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Desktop Computer Repair in Colorado Springs
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Desktop PC Repairs

Most Colorado Springs residents know that typing “computer desktop repair near me” into a search engine doesn’t always produce the best PC repair near me.  At DML you don’t have to worry about getting a good computer specialist for desktop computer repair.  We have the best desktop computer repair near me and amazing computer technicians.  We perform pc diagnostic, we are the best PC repair near me, and we have the best places to build a pc.  Looking for computer troubleshooting?  No problem!  Our fast and free pc diagnostic will exceed your expectations.  We may specialize in building pcs; but we are also geniuses for computer tune up and computer upgrade services. 

Best PC Repair Near Me

Not only are we the best PC repair near me but we are also the best at building a desktop computer repair.  Desktop pc computers are one of our specialties because we build thousands from scratch.  Once you have built a couple thousand desktops, fixing them is easy.  It is no surprise that building a desktop computer is much harder than repairing one.  For one thing, pc building requires hours of research and finding compatible parts.  The first thing to remember is that our computer technicians never use pc building websites.  

Websites that contain “easy build pc” algorithms are often paid to put certain parts in their recommendations.  Furthermore, these sites place many components that don’t work well together for long periods of time.  For example, our pc builders would never use a low wattage power supply in a custom build pc. Over time, if upgrades were needed, you wouldn’t be able to upgrade and low wattage can also cause long term power issues.  For this reason, our computer technicians take their time to build your computer on paper, then on the computer, and finally in the real world.  This ensures that you receive the best possible gaming pc with the best price and quality available.

 Computer Repair in Colorado Springs

As most of our clients discover, our Colorado Springs PC repair always begins with a free pc diagnostic.   That’s right, 100% free diagnosis!  We look at your pc and determine the cost and time needed for pc repairs.  Sometimes this can take as little as 30 minutes; however, in most cases, it will take 24-48 hours.  It is worth noting the pc diagnosis and PC repairs should not be confused with each other.  In comparison, a pc diagnosis can be completed quickly in most cases, but PC repairs can take longer.  If a component is required for your computer, we must order the part, then wait 3-10 days for it to arrive.  Unfortunately, there are millions of parts out there and an even greater number of variations for each one.  Like most PC repair Colorado Springs shops, we carry a limited number of parts.

PC Repair Colorado Springs Shops

Unlike other PC repair Colorado Springs shops, we only want to keep your computer for as long as we need to complete the work.  Our PC repairs certified computer technicians are trained to diagnose, repair a pc, and return it to you immediately.  Moreover, the average time of a pc shop repair, performed by our computer specialist is 3-7 days.  By comparison “the other computer guys” can take 2-4 weeks to complete a repair.  As a top-rated computer tech shop in Colorado Springs, DML Computer Repair is your solution for all your PC needs. As a matter of fact, we take great pride in our professionalism, timeliness and excellent service.  Are you looking for a local PC repair shop you can trust?  Then surely you’ll want to take a look at our fantastic Google reviews.  It is evident that our goal is to develop a lasting relationship with all clients.  The next time a computer repair service is needed, you’ll know exactly who to call for help. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Note:  Hardware repairs require a cash deposit for the cost of the part. Labor may be paid upon pick up of your computer.

Desktop Tower Services We Offer

Below are examples of common desktop tower repairs. We can fix almost any problem!

Computer Won’t Start

Power Jack/Port Repairs

Power Supply Replacement

Computer Freezes

RAM Upgrade/Replacement

Motherboard Failure

Slow Computers

Disk Storage Upgrades

Motherboard Replacement

Thermal Paste Replacement

Overheating & Fans

Wiping & Reloading Systems

Virus Malware Removal

PC Soldering

CPU Repair

Data Recovery

Hard Drive SSD Repairs

Keyboard Issues

Desktop Tower Repair FAQ

How much does it cost to repair a desktop computer?

The cost to repair a desktop tower in Colorado Springs, depends on the parts and labor needed.  We will call or text you with the flat fee and exact price before we begin the repair.  We will also never raise that price even if the repair requires more than we predicted.  Although exceptions have been made, this is true for 99.9% of our repairs.  Please note that a deposit in cash is required to begin any repair at DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs.

A pc diagnostic near me recently increased from $35 to $45, will your fees increase?

Although we understand why places that fix pcs need to charge a diagnostic fee, DML Computer Repair does not.  As a matter of fact, we have committed to keep this policy in effect for as many decades as we can.  As a result, computer troubleshooting becomes affordable for everyone in Albuquerque.  We perform this service with pride for residents.

DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs has been in business since 2003, we have only increased our prices once by $20.  In 2015, we moved from a smaller office to a larger, more convenient location.  As a result, we increased all our prices and vowed to never do it again.   Although taxes or shipping fees increasing can cause a price increase, we do our best to avoid price increases.

Do I need to bring the monitor and power cords in with the computer?

In most cases no, but it does depend on the nature of the problem.  We don’t need the monitor if you have a software problem, hard disk issues, virus/malware challenges, or need a software tune-up.  If you have monitor related problems or issues with video then yes we prefer you bring in everything to our computer repair shop in Colorado Springs.

What types of computer desktop repair near me do you perform?

