Liquid Cooling System

What is a computer liquid cooling system? Liquid cooling provides lower temperatures for your computer. The most common cooling system are those placed on desktops to cool processors (CPU). Additionally, there is a huge warning when using cooling systems, you are putting a liquid into your computer. For instance, if the system leaks it could cause major computer damage.  I have seen several cooling system leaks that were extremely messy!

There are two types of liquid cooled systems for desktops:

  1. My first recommendation is a sealed AIO unit, (All-In-One cooling system), which is premade for gaming desktops. In essence, the user must replace them every 3-5 years and a yearly thermal compound replacement is needed.  Most important, I always recommend that the maintenance be performed by a professional.  Do not attempt to replace this type of cooling unit at home.
  2. Second, a custom “loop” system is built by experienced technicians. Not to mention, that these system are designed for a specific system and can’t be resold. Service for these systems is complex and requires a certified PC technician.  When I perform the maintenance, I take apart each piece, drain, flush and air dry them.  I also make sure that I clean each part, reassemble it, and refill the liquid.  Finally, I test for leaks in a leak-safe environment.  I have seen many people try to clean these out at home, needless to say, it was a disaster.

If you are thinking about a liquid cooled system, please call or text the experienced custom build technicians at DML Computer Repair.  These awesome computer builders can give you a free liquid cooling consultation and quote.