A PC Technician's Story: Insightful Experiences from DML Computer Repair

A PC Technician’s Story

A PC Technician’s Story: Computer Fixing Stores Near Me

Once upon a time, I wasn’t one of these computer fixers.  I was a regular Joe, a car mechanic working on an IT degree at 30 years old and I knew nothing about laptop fixing shops.  As a matter of fact, I had never set foot in computer fixing shops.  If my laptop broke, I had no idea where to get my computer fixed near me.  I suppose it sounds a bit ignorant, but I knew about places that could do some pc fixing near me in theory.  Unfortunately, that’s all it was, a theory without practical knowledge. 

 Laptop Repair Shops Near Me

One Saturday evening, I was sitting at home, doing my homework.  I’m sure the tv was running and we will pretend I was eating something super healthy, not a cheeseburger.  I turned on my laptop, thinking that I would get homework completed and check my work schedule.  I finished my hamburger, watched a tv show, and made a few calls.  Eventually I looked over and realized that my laptop was stuck in this automatic repair error.  Furthrmore, we hadn’t covered this in school yet, and I had no idea if this was some sort of short-term problem or permanent.  Panicked, l called all the laptop fixing shops near me and realized none were open.  What was I going to do?  There were no open shops for pc fixing near me on a weekend!

 PC Technician Near Me

I had about given up when my phone rang, and a friend named “De” called me.  Basically, I told her that I couldn’t speak because I was in the middle of a huge laptop dilemma.  Excited about my problem, she asked for all the details and pictures of the error.  Within 30 minutes, she showed up at my door with a hard drive in one hand and a tiny box of tools.  “It’s your hard drive” she said, “and I can fix it within the hour”.  I thought to myself “amazing, one day I’m going to be that quick at diagnosing and getting a laptop fixed”. 

 Computer Repair Near Me

After about an hour, my laptop had a new hard drive, with a new operating system.  As a matter of fact, I was even able to login into my work and get my schedule for the next day.  I was also able to get my homework completed on time with plenty of time to spare for sleep.  That night, I learned 2 things about computer fixing shops near me.  First, most computer fixers are not open on Saturdays and don’t answer their phones after hours, even if they are open.  Second, my friend and I should open a comp repair shop, to be better than other computer fixing shops.

 The Best Computer Repair in Colorado Springs

After much discussion, I’m happy to say that I convinced De to open her own shop for pc repairs.  As a matter of fact, after my IT degree was completely earned, she hired me as DML’s Master Technician.  Although I never worked for other computer fixing stores near me, I take pride in keeping DML the best.  I always hear the complaints from clients who join us after a bad experience with getting a laptop fixed.  As a result, I’m not sure why anyone would go to any other laptop fixing shops, DML is the best.

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