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Broken Laptop Hinge

Broken Laptop Hinge. Repair or Replace?

Broken laptop hinges can be either repaired or replaced by a computer repair shop Colorado Springs.  Unlike a lap top screen repair, a laptop hinge can be repaired, rather than replaced.  This blog, written by DML Computer Repair computer technicians will explore both options for a broken laptop hinge.

What is a laptop hinge?

A laptop hinge is the piece that allows a computer to open and close.  Typically, there are two hinges on a laptop.  If one hinge is broken, then it is likely that the second hinge will break within the first 24 hours.  Many Shop PC Repairs Colorado Springs Shops recommend replacement of hinges as soon as possible.  This will minimize the chances of needing more PC repairs.  In other words, if you left hinge breaks, fix it immediately, to prevent breakage of the right hinge.  Both laptop hinge repair and replacement is one of the most complicated PC Repairs.

Laptop Hinge Replacement

A laptop hinge replacement can be a complicated PC repair for many computer stores Colorado Springs.  It can also be expensive, ranging from $120-$600.  In addition, finding the exact hinges and having them shipped could take 3-14 business days.  Of course, this does not count the amount of time it take to perform the PC repair.  Most computer repair Colorado Springs shops can perform the hinge replacement in less than 24 hours. It is the shipping of the parts that can take up to 2 weeks at most PC repair Colorado Springs Shops.

What is a laptop hinge replacement?

A laptop hinge replacement is when one or more laptop hinges are replaced with new hinges.  Most computer repair Colorado Springs shops can perform this repair in 1-14 days, depending on availability of parts.

Laptop Hinge Repair

As far as PC repairs, laptop hinge repair is complicated, but can be performed fairly quickly.  In fact, most computer repair Colorado Springs Shops will have the laptop hinge PC repairs completed within 24 hours.

What is a laptop Hinge Repair?

A laptop hinge repair is when tiny screws, nuts and/or bolts are used to secure a broken hinge. Most computer repair Colorado Springs shops can perform this repair in 1-2 days, depending on availability of computer technicians.  DML Computer Repair is currently the only computer repair Colorado Springs shop that performs this PC repair.  Call or text a DML Computer Repair certified PC Technician for availability and scheduling.

Why repair a laptop hinge rather than replace it?

In most cases, it is more cost effective to repair a laptop hinge, rather than replace it.  It is also time efficient since a repair can take less than 24 hours.  On the other hand, a replacement could take 2-14 business days at most computer repair Colorado Springs shops.  Need a laptop hinge repaired?  DML Computer Repair Colorado Springs performs laptop hinge repairs within 24-48 hours.  At this time, DML Computer Repair is the only shop that currently repairs laptop hinges.  The cost is typically $80-$160, depending on the number of repairs per hinge.

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