How to make your computer faster

These days, people in Colorado Springs know that PCs and laptops run faster by using cutting-edge components. The newest operating systems are much quicker than those from days gone by.  However, even if you’ve updated your hardware already, you may be wondering if you can get an even faster speed. If you’re ready to streamline your computing experience and make your laptop run faster, read on for four expert tips.

1. Stop Unneeded Programs from Loading Up at Startup to Make Your Laptop Run faster

When your laptop or PC starts up, the operating system software launches several programs. This makes the programs available instantly whenever you require them. However, the preloading and storing of program in your computer memory causes a problem. Your computer will slow down to accommodate those programs. The good news is you can stop any programs you won’t need from preloading and  launching. You just navigate through some folders in your settings.

First, visit the Task Manager’s Startup tab. This will show you all the programs that are launching when you start your PC or laptop. All you need to do is disable anything you don’t need or want. If there’s anything you’re uncertain about, just leave it alone!

2. Ditch Unneeded Applications to Get Your Laptop Running Faster

Although unused applications won’t usually cause your laptop any harm, they take up some essential memory room and disk space. They also cause your operating system software to work harder than it should. Some applications may also cause compatibility issues or bugs with other apps and devices.

You can uninstall any unwanted applications by typing “uninstall” in your taskbar search box. Simply select “Change or Remove A Program.” This will show you all the apps your machine currently has stored. If there are any you don’t want or need, click on its icon, and choose “uninstall.” You just follow the onscreen instructions to complete this process. Removing unused applications is a easy step to make your laptop run faster.

3. Disable Apps Running in the Background

There are many native universal apps on any PC or laptop. So, like many of the local Colorado Springs health fanatics that visit our office, these apps are always running , even if you didn’t launch them. Although you’ll be able to access them more rapidly, the overhead of keeping the apps in memory will put a strain on your PCs resources.

You can modify any software you have running in the background. All you need to do is select “Settings” in the Start Menu. Next, click on “Privacy and Background Apps.” Find the apps you don’t need to run constantly and turn off their toggle switches. If you require these programs, simply launch them manually at any time.

4. Clean Your Disks

You can use your device’s disk cleaner function to remove unnecessary files and temporary data on your hard drive. Simply right-click on your hard drive when you’re in File Explorer. Choose “properties and disk cleanup” (this is under your General tab). This program will target a range of unnecessary files. These include temporary Internet files, memory dump files, and more. If you wish, you can review what you will be deleting before confirming. Once you remove these files, your device will run much more smoothly and quickly.

If you live in the greater Colorado Springs area, try these four steps and find your PC or laptop is still slow, contact DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs for a free computer repair diagnostic. With our expertise, we can identify the cause of the problem and help your PC or laptop run faster.