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Computer Virus removal services in Colorado Springs

Best Computer Virus Removal Services in Colorado Springs.

Computer Virus Removal Services in Colorado Springs

DML provides expert computer virus removal services for every kind of PC virus infection. We can remove malware, spyware, trojans, worms, adware, hijacks, ransomware, and cryptolockers.

Our computer repair shop in Colorado Springs also provides free tools and training with each virus cleaning. Ask about your free training today!

A computer hijack can lock you out of your computer, damage your programs and precious data and even completely wipe out your entire hard drive.  In fact, there are computer viruses that can install software that steals your personal information and even the money in your bank accounts.

Many computers get infected by a virus without the knowledge of the user.  Furthermore, the computer virus is picked up while performing normal web and internet activities including browsing, downloading files, playing media, sharing files or photos, and opening email attachments.

DML Computer Repair of Colorado Springs offers a fast, reliable and affordable computer virus removal service in Colorado Springs.   As a matter of fact, our skilled computer repair service specialists stay up-to-date with all the latest PC and Apple malware and security threats and vulnerability issues.  In addition, we will use a variety of tools and techniques to accurately diagnose your malware or virus infection and restore your desktop PC or laptop back to a clean, healthy state.


Most Dangerous Malicious Software Removals:

Virus Removal Hijack Removal Apple Virus Removal
Malware Removal Spyware Removal Ransomware Removal

Each of these areas is explained below.

Malicious Software Removal in Colorado Springs


Virus Removal in Colorado Springs

What is Malware?  DML PC technicians define malware as a small piece of software that has a “malicious” intent.  Most malware is designed to cause operating system malfunctions, minor damage to an operating system, or give an unauthorized user access.  It is widely thought that Malware is far less damaging to an operating system than a computer virus.

Malware Removal:  Although malware is less damaging than a PC virus, our certified PC technicians recommend deletion of the operating system.

What are the risks of Malware removal?  There are more risks to leaving malware on your computer, than there are removing it.  For example, malware that is designed to gain unauthorized access to your computer, could send valuable information to a hacker.  You could be unwillingly giving access to your bank accounts, email accounts, credit accounts and social security numbers to criminals.  I’ve seen hackers steal an entire identity using access to a Facebook account and a PayPal account.

Computer Virus Removal

Computer Virus Removal In Colorado Springs

What is a computer virus?  DML PC technicians define a computer virus as a replicating computer code, which corrupts operating systems and destroys data.

Virus Removal:  Viruses can perform a variety of damages to your operating system and data that is typically irreversible.  For this reason, our certified PC technicians will almost always delete an operating system and the data.  At this point, a new or “clean” copy of your operating system is installed, and your data is placed back in the original position.

What are the risks of virus removal?  Typically, there is a 90% risk of losing programs or program data during computer virus removal services in Albuquerque.  For example, if you had a computer virus removed, it is possible that QuickBooks would stop working or the data is corrupted.  Another example would be to lose game data, such as local game data saved on your computer.


Computer Virus Removal in Colorado SpringsWhat is Adware?  DML Computer Repair technicians define adware as any software or computer code that is for the sole purpose of delivering advertising to the user.  As a matter of fact, this is typically unwanted advertising and where the software gets the name “ad” ware.

Adware Removal:  This can take many shapes, but the most common removal is resetting of browsers.  In some cases, adware can be a small part of a larger malicious software.  As soon as this becomes evident, an operating system might need to be deleted and replaced with a clean version.

What are the risks of adware removal?  The only risk of adware removal is that browser data or app data is often lost during the process.  This means that passwords, cookies, and all browser information is deleted.  Although it is inconvenient, it is the best way to remove adware.


Who removes computer viruses in Colorado Springs?

What is Spyware?  DML PC technicians define spyware as any software that is for the sole purpose of “spying” on a user.  By comparison to viruses and malware, this is the most intrusive type of software.  At best, the spyware will access emails; at worst, it can log all the passwords you type.

