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DML Computer repair is one of the best computer fixing shops in Colorado Springs.  In fact, we have been in business for over a decade, providing excellent computer repair services since 2012.  When someone googles “computer fixing stores near me”, we are often the top choice.  If you set foot in our computer repair shops in Colorado Springs, then you can rest assured that certified PC techs are assisting you.  Furthermore, we train each computer technician with the best customer service training in the area.    Above all, our top priority is your satisfaction with our computer repair services, our reviews speak for themselves.  From getting the perfect cost for computer repairs, laptop repairs and laptop screen repairs, we are the best.  We hire the best computer technicians and that is why DML Computer Repair outperforms other PC shops, and it shows in our reviews!  I encourage you to read our reviews and see for yourself.  In essence, we stand by our computer repair services 100% and our reviews are a reflection of this.


Need your laptop fixed?  Have you been searching tirelessly for “computer fixing stores near me”?  No problem!  Unlike other laptop fixing shops, we perform laptop repairs on all brands.   As a matter of fact, we fix gaming laptops such as the HP Omen and regular Dell laptops.   There is also no $35 or $45 computer diagnostic fee for any laptop, ever.  At DML Computer Repair, we firmly believe that PC diagnosis should be free, and this policy will never change.  Moreover, this is how we thank Colorado for your continued business, by making PC repairs affordable for everyone.


Maybe you need a PC desktop repair?  PC fixing near me has never been easier.  We don’t just specialize as a custom build pc store, but we specialize in all brands for computer repair services too.  Furthermore, we provide computer upgrade services near me for PC desktops and laptops alike.  Desktops are also among the easiest computers to fix, except for certain gaming desktop repairs.  For that reason, desktop PC repairs typically cost less than laptop repairs at our shop.  Everything from cpu repair price to building a desktop computer.  When it comes to desktop repairs, we do it all.


Perhaps you don’t need desktop or laptop PC repairs.  Maybe you need specialized computer fixers that can solder or repair a single component.  Being that we are certified, our computer technicians can help you with all your soldering needs.  Did you know that we also build computers?  We are the top choice for custompcbuilder AND PC repairs in Colorado.  It’s no surprise that people come from North Denver, a 2-hour drive, just to experience our awesome computer repair services.


As Colorado Springs residents, we understand the hard search for a place to get a computer fixed near me.  In fact, our computer installation techs want to make it easy for you in any way they can.  As a result, we follow a very simple procedure for every visit to our computer repair shop in Colorado Springs.  First, you fill out paperwork, which can also be completed online.  Second, bring your computer to our computer repair shop for a free PC diagnostic.  Third, wait for a text with your computer diagnosis and quote.  Fourth, approve or decline the recommended PC repairs.  Finally, pick up your computer at our computer repair shop in Colorado Springs and get back to your busy days.  Don’t wait until it’s too late and get your free computer diagnostic today.

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