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Best Laptop Repairs in Colorado Springs
Broken Laptop Screen Repair in Colorado Springs

The Best lap top Screen Repair in Colorado Springs

Do you have a broken lap top screen repair issue?  Do you need a computer laptop screen repair near me?  Most people don’t realize that a cracked screen laptop needs to be replaced, not repaired.  Many people even throw away their laptop and simply never get the cracked screen laptop fixed.  Despite the availability of several lap top screen repair shops in the area, cracked screen laptops see trash cans often.  As a matter of fact, there are over 100 shops that perform laptop screen repair in Colorado Springs.  Although none of them are the best lap top screen repair in Colorado Springs, many of them can do the work.

Laptop Screen Repair

DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs is considered the best laptop screen repair near me.  Why?  Currently, DML provides the very best lap top screen repair near me (cost for the value of service).  If you were to get your screen replaced at DML, then you would receive a free diagnostic, a warranty on your lap top screen and great customer service.  Most other pc screen repair near me, charge at least $35 for diagnostic, with cheap screens, and no warranty.  Even worse, the diagnostic fee is not credited toward your pc screen repair.  If you were to pay $180 for a laptop screen, you would also pay $35 for someone to tell you that your screen is broken.  This seems silly.  Other computer screen fixers also use cheap screens that break within the first 6 months and no warranty is included.

Laptop Screen Replacement

The biggest frustration is getting a new screen, only to see it stop working in 3 months.  Not to mention that our computer technicians are the best in the industry.  We don’t just guarantee the repair, our pc techs also guarantee that the screen will function, or we will replace it for free within the warranty period.  Our shop also offers used lap top screen repair in Colorado Springs at a discounted price.  This means that the computer screen repair cost is much lower than purchasing a new laptop screen.  Sometimes, when the cost is an issue, this may be the best course of action for a pc screen repair.  Additionally, used laptop screens don’t last like newer parts; a used one is only a short-term solution.

Broken Laptop Screen

The cost to fix computer screen that is broken can greatly vary from brand to brand.  It is best to get a free computer diagnostic at DML, for the best possible quote.  If we do not have the pc screen in stock, it could take 3-10 days to order one.  In many cases, same day computer screen repair is not possible since there are thousands of screens and even more variations.  If you are interested in purchasing expedited shipping for your lap top screen repair, be sure to ask your pc technician.  It is always best to plan for a 3–10-day repair before taking your pc to places that fix computer screens.  Although this isn’t always the case, it is best if you are prepared for the best-case scenario.

DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs

DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs provides laptop screen repair including screen replacement in Colorado Springs. Our family-owned and operated computer repair shop has served customers for decades.  Laptop screens are not designed to last forever. Signs that a laptop display may need repair or replacing can include a black screen, dim screen, flashing or flickering, failing backlight, and color defects.  A laptop LCD is fragile and prone to damage. Dropping a laptop can crack the screen rendering the entire device unusable. But if you’ve accidentally cracked your laptop screen you don’t have to spend hundreds on buying a new machine. DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs can replace the screen on any make or model of laptop including HP, Dell, MSI, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Sony, Asus, Alienware, Apple, and most other manufacturers.

Lap top Screen Repairs We Can Provide

Below are examples of common laptop screen problems we repair.

No Image on Screen
LCD Repair/Replacement
Laptop Hinge Issues
Display Drivers
Intermittent Black Screen
Blue or Black Screen
Broken Screens
Backlight Inverter
Screen Flickering
Fuzziness/Color Saturation
Lines Across the Screen
Dim Screens
Video Cards and Connectors
Video Cables
Computer Screen Jumping

Lap top Screen Repair FAQs

I need a computer screen repair near me. Are there places that fix computer screens near me and offer same day computer screen repair?

In some cases, a same day laptop screen repair will not be available.  With that said, there are many things that your pc technician can do to expedite your pc screen repair.  First, most computer screen fixers can expedite the shipping on your laptop screen.  In other words, the computer screen fixer would receive your screen within 24 hours and your laptop would be fixed by the next business day.  Second, your computer screen fixer can “rush” the work for a small fee, making sure that your pc is fixed quickly.  In addition, the best lap top screen repair places will perform the work in the order that it was received.  Furthermore, by paying the rush fee, a pc can be fixed as soon as the parts are available.   

There are several comp repair shops near me. How do I know if any of them are computer screen fixers?

As previously mentioned, most computer repair shops near me are also places that fix computer screens.  Unfortunately, the best way to tell if places that fix PCs also fix computer screens, is to call them and ask.  Sometimes, these computer screen fixers will explain their services on a website, but this can be rare.  Furthermore, it really is best to call each individual comp repair place and ask.  At that time, you could also ask for a pc screen repair quote or computer screen repair cost.  Call the best computer screen repair Colorado Springs, DML Computer Repair.

