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      Are their computer repair services near me?

            DML Computer Repair Services is a computer fixing shop that can help with computer issues


DML Computer repair services is one of the best computer fixing shops Colorado Springs.  In fact, we have been in business for over a decade, providing excellent service since 2012.  When someone googles “computer fixing stores near me”, we are often a top choice.  If you set foot in our shop, then you can rest assured that certified computer fixers Colorado Springs are assisting you.  Furthermore, we train each tech with the best customer service training in the area.    Above all, our top priority is your satisfaction with our services, our reviews speak for themselves.  From getting the perfect cost for computer repair services in laptop restoration and computer screen fixers, we are the best.  We hire the best computer fixers Colorado Springs and that is why DML outperforms other shops, and it shows in our reviews!  I encourage you to read our reviews and see for yourself.


Need computer repair services near me?

Have you been searching tirelessly for “computer repair services near me”?  No problem!  Unlike other laptop fixing shops, we fix all brands of laptops.   As a matter of fact, we fix gaming laptops such as the HP Omen and regular Dell laptops.   There is also no $35 or $45 computer diagnostic fee for any laptop, ever.  At DML, we firmly believe that diagnosis should be free, and this policy will never change.  Moreover, this is how we thank Colorado for your continued business, by making computer repair Colorado Springs affordable for everyone.


Maybe you need a PC desktop fixed?

PC fixing near me has never been easier.  We don’t just specialize as a custom build pc store, but we specialize in all computer brands too.  Furthermore, we provide computer upgrade services for PC desktops and laptops alike.  Desktops are also among the easiest computers to fix, except for certain gaming desktops.  For that reason, desktop computer repair typically cost less than laptop PC repairs at our shop.  Everything from CPU repair price to building a desktop computer.  When it comes to desktops, we do it all.


Perhaps you don’t need a laptop or desktop repair?

Maybe you need specialized computer fixers that can solder or repair a single component.  Being that we are certified, our computer technicians can help you with all your soldering needs.  Did you know that we also build computers?  We are the top choice for custompcbuilder AND to computer repair Colorado Springs.  It’s no surprise that people come from Santa Fe, a 2-hour drive, just to experience our awesome customer service.


We understand the hard search for computer repair near me.

In fact, our computer installation techs want to make it easy for you in any way they can.  As a result, we follow a very simple procedure for every visit.  First, you fill out paperwork, which can also be completed online.  Second, bring your computer to the shop for a free diagnostic.  Third, wait for a text with your diagnosis and quote.  Fourth, approve or decline the recommended PC repairs.  Finally, pick up your computer and get back to your busy days.  Don’t wait until it’s too late and get your free computer diagnostic today.


Computer Repair in Colorado Springs.

At DML we take pride in giving each client a unique service experience.  In a word, "happiness".  We want you to be happy with your pc's performance, our services, and our techs.  As a result, DML computer techs take a REAL interest in your setbacks.  Especially when they are caused by a broken computer.  As a matter of fact, we are the only PC repair shop in Colorado Springs that truly cares for deadlines and the need for fast PC services.  Call or text our computer techs today for your free desktop or laptop diagnostic.  In other words, let us fix your computer and get your life back on track ASAP.


Computer Fixers FAQs

Why is it difficult to find “pc fixing near me”?

It is not difficult to find computer diagnostics and PC repair near me. 

However, it is very difficult to find a good place to help with computers.  Generally, If you don’t mind computer fixers Colorado Springs that are not certified and take forever on a computer repair, then you can shop anywhere.  At DML, we take pride in our rush services and try to complete all PC repairs within a reasonable time frame. 

Most anyone in the city is near computer repair services shops. 

The other day I discovered that there are over 50 computer guys near me in NE Albuquerque.  I checked other parts of the city and there were almost 50 from any given point in ABQ.  Unfortunately, as a local myself, I realize that this doesn’t translate into a large variety of options.  Some shops closed during the pandemic and simply never reopened.  Other shops have reviews that range from 3.5-4.5, which makes one wonder if their services are any good.  The reality is that there are only about 10 really good places to get your computer fixed in the area.  Guess which company is at the top of those places?  In every review you can read about our awesome customer service and the fantastic comp fixers Colorado Springs behind it. 

