How long do computers last?

Computers can last up to 20 years when properly cared for, regardless of brand, model, and year of manufacture.  In fact, yearly maintenance can double the life of any computer, based on data gathered by DML Computer Repair.  It is proven that computer life is expanded with proper computer handling and “proper care”.

How to make a computer last longer and the meaning of “proper care”.

If you perform routine care for your computer in Colorado Springs, it will last longer, that is a fact.  The first thing to consider in proper care, is that computers require yearly maintenance.  This is much like the oil change of a vehicle, if you don’t do it then your car will eventually have mechanical issues.  The same principle applies to computer systems.  Most people don’t know that computers need to have thermal compound changed yearly.  However, there are some PCs that require more work than others.  For example, the ABS ROG Gundam comes with a sealed cooling unit that should be replaced every 3-5 years.  As a result, it is a good rule of thumb to research your computer’s maintenance requirements before extensive use.

Computer maintenance and computer diagnostic

For the record, computers do not come with a maintenance manual.  Research can be found on reputable websites, like or by calling a computer technician that is familiar with computer maintenance.  A Second fact that contributes to proper care, is a temperature-controlled environment for your computer.  In other words, if the room is too hot or too cold, this can affect the life of the computer.  Basically, if the room temperature is comfortable (68-76 degrees Fahrenheit) most computers will thrive.  By comparison, extreme temperatures can cause irreversible damage to an already delicate computer system.  Finally, it is important to never move your computer, yes laptops too.  Here’s why!  In the past decade, DML technicians diagnosed 98,857 damaged computers; 68% of them were damaged while being moved.  What do the numbers tell us?  The numbers indicate that moving a computer can put you at risk of breaking it.

How long do desktop towers last?

Desktop towers can last a whopping 15 years with proper care!  They are among the longest-lasting computers on the planet.  In fact, several factors contribute to the awesome lasting nature of desktop towers.  Firstly, computer tower designs are derived from some of the oldest computer designs in the world.  The first computers in existence had a “desktop nature” and were built to last.  If you have ever seen a Programma 101 or a Simon, then you have seen the “original desktop” design.  The original designs allowed for plenty of ventilation, using large computer parts that didn’t break easily.  By comparison, today’s PC designs are equally generous with airflow and durability.

Desktop BrandComputer Life
DELL Desktop Towers15 Years
HP Desktop Towers15 Years
ASUS Desktop Towers15 Years
LENOVO Desktop Towers15 Years
APPLE Desktop Towers20 Years

*Based on data gathered by DML Computer Repair Technicians


How long do All-In-One Desktops last?

All-in-one Computers last on average 6 years and are among the lowest-lasting computers in existence today.  While any desktop tower can last a whopping 15 years, with proper maintenance, all-in-one computers average about 6 years of life.  It is important to realize that all-in-one computers are also desktop towers, but they are smooshed into a monitor for space-saving and aesthetics.  Unfortunately, aesthetics and space savers don’t make for practical computer designs.  Due to this “smooshing effect” all-in-one computers have intricate designs, which are flawed by nature.  For example, desktop towers typically have 3-6 fans and about 2 square feet of empty space, to allow for airflow.  All-in-one computers average 1-2 fans and ½ to 1 square foot of empty space.  What does this mean for your all-in-one?  This means that when your beautiful all-one CPU begins to get hot, the heat has no escape.  Before you realize it, the rest of your computer is slowly cooking itself.  If your computer is accumulating heat, with very little escape, then there’s very little chance it will be able to maintain this behavior for a full 10 years.

All-In-One BrandComputer Life
DELL All-In-One Desktops5 Years
HP All-In-One Desktops5 Years
ASUS All-In-One Desktops7 Years
LENOVO All-In-One Desktops7 Years
APPLE IMAC Desktops15 Years

*Based on data gathered by DML Computer Repair Technicians

How long do laptops last?

Laptop computers last 7.5 years on average and are considered “disposable” computer systems.  Even with proper care, most laptops may not last the full 5–10-year lifespan.  It’s worth noting that laptop parts are smaller, delicate, and less durable than their desktop counterparts.  Similar to the “compact design” of all-in-ones, laptops are also prone to damage caused by heavy overheating.  Additionally, the term “laptop” is extremely misleading, in that using laptops on your “lap” could actually cause a laptop severe hardware damage.  Placing a laptop on your pants, blanket or soft furniture can cover vents and trap particles (lint).  Needless to say, heat accumulation and a lack of airflow will lead to a hardware failure eventually.  On a side note, laptops can also cause severe burns to human skin over time.  It really is best to avoid direct skin contact with the bottom of any laptop device.

Laptop BrandComputer Life
DELL Laptops5 Years
HP Laptops5 Years
ASUS Laptops7 Years
LENOVO Laptops7 Years
APPLE MACBOOK Laptops10 Years

*Based on data gathered by DML Computer Repair Technicians

Where do we get our data from?

DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs has been gathering and analyzing data, from computer services performed in our store, since 2012.  Additionally the data gathered does not contain client-specific data, it is stripped to basic figures and computer facts.  Finally, this fact-finding method is designed to help us serve our clients better and respect client privacy.


In conclusion, there is still much to be learned about the life expectancy of computers, with dozens more factors contributing to PC lifespan.  This data only refers to computer purchased new and not a used or refurbished computer.  DML computer repair will continue to gather data and report findings, as analysis phases are completed.  Please visit our website for updates.

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