Expert advice: Is my computer worth fixing? DML computer repair services in Colorado Springs.

Is my computer worth fixing?

Is my computer worth fixing?

“Yes, in 98% of cases, a broken computer is worth fixing”, says DML Computer Repair Technician, David.  At DML we truly believe that it is less expensive to repair than replace a computer system.  It is very rare that the price of a computer repair is more expensive than replacing the entire computer.  Furthermore, with proper care and yearly maintenance, there is a good chance your desktop could last 15 years! Surprisingly a laptop could last just as long, if a yearly hardware cleaning is performed.

How do I know if my computer is worth it?

First and foremost, you want to find computer services in Colorado Springs that will look at the computer for free.  That’s right!  For free!  A PC test can tell you all the issues with your computer, and the cost to repair versus the cost to replace.  Unfortunately, there are very few companies who perform computer diagnostic for free.  In fact, David Baker is the technical support guru at DML, and he NEVER charges to evaluate computer performance.  Even better?  If your computer is “a total loss” then David can facilitate computer disposal near you.  Consequently, our amazing computer techs can also help you find a replacement computer at a cost that won’t bust your wallet.

What is a “total loss computer”?

A total loss computer is when 80% or more of the computer components are broken or damaged beyond repair.  In most cases, this phrase is used by insurance companies after determining that a computer repair is less cost effective than replacement.  For example, if a computer repair cost is $1,200 but the purchase of the same computer is $1,100, this would be considered a “total loss”.

Are all computer repair evaluations and quotes 100% accurate?

Unfortunately, even the best laid plans can go sideways.  At DML Computer Repair we strive for perfection in our PC diagnostics and quotes; however, this is not always the case.  If a quote is mistaken or “underquoted”, then our technicians will honor the original quote.  In some rare cases, new issues present themselves during while a computer is repaired, and a new quote must be given.  Fortunately, these cases are rare, and clients are always given the option for a refund, if this should happen.

What if my computer is a “total loss” but I need the information saved it?

At DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs, we recover data from water damage, fire damage, and other unnatural causes.  Additionally, data can almost always be recovered, through drive rebuilding but it is also a costly service (average cost $2,200).  If liquid, heat or cold damage are not a factor, then the data recovery fee could be as little as $100 (99.5% success rate).

Age & Personal Preference Factor

Sometimes we love a computer more than we love the idea of purchasing a new one.  It may be old, falling apart, and completely outdated, but we love it!   As a matter of fact, we’ve memorized all the keys and quirks that make this computer unique.  Although a computer like this would be worthless to anyone else, we would still rather fix it than purchase a new one.  In this case, a computer repair might be costly, but you would have your comfy and homely computer back.  Generally, I would never consider this type of computer a “total loss”.  As some technicians say, “I can fix anything, but you may not like the cost”.

Where do we get our data?

The prices in the table below are the average cost to repair a specific service at DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs.  The prices are not exact, since prices are entirely dependent on age, brand and severity of the computer problems.  For example, if the average cost was $79.88, we rounded the total average cost to $80.  Furthermore, the listed probabilities are based on data that has been collected by DML technicians over a period of 10 years.  Subsequently, the personal information of DML clients has been stripped from our graphs and tables to ensure privacy.

Computer IssueAverage Cost to Fix(Computer Service Fees)Probability of a “Total Loss”(computer is more expensive to repair than to replace)
Laptop water damage$85090%
MacBook Pro water damage$120099%
Desktop does not turn on$1508%
Laptop does not turn on$20040%
Laptop screen flickering$1508%
Lost Data (basic)$10050%
Laptop broken Screen$2504%
Laptop broken hinge$803%
Laptop broken in half$18089%
Desktop not responding$120>1%
Broken hard drive recovery “click of death”$2,20099%
Data loss$50099%
Desktop not showing icons$200%
Computer stuck restarting$120>1%
Blue screen windows 10$1202%
Computer battery last more$80>1%
Operating system not found$80>1%
Computer screen issue$150>1%
Computer charging port$150>1%
Computer monitor issue$200>1%
Laptop computer fan$800%
Desktop computer fan$600%
Computer screen apple$5508%
Hard drive not found$200>1%
Computer virus$800%
Laptop Broken charger port$1204%
Laptop Keyboard$80>1%
Charging port not working$808%
Laptop repair (general-easy)$40>1%
Computer maintenance$400%
Computer freezes randomly$120>1%
Compute freezes when playing games$400>1%
Computer freezes on startup$120>1%

How long will it take to fix my computer?

If you would like a more detailed or accurate computer quote, please visit DML.  Our experienced computer techs can evaluate your computer for free.  In fact, computer evaluation is not only free, but it can take as little as 15 minutes.  In general, computer repairs can also take as little as 30 minutes or as much as 7 days (when parts must be ordered).

When In Doubt:  The Repair Shop

DML Computer techs would be thrilled to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding this article.  In fact, we encourage you to make inquiries at other local computer shops nearby and ask us about our price differences.

We look forward to serving you and welcoming you to the DML Family,

~DML Team

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