the device until a specified amount of money is paid. It is more common for the ransomer to collect the money and never unlock the files or system.

No matter how tempted you are, never give them money. Once you have been a victim of ransomware, they will continue to request money.

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Ransomware Removal

Similar to a hijack, ransomware can’t be removed, and files can rarely be recovered. We suggest that you bring your infected computer and other related devices such as phones, other computers, and cameras that could help rebuild your data.

Risks of Ransomware Removal

Ransomware removal results in 100% data loss and 100% program loss. Rebuilding of data is sometimes possible with other devices that may also contain part of the compromised data.


Apple Virus

This is malicious software that affects the performance of Apple computers. Although Apple Viruses are more like malware than computer viruses, they are still called viruses by users.

Apple Virus Removal

Apple virus removal typically involves cleaning software specifically designed for these products. Our shop has repair technicians who are certified in removing Apple viruses from devices.

Risks of Apple Virus Removal

There is only a 1% chance of program loss if the virus removal is done by a certified technician.

Virus Removal FAQs

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