How Do I Keep My Laptop Safe While Working at a Coffee Shop

Is your laptop safe while working at a coffee shop?  For those looking for a place to get some computer work done in Colorado Springs, coffee shops have a lot to offer, including Wi-Fi, seating and tables, and easy access to caffeine. Follow these tips to protect your laptop when using it in public.

Use Your Firewall to Ensure a Safe Laptop While Working at a Coffee Shop

To avoid needing a computer repair to fix damage from a malicious intruder, always keep your firewall on while using your laptop in a coffee shop. A firewall provides a powerful line of defense against cyber dangers such as viruses and hackers. If you don’t already have a firewall, purchase one from an established, reputable source like a reliable software vendor, as recommended by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency.

Be Vigilant

As this story from Colorado Springs shows, laptops are a popular target for thieves. Laptops being a high target for theft means it’s important to not let your laptop out of your possession. Even if you’re only going to leave your seat for a minute or two, take your laptop with you. Even the best PC or laptop repair shop in Colorado Springs can’t fix a stolen laptop!

Some especially daring thieves may go after laptops even while their owners are present. If you can help it, try not to sit near the door. The more difficult you make it for a thief to come in and grab your laptop, the safer your device will be.

Encrypt and Back Up Your Data

No matter where you’re working, it’s a good precaution to back up your data. Data backup will protect your information in the event that something goes wrong. If you suspect your data may have been damaged, a skilled PC and laptop repair store may be able to help you recover your valuable files.

Encryption, which makes it very difficult for thieves to access your files, should be on the top of your safety practices. You can learn more about encryption here.

Avoid File Sharing

For added laptop safety in a coffee shop, turn off your computer’s file-sharing features. Pausing file sharing in public will help block the ability of others to send data to or snag files from your computer. has instructions on how to disable file sharing here.

Be Careful of Spills

Protection from spills! Another important task for keeping a laptop safe while working at a coffee shop in Colorado Springs. To the extent possible, try to keep liquids away from your laptop. (Additionally, keep an eye on the drinks of others in the coffee shop—even if you’re careful, other patrons may be clumsy with their drinks.)

Investing in protective items like a well-made laptop bag and a keyboard cover can also help mitigate the threat posed by liquids, though it’s impossible to completely immunize your laptop. Should a spill occur, don’t hesitate to call or visit DML Computer repair for advice on drying out and fixing your laptop.

Keep Your PC or Laptop Safe and Protected with DML Computer Repair

The above tips should go a long way towards keeping your laptop safe while working at a coffee shop. Remember: keep your guard up against not just physical threats like spills and thieves but also invisible ones like data breaches and malicious files.

And should something go wrong with your PC or laptop, you can always contact DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs for help in the area. We wish you luck with your work, and hope you enjoy your time at the coffee shop!