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Colorado Springs Fears Computer Repair

There is an overwhelming amount of fear in Colorado Springs about computer repair.  It seems that this wonderful little city is filled with computer repair shops that are less than helpful in fixing a computer.  In fact, some computer repair shops can act in a criminal behavior.  Anywhere from stolen data to hidden fees, it’s not always easy finding a trustworthy computer repair shop.

Colorado Springs Fears Computer Repair and Stolen Data

If you have ever kept movies and music on your computer, then this may have happened to you.  In some computer repair shops near me, computer technicians take the liberty to “borrow” your music and movie library.  In other words, they make a copy of all your music and all your movies.  Although this may not seem awful in itself, it is the invasion of privacy that Colorado Springs fears in computer repair shops.  It is not unheard of for men and women to keep a small library of inappropriate pictures; but what if these pictures were copied as well?  What if those very personal photographs were sold online or used for other nefarious reasons?  Why don’t we hear more stories about stolen data?  The reason we don’t hear more about these situations is because they are rare.  Although they rarely happen, they can.  How can you protect yourself?  You can protect yourself by removing personal data from your computer BEFORE it is repaired.  If you are not able to do this, then write a simple NDA or non-disclosure agreement so that the computer technician is held responsible if your data is copied and/or distributed.  In my experience, a computer repair shop that is not willing to sign an NDA has something to hide.  In fact, as a computer repair technician myself, I sign NDAs on a regular basis for medical professionals, lawyers, and authors.  It is an extremely common practice, and you should not be afraid to request the signing of one.

Colorado Springs Fears Computer Repair and Hidden Fees

Hidden fees in any business have been around since the beginning of sales.  They are a repulsive way of making a little extra money in a business.  Colorado Springs computer repair shops have a tendency of adding hidden fees in their final invoice.  These hidden fees are usually unauthorized computer repairs that may or may not have been performed.  In fact, hidden fees have become so common these days that many people add $50 to the quote that computer repair shops give them.  It is sad when people are “prepared” to pay extra and unnecessary money for a computer repair in Colorado Springs.  Another frequent occurrence in hidden fees is the charge of diagnostic fees that weren’t originally disclosed.  In other words, a computer repair shop tells you that there is no diagnostic fee but upon picking up your computer after a diagnostic, there is suddenly an unexpected fee.    How can you protect yourself from hidden fees?  The best way you can protect yourself from hidden fees is to get everything in writing.  If there are free computer diagnostics, then ask for a letter that states the free diagnostics policy.  Be sure that it is signed and dated by the computer technician who took in your computer.  Unfortunately, many computer repair shops in Colorado Springs might find this work a little tedious but they should still comply when asked for one.  In fact, you should also ask for any quotes in writing, with the name of the computer technician.  If extra charges are added during a repair, make sure that you also get those charges in writing.  Most computer repair shops in Colorado Springs are happy to email you quotes and any additional charges.

Colorado Springs Fears Computer Repair and Waiting Months for your Computer to be Fixed

Have you ever taken a computer for diagnostics, and it was returned to you months later without being repaired?  This scenario can happen under certain conditions.   Mostly, this occurs with incompetent computer technicians who have encountered a problem that they are unsure how to fix.  Unfortunately, instead of admitting that they don’t understand your computer they simply keep it for months on end.  Occasionally this scenario can also occur when a computer repair shop is overbooked with computers.  Sometimes computer diagnostics and repairs can be weeks or even months out.  In this case, the computer repair shop in Colorado Springs should let you know ahead of time that they are overflowing with work.  In other words, they will tell you a time frame, such as “Your computer will be reading in the next 2-3 weeks.”.  At this point you can decide if leaving your computer is worth the wait or if you would prefer to take it elsewhere.  You can also avoid any confusion with time frames by asking your computer technician when your computer might be ready.  If it is a few days, then this is within the realm of reason.  If it is a few weeks, then you may want to try a different computer repair shop in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs Fears Computer Repair and Incompetent Computer Technicians

Incompetent computer technicians are one of the worst problems that you can encounter at a computer repair shop.  In fact, this has become such a problem in Colorado that many people are boycotting certain computer stores in light of this issue.  Unfortunately, the computer shops with the most incompetent computer technicians are typically “basement” nerds.  Basement nerds are small businesses that were opened by a PC technician that is self-taught.  Although this may not sound like a bad thing, it can be.  When basement nerds teach themselves, they often make mistakes, and this can happen on a client computer.  In fact, one of the biggest issues with basement nerds is that their knowledge is usually limited to either software or hardware.  They don’t typically have a vast knowledge of both.  How can you protect yourself from incompetent computer technicians?  The first time that you visit a computer repair shop you should ask for credentials.  Each time that you deal with a new computer technician you should ask for credentials.  As a matter of fact, you should get credentials for anyone who will be diagnosing, repairing, or looking at your computer.  I know this may seem like overkill, but incompetence is a real thing and it is less likely if the person is a certified computer technician.

Colorado Springs Fears Computer Repair and Suddenly Closed Locations

At any given time there are over 100 computer stores in Colorado Springs.  Each year at least 5 of those shops close, while another 5 open.  Unfortunately, most computer stores that close, do so abruptly and with very little notice.  The smaller the computer repair shop, the less time it will take to close.  For example, a computer store with only 1 employee could close in as little as 24 hours, while a store with 2 employees would need to wait at least 7 days before closing.  It is not common practice to send emails or make phone calls to clients when a computer store is closing.  In fact, most shops put up a small sign on their door and reception area with very little notice.  This is why it is very important that you stay in constant communication with any computer repair shop that you are doing business with.  If you haven’t heard from your computer shop in 24 hours, then you should definitely contact them.

Colorado Springs Fears Computer Repair and Computer Damaged by Computer Technicians

As mentioned earlier, incompetent computer technicians are abundant in Colorado Springs.  The best way to protect yourself from them is to ask for computer certification before they work on your computer.  Unfortunately, there are also incompetent computer techs that are computer certified.  In this case, it is extremely difficult to be prepared when they make a mistake, especially one that damages your computer.  The only thing that you can do at this point is make them accountable.  Make sure that you take pictures and a short video of your computer’s performance before you drop it off.  If there are extra “dings” or broken pieces, then you can request that they fix the damage.  Although you may not be able to avoid this situation, at least you will be prepared for it.  In fact, you should make taking pictures and videos of your computer a common practice before dropping it off at any computer repair store.

Finding the Best Computer Repair in Colorado Springs

You can find the best computer repair shop by reading online reviews, asking friends and family, and visiting potential PC repair shops.  In fact, DML Computer Repair is proof that great computer shops exist!  They offer free computer diagnostics with zero hidden fees.  If you need a great place to get your computer fixed, at affordable prices, then DML Computer Repair is your best option.  DML Computer Repair also offers rush services and the best computer technicians in Colorado Springs.  They provide quick diagnostics and precision repairs on laptops, desktops and custom-built computers.

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