Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance and what this means

When computer repair technicians say “maintenance” they typically refer to the cleaning of software and hardware to optimize your computer.  Software maintenance typically entails the use of software to remove potentially harmful files from your computer.  Hardware maintenance involves the physical cleaning (and changing of thermal paste) for the interior of your computer.  Although PC maintenance is not considered a “PC repair”, it is a service that many PC Repairs Shops provide.

The reality of computer maintenance and computer repair near me

It is a sad reality that many computer repair shops near me, do not provide PC maintenance.  Why?  By providing PC maintenance, your computer will last longer periods without needing repairs.  Furthermore, PC repair companies that don’t provide PC maintenance want you to keep returning for repairs.  A good analogy is the mechanic shop that doesn’t tell you that your car needs an oil change, in the hopes that it will lead to a motor replacement in the future.  DML Computer Repair firmly believes that PC maintenance is an essential part of the PC repair business.  If we provide great PC maintenance, then our clients know that we are taking good care of their computer needs.

Software Computer Maintenance

There are thousands of “how to videos” on software PC maintenance online.  It is important to understand that some of those processes can actually harm your computer.  For example, installing “cleaning software” on your computer can use computer resources that add unnecessary “wear and tear” to your system.  In addition, some of the software cleaning methods can remove registry and system files that are necessary for a computer to run properly.  Consequently, software  maintenance should be performed by a computer repair specialist.  In fact, a computer technician will clean your system files safely and scan your computer for malicious software.  A PC repair tech will also disable unnecessary startup items, which will make your computer faster.  Most PC repair shops near me will perform this service for about $20.

Hardware Computer Maintenance

There is a large debate on whether or not computers actually need hardware maintenance.  Of course, the answer is simple; yes, computers need maintenance.  Without proper maintenance to the hardware, your computers will need to be replaced every 1-3 years.  In fact, your computer will begin overheating and slowing down, without valuable service.  There are 2 PC maintenance procedures that most computer repair shops in Colorado Springs follow.  First, the replacement of thermal compound is a necessity for anyone looking to give their computer longevity.  Furthermore, without this valuable service your computer will eventually overheat and cause damage to major components.  Second, a hard drive test has become common practice as part of yearly maintenance.  In fact, if your hard drive is not tested regularly, you could risk losing valuable data stored on your hard drive.  Finally, most computer repair shops near me will perform this service for $40.

Best computer repair shop near me that provides affordable computer maintenance

If you are looking for the best PC repairs shop near me, providing PC maintenance, visit DML Computer Repair.  DML charges minimal fees for PC maintenance, for as little as $60, covering both software and hardware.  In most cases the fee for a hardware cleaning, which includes thermal paste replacement is $40.  In contrast, a software cleaning is only $20 for most computers.

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