The computer technicians at DML Computer Repair Colorado Springs perform a variety of desktop computer repair.  Some of the easier repairs such as computer tune up can be done the same day.  Other harder repairs such as computer upgrade services can take a few days, depending on the availability of parts.  Our most popular PC repairs include broken hard drive data recovery, clicking hard drive repair, and corrupt hard drive recovery.   Some of our less common pc repairs include data recovery hp, mac data recovery, and broken usb data recovery.  Although we don’t perform these desktop computer repair jobs frequently, we perform these repairs just as perfectly as all our other comp repairs.  Not sure if you need your computer fixed?  Our computer specialists are happy to give you a free pc diagnostic.  We diagnose all store-bought computers for free including Windows, Apple Computers, and Linux operating systems.  We also diagnose potential computer software repairs (upon request) as well as computer hardware repairs.  In other words, we are the best PC repair near me!

Can your technicians clean mold in my computer? Can your technicians clean spores from my computer?

Yes, our technicians use a proprietary method of removing all mold and spores from your computer.  We start the method in a “clean room”, where the spores and mold are contained.  We use a special solution for mold removal and spore removal from your laptop or desktop.  The total cost is $120 for both desktops and lapotps at DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs.

How do I know if my computer is a pc or a desktop? Does DML perform desktop computer repair near me?

Desktop refers to a computer that sits on the top of a desk, while a pc stands for personal computer.  Basically, a desktop is a personal computer and vice versa.  I have heard some Apple computer users refer to “Windows” computers as pcs.  Apple computers can also be “personal computers” and “desktops”.  Furthermore, many computer fixing shops have tried to adopt this Apple vs PC terminology without success.  For this reason, DML refers to all Windows and Apple computers that are not laptops as desktops.  All computers that are for “personal use” are referred to as pcs and those for business use are referred to by their brand.   For example, a small company with an HP desktop would be referred to as an HP desktop, not a pc.  Similarly, an iMac, which is also a desktop computer repair, is referred to as an “iMac Desktop”.  All of these examples can fall under computer desktop repair near me.

I have a gaming desktop. Do you fix gaming pcs? Can I take my gaming computer to any PC Repair Colorado Springs shops?

Many places that perform pc diagnosis and repair do not actually fix gaming pcs.  The reason for this is the complicated nature of most gaming computers.  A pc that is used solely for gaming often has components and problems that aren’t seen in average computers.  DML Computer Repair Colorado Springs techs are certified to build gaming computers and fix them, it just makes sense to do both.  Comparatively, many of our competitors can build PCs but are not great at repairing them and their pcs don’t last as long.  Some of the largest differences between a pc and a gaming pc include elaborate cooling systems, custom upgrades, and more expensive hardware.  We are not only the best at building computers but also the best PC repair near me.

At DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs, we currently only have one gaming pc technician.  Since gaming computers require some computer engineering knowledge, these techs are in limited supply.  As a matter of fact, he is the best computer technician in Albuquerque and surrounding areas.  Our Master Computer Technician, David, has decades of experience building pcs and computer repair.  When you read our reviews, you’ll notice that many of them mention him by name and his excellent service.

What is desktop maintenance? Does anyone perform this in Colorado Springs PC repair shops?


All pc computers require maintenance of some sort from pc technicians.  It would be easy to say that all computers require the same pc maintenance unfortunately this isn’t always the case.  For example, certain gaming pc computers require a cooling system cleaning every 2 years.  Some more complicated PCs can also require yearly replacement of specific parts that easily wear and tear.  It’s always best to ask a Master Computer Tech, which computer maintenance your pc might need.  DML Comp Repair is one of a few shops that have a Master pc tech on staff most days.  If you require advanced assistance, I always recommend that you call ahead of time to ensure the proper computer tech is available. 

“Regular” laptops and desktops do not require elaborate maintenance, as mentioned previously.  However, most computers do require a yearly “cleaning”, especially those used heavily.  If your computer sees heavy use, then you may want to consider yearly thermal paste changes and interior cleanings.  Although anyone can take a vacuum to a pc removing dust, most people don’t have the expertise to replace the paste.  To explain further, this task requires the CPU to be removed from your computer and a special paste applied.  Removal can be tricky, and I have seen many people break their desktop attempting the process.  It should go without saying that this service is best performed by a certified computer tech.  Call, text, email or visit DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs for your free PC diagnostic.


I noticed that shops that perform PC repair near me do not go to people’s homes anymore. Do you go to people’s homes and perform repairs in their home?

Unfortunately, we are one of the smaller computer repair businesses and perform limited pc shop repair outside of our store.  The cost to send a computer tech to your home would be more expensive than we would be able to charge.  Our goal is to keep our comp repair costs low and adding a $200 service call fee seems outrageous.  For this reason, we do not perform service calls in your area.  We realize that it is inconvenient to ask you to bring your pc to us, but this policy is designed to keep it affordable for everyone

Can I drop my computer off in the evening or on the weekend?

Yes, we accept drop-offs during our regular office hours, which includes weekends and evenings (until 7pm on weekdays). You don’t need an appointment to drop-off your equipment, DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs, welcomes walk-ins anytime we are open.

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