Spyware Removal:  Unfortunately, 80% of people who have spyware on their phone or computer do not know it.  Due to this fact, it can be impossible to remove completely.  Consequently, we take a proactive approach; if we detect spyware, we save what we can and delete the system.

What are the risks of spyware removal?  All programs and browser data are lost during the process.  For this reason, spyware is considered one of the most invasive pieces of malicious software on the planet.  It steals personal information about you and the removal can deprive you of hundreds of dollars’ worth of software.


Computer Virus Removal in Colorado Springs

What is a hijack?  DML PC technicians define a hijack as software that is for the sole purpose of unlawfully seizing all or part of a user’s computer system.  There are few antiviruses that are capable of detecting hijacks, which is why these are detected solely by behavior.  Furthermore, hijacks are complicated in nature, that only older hijacks have been successfully detected.

Hijack Removal:  Hijacks can’t be removed; they can only be deleted with the system they are attached to.  Let me rephrase for clarity, hijacks can’t be removed without damaging the original operating system.

What are the risks of hijack removal?  100% loss of all programs (including games and game data), with 73% chance of losing personal data..


Computer Virus Removal in Colorado SpringsWhat is Ransomware?  DML Computer Repair technicians define ransomware as software that is for the sole purpose of unlawfully removing a user’s access until a specified amount of money is paid.  In some cases, the ransomer will give the ransomed person a numeric code that unlocks their system upon payment.  It is more common for the ransomer to collect the money and never unlock the files or system.  No matter how tempted you are, or how badly you need your information, never give them money.  Once you have been a victim of ransomware, they will continue to request money.

Ransomware Removal:  Similar to a hijack, ransomware can’t be removed, and files can rarely be recovered.  The sooner you bring in your pc, the sooner we can try and recover the system.  It is best to bring in your infected computer and all related devices.  As a matter of fact, bringing all devices that previously had the data that is compromised could be useful.  We might be able to rebuild your data without touching the ransomware.  In other words, bring your compromised computer, your phones, other computers, and cameras that could help rebuild your data.

What are the risks of ransomware removal?  Ransomware removal results in 100% data loss and 100% program loss.  Rebuilding of data is sometimes possible with other devices that may also contain part of the compromised data.


Apple Virus

My computer has a virus

What is an Apple Virus?  DML PC Technicians define an Apple virus as a malicious software that slows or affects the performance of an Apple computer.  Although Apple Viruses are more like malware than computer viruses, they are still called viruses by users.

Apple Virus Removal.  iPhones, Apple Laptops (such as MacBook’s), and Apple Desktops (called iMacs) are vulnerable to these Apple Viruses.  Apple virus removal typically involves a software cleaning with specific software.  The computer specialists at DML Computer Repair are certified to remove Apple Viruses.

What are the risks of an Apple Virus removal?  There is a 1% chance of program loss from an Apple Virus, when performed by certified PC Technicians in Albuquerque.



Computer Virus Services we provide

Below are malicious pieces of software that we encounter most often




Password Attacks




Bots & Bugs

Eavesdropping Attacks

Browser Hijackers



Root Kits


Apple Virus

Computer Virus Removal FAQs

How much does it cost for computer virus removal service in Colorado Springs?

The average malicious software removal for most computer systems is $10-$100.  Adware is typically only $10-$20, while a ransomware virus could cost up to $100 for removal.  Our certified computer techs can help with computers and malicious software.  As discussed on our virus removal page, we specialize in malware removal, spyware removal, adware removal and ransomware removal.

I have an Apple laptop, a new MacBook Pro. I heard that Apple products do not get viruses. Is this true?

A virus typically infects a registry in an operating system, specifically a Microsoft Windows system.  In a Mac, there is no registry to infect, which means that your MacBook can’t get a virus that attacks the registry.  With that said, Macs are still vulnerable to other malicious software that does not infect the registry.  In other words, your Mac laptop can get infected with malicious software, just not the kind that attacks the registry.

