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Many people find DML Computer Repair on search engines when they type “best laptop repairs near me” and “best used laptops near me”.  Furthermore, we are not just among the best places that fix laptops but also the best at helping used laptops last longer.  Furthermore, our PC techs put 110% of their time and effort into making sure that each repair is checked and double-checked.  This is equally true with our laptops for sale, which get the same amount of attention and care as a laptop repair.  In fact, this is proof that we put dedication into all our work, regardless of repair type.

Common Laptop Repairs

There are 4 types of common laptop repairs.  In fact, harging issues are the most common laptop issues.  In most cases, the charging port needs to be replaced, which can take as little as one hour to perform.  Unfortunately, there are thousands of variations and most need to be ordered, adding 3-7 days to the repair time.  As with all repairs, we do not ever keep your laptop any longer than necessary.  Additionally, as soon as a laptop is fixed, the owner is contacted, and arrangements are made for pick up.

Broken Laptop Screen Repair

Second are accidental broken laptop screens.  Furthermore, as the top computer screen fixer in the area, we receive hundreds of requests for quotes every day.  Many laptop screen replacements can be performed in less than an hour if the part is in stock.  This has become a more common repair ever since computers were mainstreamed into schools.  In addition, he requirement of such technology for educators and students, has made this repair our second most performed laptop fix.

Automatic Repair & Restart Loops

Third on our list is slowness, freezing and the “automatic repair” loops, caused by failing hard drives.  All in all, laptop data recovery and laptop hard drive recovery are also included since data loss occurs most here.  As a matter of fact, many of our clients are surprised to hear that laptop computers aren’t as mobile as everyone believes.  In addition, laptops with mechanical hard drives are more likely to fail within the first year, compared to those with solid state drives.  Furthermore, these older style drives have moving components that easily fail with the slightest movement.  The easiest solution?  Put a solid-state drive into your laptop and avoid this common laptop issue.  After an SSD install, most computers start within 20 seconds and click within 1 second.

Computer Does Not Power On

In fourth place, is the dreaded “my computer does not power on” problem.  The most common causes for these symptoms in Colorado Springs are humidity changes.  Swamp coolers release a mist of water droplets into the air that get into the laptop and cause erosion.  Additionally, travel to more humid place, with your computer could cause unforeseen damage.  Correspondingly, water and electronics do not mix.  Exposure to the elements, such as high heat and high cold can cause a computer to never work again.  Furthermore, the most common example is leaving your laptop in a vehicle in the heat of summer or the snow of winter.   Extreme temperatures and electronics do not mix either.  Finally, we encourage you to visit other computer shops in Colorado Springs and when a repair doesn’t feel right, feel free to say, “do not put that laptop diagnostic near me”!

 The Best Computer Repair in Colorado Springs

DML Computer Repair provides laptop services in Colorado Springs for individuals and small businesses. For years, our family-owned and operated computer repair shop has served customers for laptop diagnostic and laptop repairs.  In fact, our Colorado Springs laptop computer repair services include diagnostics, tune-up, power jack repair, keyboard repair, virus removal, replace broken screens, power adapters, motherboards or whatever else needs to be repaired on your laptop.  Suffering from loose or sticky laptop keyboard keys?  We can replace your laptop keyboard and you can start enjoying actually typing on your laptop. Maybe you have a slow laptop or there is a strange sound coming from it.  We can help!  In addition, our computer technicians have many years of laptop experience with Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Gateway, Acer, Apple, and many more.  We provide fast, high-quality computer repair in Colorado Springs for brands and models of laptops.

Laptop Services We Provide

Below are examples of common laptop repairs.  We can fix any laptop computer problem!

  Yearly Laptop Maintenance ($40)

  Power Supply Replacement
  RAM Upgrade/Replacement
  Hinge Repair
  DC Jack Repair
Speed Improvement
Disk Storage Upgrades
Motherboard Replacement
Laptop Overheating
Operating System Installation
Slow Laptop
Data Backup & Recovery
Laptop Keyboard Repair
Hard Drive SSD Repairs
Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop Repair FAQs

Why is it impossible to find a good place for a laptop diagnostic near me and laptop maintenance near me?

Quick Computer Diagnostic

The main problem with most diagnostics is that they are quick and sometimes not accurate.  Furthermore, at DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs we find ourselves frequently diagnosing computers that have been misdiagnosed by other shops.  If we can perform a quick diagnostic of your computer, we will; however, in most cases it takes time.  In fact, we must open a computer, check the hardware, check the software, and diagnose all possible solutions.  In addition, with laptops, the job is much more delicate and requires a computer tech that specializes in that specific brand.  Contrary to popular belief, not all laptops are created equally or are “easy laptop fixes”.  Even an experienced laptop technician needs at least 30 minutes to open it, 10 for diagnosis and another 30 to close.  Consequently, this time frame is assuming that the tech has 10 years of experience and has no other work ahead.    

