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Frozen Computer Laptop Repair

What do we mean by “frozen computer” in computer laptop repair?

In computer laptop repair, when we say that a computer is “freezing”, we are not referring to the temperature of a computer.  As a matter of fact, we are referring to the lack of smooth performance in a computer.  If a computer has a pause of 15 seconds or more, then a computer is freezing.  There are many reasons for when a computer freezes such as failing hardware or broken software.  This article will explore the primary reason for a frozen computer and recommend the best computer laptop repair.

Your computer’s mechanical hard drive is failing which requires a computer laptop repair

The most common reason for a freezing computer is a failing mechanical hard drive.  In fact, one of the primary symptoms of a failing hard drive is a slow computer and a computer freezing.  This typically happens due to the age of a hard drive but can also occur after a laptop has been dropped.  The best computer laptop repair would be to have your drive tested, then request free HDD testing at local PC repair shops.

Your computer’s solid state hard drive is reaching “end of life”

Unlike mechanical hard drives, solid state drives have a certain number of read/writes before they reach the “end of life” (EOL) and need to be replaced.  The symptoms are similar to the signs of a failing mechanical hard drive, computer freezing and computer slowness.  In some cases, a solid state drive can have bad sectors, which will also cause these symptoms.  Unfortunately, the test used for mechanical hard drives should not be used for solid state drives.    In other words, a special SSD test is needed to determine if your SSD has bad sectors or has reached EOL.  If you need an SSD test, then call computer repair shops to ask if they offer free SSD tests.

Your computer’s graphics card (GPU) or Central Processing Unit (CPU) is experiencing issues, which requires computer laptop repair

It is not uncommon for a malfunctioning GPU or CPU to cause a computer to freeze.  In this case, most people will experience freezing during graphic intensive computer tasks.  For example, computer freezing can occur upon opening a computer game or while rendering a video.  Although this is a less common scenario, it is worth noting.  The best computer laptop repair would be to replace the parts if possible.

Software Issues which often require a computer laptop repair

Software Issues can also cause computer freezing.  For example, a computer virus, installing incorrect drivers, and windows updates, just to name a few.  Below is a list of common software issues that cause a frozen computer.

 Computer virus

 Installing incorrect drivers

 Windows updates

 Updating drivers

 Malicious computer software

 Installing broken software

 Playing a game that does not meet the minimum software requirements

Internet Issues which require computer laptop repair

Internet issues are extremely frustrating, especially when they cause a computer to freeze.  For example, a faulty wi-fi card or an internet service provider that provides very slow internet service.  In both cases, it can appear that your computer is freezing, when in fact, it is only your browser and downloads that are freezing.  Computer repair stores typically have very fast internet service.  If you connect your computer at a PC shop then you can test to see if your internet is causing the frozen computer.  The best computer laptop repair would be to start with a test of your internet at home.

Insufficient power from your computer’s power supply (this is very rare) which require computer laptop repair

On rare occasions a lack of power from a computer’s power supply can cause this issue.  In fact, this is most common when a power supply is failing.  If a computer’s hardware is upgraded (such as a GPU upgrade), without changing the power supply, this can lead to a lack of wattage to power your computer.  In most cases, the computer will not power on, but in rare cases, the computer powers on with the operating system freezing.

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