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How to Repair Desktop Computers

Desktops are a unit containing all the main components of a computer, except the peripherals (such as a monitor, mouse, and keyboard).  Decades ago, desktops were only built in large units; however, today there are desktops as small as your hand.  As a computer repair technician, I find that larger desktop units are easier to repair.  In larger units, desktop repair is easier because there is more room to work, and the hardware tends to be larger and easier to remove and/or replace.  Desktop repair is also the easiest type of computer repair because the parts are easily accessible.  The only caution that I would exercise when working with a desktop repair are pins and clips that can easily break.  Unfortunately, once you break a pin or clip, you may be replacing an entire motherboard rather than one small piece.  I would highly recommend watching YouTube videos before changing parts or performing desktop repair yourself.  Although YouTube videos are not a substitute for a proper computer education, they can provide a crash course on the finer details of desktop repair.

Desktop Repair and Overheating Issues

In the world of desktop repair, it is not uncommon for desktop computers to overheat.  In fact, this is such a regular occurrence that computer repair companies now offer a “hardware cleaning” as part of their computer services.  A hardware cleaning is simple, the dust is cleaned, and the thermal compound is replaced.  In most cases, it is fairly inexpensive and takes a couple of minutes to perform.  In other cases, such as with gaming PCs and custom-built computers, it can be more complicated and time consuming.  In fact, if you have a gaming PC or a custom computer, it is not recommended that you perform this service yourself.  The first line of defense against overheating is removing the side cover of your desktop computer.  This may sound too simple to be effective; however, it is extremely effective to give your computer extra airflow.  Unfortunately, if your computer’s thermal compound is low then you will also need to replace that.  You can replace your desktop’s thermal compound by removing the heatsink and CPU from your computer very carefully.  Once removed, you can add a “pea size” amount of thermal paste to the motherboard.  When this step has been completed you can put the CPU and heatsink back into place.  If you perform this service yourself then you need to be careful not to bend the pins on the CPU and/or motherboard.  Bending or breaking the pins can cause your motherboard and/or CPU to stop functioning properly.

Desktop Repair and Slowness Issues

Anybody who has owned a computer for more than a decade has experienced a slow computer.  Fortunately, desktop computers are much easier to fix than laptops when it comes to computer slowness.  In most cases, the slowness is due to hard drive failure.  If you remove the current hard drive and replace it with a new solid state hard drive, then your slowness issue will be resolved.  First, you replace the hard drive with an SSD.  Be sure to connect the power and the data cables for it to work properly.  Second, you need to purchase a USB of Windows 11 to reinstall your operating system.  Follow the installation prompts until your version of Windows is completely installed.  Finally, you can reconnect your original hard drive (as a secondary drive) and put your old data onto the new hard drive.  In some cases, the SSD can be defective, at which point you will need to return the device for a replacement.  If you have any problems performing these tasks, then be sure to visit a local computer repair shop for assistance.  DML Computer Repair offers free diagnostics and affordable prices for hard drive replacements.

Desktop Repair and Video Issues

Desktops can have a variety of video issues ranging from flickering to complete loss of video.  If your desktop monitor is flickering, then this may be an indication that your monitor needs to be replaced.  In most cases, you can easily replace the monitor at local computer stores such as Best Buy or Walmart.  Furthermore, you can typically order a computer screen online and have it shipped to the convenience of your own home.  A complete loss of video can be a bit more complicated than simply replacing your computer screen.  In fact, the top reason for complete video loss is typically the video card.  If your video card is no longer functioning, simply remove the card and order the same card online.  Be careful when removing the video card since there is usually a clip holding it down.  As a matter of fact, if you don’t press the clip to release the GPU then you may break this piece entirely.  If you are unsure about removing the video card, then take it to a local computer repair shop for assistance.  Most computer repair shops will not charge you for something as simple as a video card removal.  Once you have ordered the new video, it’s as simple as popping it back into the desktop computer.  In some cases, you may need to install a video driver for the graphics card to work properly.  Again, if you are unable to do this then be sure to seek professional assistance.  Installing the wrong video driver can result in operating system corruption and data loss.

Desktop Repair and Power Issues

There are several parts that can cause power issues with desktop computers.  A motherboard can malfunction in a way that causes power distribution issues.  A GPU can also cause power distribution issues, especially if the computer has been undervolted.  As a computer technician, I am completely against undervolting a computer.  Furthermore, undervolting can cause motherboards and GPUs to be completely useless over time.  In other words, you are undervolting your computer into a malfunction.  Eventually, your computer’s parts will stop working properly or entirely.  Although motherboard and GPU issues can cause a power problem, this is not typical.  In most cases, the culprit of power issues is the power supply.  This is the unity that supplies power to your entire computers.  Every few years they stop functioning and need to be replaced.  If you remove your computer’s power supply and order the exact same one, then you should be able to replace it yourself.  Fortunately, you can simply connect the new power supply exactly where the old power supply was connected.  As with all PC repairs, you should seek professional help if you are unsure on how to do this.

Desktop Repair and Soldering

At the turn of the millennia, it was not unheard of for someone to be able to solder.  Today, however, it is a lost art.  In fact, less than 1% of the population knows how to solder.  Considering that many computer components are soldered together, it has become increasingly difficult to have soldering repairs performed on computers.  If you can solder a capacitor or power port yourself, then I would highly recommend doing so.  In Colorado Springs there are only 2 computer repair shops that perform soldering, one of which is DML Computer Repair.  Thankfully, you can still receive assistance for soldering in Colorado Springs if needed.  In most cases, a broken capacitor on a motherboard requires micro soldering which requires specialized equipment.  In this case, it may be better to replace the motherboard rather than attempt a repair.  Unfortunately, there are no known shops in Colorado Springs that perform micro soldering.  About 50% of DC jacks or power parts are soldered onto the motherboard.  This is the most common part of the desktop that is typically repaired via soldering.

Desktop Repair and Fans That Don’t Work

Fans are an important component of desktop computers.  If you have an overheating issue, then it’s possible that one or more of your fans aren’t working.  In fact, desktop fans can last anywhere from 2 to 15 years.  The best way to replace a fan is to purchase the exact same fan and swap it with the old one.  In fact, most fans are only held down by 4 screws and a power cable.  If you disconnect these, then you can easily replace the fan.  Unfortunately, with more complicated computers, the fans can be covered by filters or other coverings.  In that case, you may need to seek the assistance of a professional computer repair technician.

Desktop Repair and Computer Repair Shops in Colorado Springs

There are many computer repair shops that perform desktop repair in Colorado Springs.  It’s extremely important that if your desktop is a gaming computer or a custom-built computer that you find the right shop for you.  At DML Computer Repair they repair gaming PCs and custom computers with the most experienced computer technicians.  DML Computer Repair also offers free computer diagnostics and rush services if you are in a hurry to get your computer back quickly.  They have the best Google and Bing ratings on the internet and the best reputation in Colorado.

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