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Excellent Computer Repair Technicians When It Matters

At DML Computer Repair, we strive for customer service excellence.  In other words, each computer specialist near me is professional, courteous, and certified.  In fact, if your experience with computer geeks near me is less than ideal, please email us using the contact form above, attention DML Owner.  Furthermore, I would love to hear about your experience with a computer technician Colorado Springs location.  I strive to give each client an outstanding experience with each computer specialist near me. Are you looking for a computer repair technician near me?  Or perhaps you need a laptop technician near me?  Our computer doctor near me looks forward to diagnosing your computer and providing an affordable computer repair quote.  Don’t settle for the “other” computer guys; let the DML computer guys near me get your computer running perfectly again! Let me be the first to welcome you to the DML Family!  If this is your first visit, you may want to save time by filling out our Online Service Request Form.  This will ensure that the computer technician on duty has all of your information ahead of time, minimizing the amount of time for computer intake. Additionally, our Colorado Springs computer repair shop accepts tips for computer technicians (gift cards and coffee are also accepted). Our computer tech near me provides many basic computer services for FREE.  Computer technician David likes his coffee black, Dominic likes his coffee with nonfat milk and no sugar, and De likes her coffee with no sugar and coconut milk.  All other computer technicians and interns prefer a Macchiato, or hot chocolate.  Don’t settle for the “other computer guys”, visit DML Computer Repair Colorado Springs today.

Computer Guys Near Me FAQs

How do I find a computer specialist near me?Expand

We are located inside the building at 223 N Wahsatch Ave, next to Taco Bell for your convenience. Come and visit our computer specialist near me. Our experienced computer guys are here to assist with all your computer repair service needs.Do you have a computer tech near me?Expand

Yes, our computer repair technicians perform free computer diagnosis nearby, conveniently located at 223 N Wahsatch Ave in Suite A (parking lot is in the back of the building). If you are looking for a computer technician that has tons of experience and solves problems quickly, you have come to the right place. Our Master PC Repairs Tech, David, is the best computer repair technician in Colorado Springs. He has decades of experience and solves computer issues quicker than other computer geeks near me.

If you are looking for a computer technician that is also the owner of the company, you should ask for De. De can give bulk pricing and special discounts to individuals. She also runs the “DML Hardship Program” for disadvantaged individuals and special minority groups. De is also the most experienced software specialist in Colorado Springs. Need a password removed or special data recovery services, De is the computer repair technician to see! Our computer specialist Colorado Springs are truly the best computer guys near me.

If you are looking for a gaming computer technician that can recognize a faulty game service from a mile away, you need Dominic. Dominic is quickly becoming one our most popular computer technicians in the Colorado Springs area. In a day and age where gaming knowledge is essential Dominic is a valuable asset to DML Computer Repair. His theories on gameplay and FPS have made a huge impact on how we view gaming. He is considered the foremost computer technician authority on FPS in the area.

Does your game keep crashing? You might need the assistance of one of our FREE game testers and computer specialist near me. They will play your game for hours, until our pc techs figure out the issue! Mikael is our most popular gaming tester.I do not trust any computer repair technician near me. How can I trust a DML Computer Technician Colorado Springs?Expand

DML Computer Repair has spent the last decade proving to Colorado Springs that we are the best computer repairs company nearby. For example, our computer doctor near me completes 99% of all diagnostics and PC repairs within 24 hours, which is phenomenal. In addition, only 1% of our diagnostics are completed within 24-72 hours.

Furthermore, each DML Computer technician near me offers quick and accurate computer diagnostics.

The “other computer guys near me” often keep a PC for 2-12 weeks just for diagnosis. If you Add another 2-12 weeks for a repair, then you won’t see your PC for 6 months at other computer fixing stores.

At DML Computer Repair, we don’t want to keep your computer any longer than is absolutely necessary for pc repairs. Diagnostics are completed within 24 hours, in most cases. PC repairs are typically completed within 1-14 days (at most). This is an excellent time frame compared to the other computer geeks near me.Do you have a laptop tech near me for laptop repair services?Expand

Yes, our computer guys perform all types of computer upgrade services. Yes, our computer guys also perform all types of computer laptop repair services. We perform lap top screen repairs near me, laptop data recovery services, and basic/advanced laptop pc repairs. We also sell used laptops in Colorado Springs if your laptop has completely crashed and is a total loss. Visit our experienced computer technician Colorado Springs for the best computer repair near me.