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Best PC Gaming Repair in Colorado Springs

Gaming PC Repair
Gaming PC Repair in Colorado Springs
Best Gaming PC Repair

Gaming PC Repair in Colorado Springs

DML loves PC gaming repair!  We are proud to be highly regarded by the local Colorado Springs gaming community as the best gaming computer repair services in Colorado Springs. Our family-owned computer business of proud gamers has served local pc gamers for decades.  We offer PC Gaming repair services on all makes and models of pc gaming computers including Alienware, ASUS including ROG, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, and others.  We can also repair homemade gaming computers based on Windows or Linux operating systems.  Simple gaming computer services include diagnostics, tune-up, virus removal, and replace broken screens. We also offer repairs for power supplies, motherboards, video issue, special RGB lighting, driver issues, and fan replacement.  Our computer techs also offer repairs not performed at other PC shops nearby (cooling systems and PC part picker assistance).

Gaming Computer Repair in Colorado Springs

Many people think that if they take their gaming laptop to any computer repair shop near me, they will get the same quality work as taking it to a “regular laptop” repair shop.  This is simply not the case. Furthermore, PC gaming repair in Colorado Springs is not the same as PC repairs.  For starters, gaming PCs have far more complicated components than other pcs.  Most computer fixers can perform a basic pc repair perfectly but would botch pc gaming repair.  In some cases, inexperienced computer technicians can cause irreversible damage to these systems.  Furthermore, our Master Tech has seen a variety of issues that arise from inexperienced pc repairs.  For the best of cases, cables were causing a temporary short on the motherboard.  In more extreme instances, the entire pc system experienced an electrical short and all components were fried.  In one word, total-loss; these gaming PCs never worked again.

Gaming PC repair in Colorado Springs can be a nightmare

When you take your gaming pc to the wrong pc shop, your computer can suffer.  Sometimes inexperienced pc techs can cause damage, but this is nothing compared to the cost of the pc repair.  In fact, most Computer Repair shops nearby charge by the hour, which means you pay for the inexperience.  For example, an inexperienced “gaming” pc technician can take 4 times longer to diagnose and repair it.  What does this mean for you?   If your tech is charging by the hour, then a 30-minute repair could cost you 2 hours, in terms of time.  To put it in monetary terms, a $50 repair could cost you $200.  Basically, you are paying for that technician to “learn” the gaming computer repair trade.  At that point, you are no longer paying for “just” computer repair, but also for a pc technician to learn.

The Best Computer Repair in Colorado Springs

At DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs, all new techs must train under our Master Technician to be eligible to build a computer.  If the pc technician builds computers for at least 4 years, then they become eligible to fix gaming pcs.  At that point, they can “shadow” David, the Master Technician for a year on pc repairs.  If they pass DML Gaming Computer Certification tests, then they can begin working on client computers.  In essence, all our gaming computer technicians have at least 5 years of experience.  Subsequently, this ensures that each pc gaming repair is the very best possible quality.  Most importantly, an inexperienced computer technician will never touch your computer.  You can take your computer to “any pc shop” or bring it to those that have been building PCs and a gaming computer fixing shop for decades.

Services Provided for PC Gaming Repair

Gaming PC Upgrades

Free Software Diagnostic

Hardware Cleaning w/Diamond Thermal Paste

(Our Most Popular Service)

Computer Does Not Power On

CPU Repairs

Freezing Operating System

Operating System Upgrades

(prevents data loss during an OS upgrade)

Cooling System Unit Maintenance

Game Crashes (may require 3-7 day diagnostic)


Video Issues

Restart Loop

Hardware Compatibility Issues

Complete a custom build

Intermitten Gaming Issues

PC Gaming Repair & Data Recovery Services

Gaming Repair Near Me FAQs

Why is good PC gaming repair in Colorado Springs difficult to find?

Gaming pc techs are hard to find because these experts are extremely rare.  It takes years of experience with ASUS, Alienware, MSI, and CyberPower to gain the knowledge needed for such repairs.  Many times, computer builders become experienced enough to become gaming pc techs, but this is also rare.  For the most part, a custompcbuilder will move into another field, rather than becoming a PC gaming repair tech.  There are many IT fields which pay much better than building pcs.  For this reason, gaming pc technicians are rare and those that stay, are typically expensive to employ.  What does this mean for you?  Even when a custompcbuilder can perform pc gaming repairs, their pay is astronomical.  A pc gaming repair in Colorado Springs could cost you as much as $100 for a simple repair.  Most of this fee goes into paying the experienced gaming comp repair tech.    As a result, most shops struggle to employ experienced techs, making competent gaming computer repair in this area rare.  At DML, we hire technicians that train for 5 years to become gaming pc techs.  Although some gaming computer techs eventually leave our company, we are constantly hiring new recruits.  This ensures that we always have an experienced and certified gaming computer tech on duty for you.