There are many computer fixing stores near me, so why should I choose DML Computer Repair Services?

There are 3 main reasons to do business with DML.  First and foremost, our work has a warranty.  Most laptop fixing shops will tell you “Just bring it back” and the issue is never resolved.  At our store we have a 30-day warranty for all parts, except for items sold “as is”.  Second, DML Computer fixers work very hard to earn a 5-star rating.  As a small business, we understand the importance of our reputation and therefore maintain it.  We do this by addressing issues immediately and working tirelessly to resolve them.  The third, but not least important reason, is the quality of our work.  It should go without saying that we use superior parts and never ever go with the cheap alternative.  Brands like Alienware, MSI and ASUS can seriously malfunction when cheap parts are used.  Although many people prefer the cheap alternative, ask yourself one question.  Would you prefer a laptop that lasts 1 year or one that lasts another 5 years? Would you like to fix the computer 1 time for $120 or 5 times for $100?  We prefer that you live happily with a problem-free laptop, rather than returning every year to perform the same $100 repair.  This is one of the many ways that our business model is designed to make your life easier.

I need my laptop fixed, what laptop computer repair services do you provide?

Laptop Services

There is a variety of laptop services that we provide, from small to large.  Some of our smaller computer repair include power cable replacements and basic computer upgrade service.  These PC repairs can cost as little as $10 as well as take very little time to complete.   In most cases you can simply come into our shop and these PC repairs could be completed in minutes.  At the present time, our store accepts walk-ins during our day summer hours (7am-7pm).

Computer Repair in Colorado Springs

 We also offer more complicated computer repair Colorado springs, such as complete computer replacements and building pcs.  Furthermore, our gaming pc technicians specialize in these harder PC repairs and gaming computer builds.  At the present time we don’t just repair computers, we also build them from scratch.  Previously, you had to search aimlessly for the best buy on a computer directly off the assembly line.  These days, you can come in, talk to a tech about your tech needs and walk out with a computer made just for you.  We are not just one of the best places to build a pc, but THE BEST place to build a computer.  While many so-called “custom build pc stores” build all their computers the same, ours are perfectly unique.  In other words, no two machines are exactly the same. 

What type of guarantee do your computer fixing shops Colorado Springs location provide?

We guarantee our work 100%.  Each type of repair will have a different warranty behind the work.  For example, a hard drive repair typically has a 3-year warranty, with the option to purchase an extended warranty.  Many of our custom computers have a 6-month warranty minimum with some parts carrying up to 5-year warranties.   Our refurbished computers for sale have a 30-day warranty, sometimes longer.  Occasionally our used computers will not have warranty, but this is a rare occurrence.

 All-in-all our store offers the best of many services, starting with the best store to build a pc.  We are also the best usb data recovery locally owned and operated.  It’s no surprise that we have the best computer technicians in Colorado Springs who perform the best data recovery.  We may not be the best laptop builders but that’s only because we don’t build laptops.  That was a joke, smile.

I got my computer fixed near me and now the shop is closed. Can I bring you my computer even though I have visited the other computer guys near me at another computer fixing store?

Everyone has seen the "other computer geeks"

Absolutely, yes!  At DML computer repair services we realize that most people have been to other computer guys.  Furthermore, our pc technicians will refer you to other local computer repair services near me when appropriate.  For example, if you need a tablet repaired, we will often refer you to a shop that performs these PC repairs.  Unfortunately, there is not one computer repair Colorado Springs business that can meet all your needs. 

We help with computers!

With this in mind, our computer fixers are trained to refer you to the best possible place for services you need.  We don’t see it as giving away business, we see it as helping you, there is plenty of business.  If a different computer repair services near me can help you, then we will refer you to them.  It does not make any sense to withhold the name of another shop when it could make your life better.  This is what DML is all about, making sure that you are happy with your computer.


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