What should I do if I suspect that I need a virus removal?

As a technologically inclined community, we are extremely “in-tune” with our computer systems.  As a matter of fact, if you think you have a virus, you probably do!   Think you are safe with an antivirus?  Think again, there are thousands of viruses that are yet to be added to antivirus databases.  Antiviruses add new viruses to their databases every day, but they are still very much behind.  What does this mean for you?  If your computer is acting differently but your antivirus is 100% clean, then you could still have a virus.  If this is the case, go to any pc repairs shop and ask them to please delete your system and put a clean operating system in place.  As a matter of fact, most data can be saved, such as documents, pictures, music, and videos can be safely saved.  Unfortunately, app data (browser information) should never be saved and should actually be reset if you suspect a virus.

Can I trust free computer virus removal software that I get on the internet?

The best antivirus software is often free; however, there are many “fake” imitations on the internet.  For example, Windows Defender is a legitimate program, but someone created a fake Windows Defender email scam.  Unless you are pc technicians, you would not notice the difference and fall into this scam trap.  When looking for free software online, always be cautious of online scams or visit DML Computer Repair for advice.  We provide an unlimited fountain of free software and information about so-called free online software.

I have the best virus removal software. It removes all the viruses on my computer and never fails me. Why do I need your virus removal services in Colorado Springs?

Virus removal is not “just” about removing your viruses, since any good program can do this.  It is also about fixing the damage that your computer has undergone from the virus.  This can be similar to PTSD trauma.  Those with PTSD can’t “undo” the source of the trauma, they must be guided through it.  In comparison, we need to delete your computer’s memory, so that it can forget about the trauma caused by the virus.  Your antivirus can remove the virus, but it can’t fix the damage that the virus caused.   In other words, it can only prevent future damage, not fix operating system damage that was already done. 

What is the best virus removal software?

At DML Comp Repair we help you find the best virus removal software without the outrageous fees.  We have never charged a fee to install free antivirus tools, nor will we ever charge one.  This is the DML Guarantee!  In addition to our free tools, we also provide you with free training on how to use them.   We also believe that education is the most valuable service we can give you.  Our training will help you detect and remove computer viruses, malware, and adware yourself.  Ask about your free DML training today!

Will resetting my computer remove a virus?

Some malicious software can infect your computer’s operating system to prevent virus removal upon reset.  As a certified computer technician, I would not attempt a computer reset as a viable solution for virus removal.  I would seek reputable computer virus removal services in Colorado Springs, such as DML Computer Repair.

Will restoring to a backup remove a computer virus?

If you have backed up an infected hard drive, it is very likely that you backed up the virus too.  When you restore from your backup, you are essentially restoring the virus back to life.

What are the most common types of computer viruses?

Revolving viruses are the most common computer viruses in Albuquerque today.  A revolving virus is a virus that is installed as part of a program.  It looks normal and does not cause concern at first.  The issue arises when you attempt to “uninstall” or remove the program.  The program reinstalls itself and often installs other unwanted programs with it. 

Why can’t I remove the ads on the internet?

There is such a thing as “natural ads” on a website or in a program.  In other words, if the website is paid to show ads, you may not be able to remove them with “ad blocker” or other pop-up blockers.  Some of the largest brands, such as Google and Bing have natural ads that are part of their business.   Even an antimalware called Malwarebytes has natural ads in their program.  This is how they sell their software upgrades; you use the software with the understanding that it has ads.

I am having trouble removing my antivirus from my computer. Can you recommend the best antivirus removal software?

Sometimes, antiviruses can exhibit virus-like behavior, making them impossible to remove.  At DML Comp Repair, we recommend the program “RevoUninstaller”, it’s the best antivirus removal tool.  Caution should be exercised, as there are fake versions of this software online.  If you would like a clean copy of this software, please visit our store for a free installation.

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