I got a quote from several places that fix computer screens near me. Are you able to price match?

DML Comp Repair offers excellent quality parts and unique warranties for each computer screen repair.  With that said, many other computer screen fixers do not purchase quality parts with a good warranty.  If you purchase their product, then it MIGHT last a few months.  If you purchase our products, they WILL last several years.  There are very few exceptions to this scenario, such as used and refurbished laptop screens.  If you can provide a printed quote from another computer repair shop for us to verify, and it is the exact same part, with the same warranty, we are happy to match their price and reduce our price by $10.  Not only will we match the price, but we will also give you $10 off.  Additionally, you will receive the same quality work and customer service that has made DML the best laptop screen repair in Colorado Springs.

Do you replace broken laptop screens?

Yes, we can order and install a new LCD screen for most makes and models of laptops.

How much does replacing a laptop screen cost in shops that do computer screen repair Colorado Springs?

The cost of a lap top screen repair can vary from $100, all the way to $900 for newer models.  Furthermore, the most expensive laptop screen repair in Colorado Springs (or anywhere in the world) is almost always the screens that have retina features.  Although there are very few of these laptops, most are Apple Laptops, these can be an expensive computer repair cost. For the most part, computer screen fixers charge $100-$200 for most screens.  In fact, even touchscreen screen repairs can be reasonably priced at about $200-$500.  The best way to get a good estimate of your lap top is to call 10-20 computer repair shops and get a laptop screen replacement quote.

Can a cracked screen laptop be repaired? In other words, is there actually a place to perform a lap top screen repair near me?

Unfortunately, cracked lap top screen repair is not a repair at all, it is a replacement.  Even the shops that are considered the best lap screen repair in Colorado Springs are not able to repair a laptop screen.  Instead, your lap top screen is removed and replaced with a new one.  Sadly, there are currently no methods to repair a screen safely and effectively.  I have seen many people add nail polish and window repair solutions to cracked lap top screens but to no end.  Eventually, the broken laptop screen breaks further, or laptop cracks spread.  In worse case scenarios, these “laptop screen repair solutions” end up damaging more components than they fix.  For example, one of our tests shows that if applied incorrectly they can seep into other laptop parts.  In our tests, the liquid seeped into the keyboard, the motherboard, the mousepad, and USB ports.  Needless to say, these parts began malfunctioning within 1-16 weeks and eventually stopped working completely.  For this reason, it is always best to take your pc to a shop that performs lap top screen repair in Colorado Springs.

Why does my laptop LCD screen keep shutting off?
If the power cord to the laptop LCD screen is loose it can cause a loss of power to the screen resulting in the screen shutting off. Also, if the power connector in the monitor is going bad and not receiving consistent power it can cause the screen to turn off.
Why does my laptop LCD go black randomly?

Laptop screens going intermittently black is a common problem with many possible causes. Furthermore, a few of the most popular causes of the random black screen are a faulty displays, defective cable, video card issues, and computer overheating.  Additionally, bring your laptop to DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs for a free diagnostic to find out the exact cause and get a speedy repair.

I visited a computer screen repair near me, and had a bad experience? Are you able to fix the problems they caused?

Certified PC Technicians

It is a sad reality that not all pc screen repair is performed by certified computer technicians.  Moreover, an inexperienced computer screen fixer can make dozens of mistakes during the course of the pc screen repair.  First let’s define an EXPERIENCED certified computer repair technician.  In fact, there are several criteria for meeting this definition, some are more complicated than others. First, a certified pc technician is one that has a degree in the IT field, excluding networking degrees.   Second, the pc tech must be A+ certified or have some other reliable certification for computer repair.  Third, the tech has worked for at least 1 year under a Master technician or a decade learning the trade on his own.  Fourth, if the 3rd criteria were not met, then the tech must work for at least 5 years at a Microsoft and/or Apple authorized shop. 

PC Repairs Near Me

There are very few exceptions to these criteria and even more things to consider once an evaluation has been made by a pc shop owner.  For example, people who work for cable companies are “IT” but they have very little knowledge of pc repair.  Their networking degree and experience would not count as experience toward becoming a certified tech.  Furthermore, at DML our criteria for certified technicians is extremely high, this ensures the highest quality work.  Although we are a family-owned business, we only allow certified technicians to perform the pc repairs.  In other words, our cousin Joe, who works at Comcast, may answer phones, but he’ll never perform a pc repair.   Additionally, I have seen PCs with malfunctioning webcams, no audio, screen flashing, ghost touches, or touchscreen not working at all.  In addition, some of the rarer symptoms include no video, black screen, intermittent video, mouse jumping and keyboard not functioning.  Call, text, email or Visit DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs for your free laptop screen repair quote!

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