Is it easy to fix a broken laptop screen?

lap top screen repairs

Fixing a broken laptop screen is easy for certified computer technicians, but not for the everyday Joe.  Some lap top screen repair temporarily move or remove other computer parts (such as bezels, cables, and hinges).  This can make laptop screen repair extremely difficult for the average person. When will you need a lap top screen…

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Computer Repair & Data Recovery FAQS

computer repair & data recovery facts

What is data recovery and when are these computer repair services needed? The best computer repair data recovery refers to a data storage device that no longer has accessible data to the user.  This situation typically refers to computers, but other devices can also require such computer repair services.  For example, USB drives or thumb…

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Frozen Computer Laptop Repair

frozern computer

What do we mean by “frozen computer” in computer laptop repair? In computer laptop repair, when we say that a computer is “freezing”, we are not referring to the temperature of a computer.  As a matter of fact, we are referring to the lack of smooth performance in a computer.  If a computer has a…

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Building Computers at a Computer Repair Shop Near Me

building computers at a computer repair shop near me

Can a computer repair store near me that specializes in “gaming computer repair” build me a computer?  Yes, any gaming computer repair store near me can build a computer, in theory.  With that said, I would not recommend hiring a computer repair shop near me that specializes in pc repairs, not in building pcs.  They…

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The Computer Guys:  Data Recovery Services Near Me

computer guys data recovery

Have you ever searched for “data recovery services near me” or “data recovery computer doctor near me” in a search engine?  If the answer is yes, then you have no doubt seen all the ads for data recovery free and tons of other potentially malicious software.  Don’t be fooled by a fake computer specialist near…

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Interview with a Computer Repair Technician

computer repair shop

I conducted a one-on-one interview with computer repair technician, David Baker.  He is well known for his custom computers and for fixing mistakes that other computer technicians in town make.  David has been called one of the best computer technicians of his time.  Interview Question:  Where did your love for computers begin? Interview Answer:  For…

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