Why do other computer repair businesses near me charge less for pc gaming repair?

There is such a thing as inexpensive help with computers, but not in gaming computers.  I would be extremely suspicious of any pc shop near me that charges a lower price than DML Comp Repair.  The answer is quite simple.  They don’t have a gaming pc professional diagnosing or repairing their computer.  This means that eventually they will make a mistake and our Master Tech will fix the problem for them.  Simply because a pc shop nearby doesn’t make a mistake on the first gaming pc repair, doesn’t mean they won’t make one eventually.  I have seen it hundreds of times over the course of this decade alone.  Eventually, a comp repair shop thinks “this easy, I can do this” and they begin performing repairs on gaming computers.  One day they make a huge mistake, typically worth thousands of dollars of damage and they call DML.  Our Master Tech solves the problem, it costs them quite a bit, and they never perform repairs on gaming pcs again.  You can almost always tell when a computer repair shop near me has made this mistake.  For one thing, if you ask them if they fix gaming pcs, they will emphatically say “no” they won’t touch them.  At that point, they refer you to DML and our fantastic team of gaming pc techs.

Can comp repair shops also perform pc gaming repair near me?

I would not recommend typing “comp repair near me” into a search engine and expect to see a list of competent gaming pc technicians.  Very few pc shops nearby have the expertise to perform these delicate repairs competently and at affordable prices.  Even shops that are “affordable” tend to cut corners and hire questionable computer technicians nearby.  My best advice, visit the shop first, talk to their Master Tech and get to know them.  If they don’t sound knowledgeable then take your business elsewhere.  This can be a tricky method, since some pc technicians can be a fountain of knowledge, but terrible with repairs.  If something doesn’t feel right, call our Master Tech at DML, the leading local gaming computer expert.

Can you tune-up my gaming PC? How much will it cost?

Yes, we can perform a variety of maintenance and tweaks to your gaming computer to coax out better performance from your existing hardware. The cost depends on the make, model and condition of your gaming PC.  Bring it in or call for more information.

How much does it cost for pc gaming repair in Colorado springs?

As a good rule of thumb, PC gaming repair costs about $50 more than “regular” PC repairs.  Gaming Laptops tend to have a similar cost compared to regular laptops.  By gaming laptops, I am referring to brands like MSI, ASUS, Razer, CyberPower, and other laptops that are specifically designed for gaming.  By regular laptops, I am referring to brands like HP (although they have the gaming HP Omen available), Dell, Gateway, Acer, and other “everyday” brands.  When an individual builds their own pc, then the prices change drastically.  We call these computers “custom build computers” because the parts may be mismatched, and they are “custom” work.  A good analogy would be, if someone builds a car with various parts from different brands of cars, it’s custom.  Now, imagine if you were to attempt getting this car repaired at a dealership. It is likely that they would need to call someone who specializes in custom cars to fix it.  Unlike other computers, there is also a diagnostic fee for these types of computers since they require extensive research.  Our Master PC Tech is normally the person who diagnoses and repairs all custom computers.  Regardless of “specs”, these custom-built computers are considered gaming computers, due to their complexity.  In other words, gaming pc repairs are often related to improving the performance of the gaming PC.  What does this mean for you?  This means that the the pc repair is dependent on the cost of parts needed to achieve the desired improvements.  We are always happy to discuss ways to improve your gaming computer without spending a fortune on parts.  Visit our computer repair shop in Colorado Springs to discuss it further.

How long does it take to repair a gaming desktop?

If you build a computer yourself and it is not working, this repair typically takes 24-48 hours.  Our Master Tech will need to disassemble and reassemble your custom computer to ensure correct connections.   At this point, they would also check for compatibility issues.  For example, that your motherboard, CPU, RAM and GPU are able to run together in the same system.  These are the 2 biggest reasons that a pc malfunctions when you build a computer yourself.  If your desktop is a pc that was purchased pre-built and it is having issues, most repairs can occur in as little as 24 hours.  However, the average gaming desktop repair is approximately 3 days.

How long does it take to repair a gaming laptop?

Most gaming laptop repairs are completed within 48 hours, this includes a free computer diagnostic.  Furthermore, some Gaming laptops can be repaired, often completed in 30 minutes or less.  In more severe cases, the parts can take up to 14 days to order and arrive at DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs.  If your computer was purchased by a specialized laptop builder, your pc repair could be delayed as much as 14 days.  The reason for this is that specialized parts are often difficult to find, delaying the repair.  Our shop does not recommend laptop builder websites, simply because sometimes we can’t find the parts to repair them.

What upgrades should I try first to improve gaming Laptop performance?

Upgrade the RAM in your gaming computer first.  Adding more memory is the easiest and most affordable gaming PC and laptop upgrade you can make.  After that consider a higher end graphic card.  Call us or stop by DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs to discuss options with our local gaming computer experts.

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