Free Computer Diagnosis

 The second problem is that due to the abuse of free diagnostics, many laptop fixing shops now charge.  Among others, independent computer repair guys were taking dozens of PCs for free diagnostics every week.  In the end, they didn’t have the shop perform a single repair, causing hundreds of hours in lost time every year. 

Free Computer Diagnostic Remains Free

 A few years ago, the fee for evaluation was either free or no more than $35.  Furthermore, this has drastically changed since the pandemic, ranging from $25 to amounts near $100.  At DML Computer Repair, we protect our clients by limiting free diagnostic to individuals.  As a result, much of the abuse of this free and valuable community service is prevented.  We also require a fee for anyone who builds their own computers and for insurance claims.  In addition, all these precautions ensure that our free diagnostics program remains free and fair, virtually forever.

Will I ever be able to find the best laptop repairs near me?

Laptop Repairs Near Me

This is much like finding the best data recovery company or the best places to build a pc.  You will go through all the wrong ones before finding the right place for you.  Great techs, hours, fair prices, and excellent customer service typically lead to the proverbial “best”.  Additionally, your neighbor’s “best” may not work for you and vice versa.  There are 3 things you can look for in a company that can make them a top choice for you.  First and foremost, read the reviews for places that fix laptops.  Don’t forget to read the bad ones too, as this can tell you how problems are resolved.  Next, before you get your laptop fixed, visit the shop for a friendly conversation. 

Finding The Best Computer Shop Near Me

Many people find that visiting a shop without their device and making a simple inquiry can be beneficial. This can help them get a “feel” for the computer techs and the overall environment.  Afterall, nobody feels welcome in a place where smiles are in short supply and courtesy is just a word.  Which brings me to the final clue of finding the “best shop”, excellent customer service.  When something goes wrong can you trust that your new place that fixes laptops will take responsibility?  At DML, we guarantee it.  Our techs are trained to take responsibility for any wrongdoing and make it right immediately.

How can I find laptop maintenance near me and what does “laptop maintenance” mean for me?

A word about laptop maintenance near me

The best way to find a good laptop maintenance shop is by referral or to simply try it.  Many times, we know someone who has taken their laptop in for “repairs” and they recommend the same place for “maintenance”.  In fact, these are two very different services and require two sets of skills.  Additionally, repairs require you to know how a computer works and the symptoms that can be associated with specific fixes.  On the other hand, maintenance requires an engineer’s understanding of the hardware in a computer and how the various parts work together.  In addition, it also requires a basic understanding of how a computer will wear and tear over time.  Although they sound similar in description, they are not.

What does laptop maintenance involve?

 Laptop maintenance typically involves thermal paste replacement, fan cleaning and interior removal of debris.  Furthermore, there are various degrees to this type of hardware upkeep and cleaning.  Where some technicians will completely tear apart a computer and clean each component, others will do the minimum amount required.  Consequently, the most popular technicians are usually the ones who go above and beyond, many times even cleaning the device exterior.  We have one technician, at DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs, who has a beautiful philosophy about computer cleaning.  This computer tech always says, “regardless, I clean the screen and it makes my heart happy to see people smile”.

How can I tell if the maintenance on my laptop was done correctly?

Unfortunately, much like a vehicle’s oil change, there are very few ways to tell if it was done wrong.  One word, time.  Only time will tell if maintenance was either performed wrong or not done at all.  A computer that continues to overheat after the procedure, can be a good indication of missed steps or a lack of thermal paste.  Identically, it can also be the first sign of a failing heatsink or a motherboard that is malfunctioning.   If you believe that your computer did not receive adequate maintenance, you can always ask a second technician to double-check the work.  We are happy to provide this service at no additional cost.  DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs, compares this service with a doctor’s second opinion, it should be your right to ask for one.

Are you able to remove spores and mold from my laptop?

Yes, we are able to remove mold and spores from your laptop.  We use specialized equipment in the removal process; it is very effective.  Additionally, your laptop will be opened and the interior is cleaned with a special solution that removes spores and mold from your laptop without damaging the computer.  Furthermore, the total cost for this service is $120 at DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs.

How much does it cost to repair a laptop?

The cost to repair a laptop depends on the cost of the parts and labor needed.  DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs provides a flat rate cost estimate when you bring your laptop in for a free PC diagnostic.

How much does it cost to replace a hard drive in a laptop?

Laptop hard drive repairs start at $120. DML Comuputer Repair in Colorado Springs, provides free laptop hard drive diagnostic which will include a reliable price to fix or replace.

Can you repair a motherboard in a laptop?

No, we don’t usually repair a motherboard in a laptop. In fact, DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs, can replace laptop motherboards for a price that is usually much less than the cost to replace the entire laptop.

Do you sell laptop computers?

We don’t sell ready-made laptops or desktop computers.  However, we do custom builds of computers and laptops, usually for gaming.  See DML Computer Repair’s gaming computer custom build page.

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