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Is it easy to fix a broken laptop screen?

Fixing a broken laptop screen is easy for certified computer technicians, but not for the everyday Joe.  Some lap top screen repair temporarily move or remove other computer parts (such as bezels, cables, and hinges).  This can make laptop screen repair extremely difficult for the average person.

When will you need a lap top screen repair?

You will need a broken laptop screen replaced when you can longer see your computer’s system.  For some people this can look like a black screen, a white screen, or lines across your screen.

Is it expensive to do a lap top screen repair?

The average laptop screen repair at DML Computer Repair is $150-$250.  There are also certain laptops that can cost up to $900 for a laptop screen replacement (especially on Apple laptops).

Can you fix a broken lap top screen?

In 99% of cases you can perform a lap top screen repair.  This number depends greatly on the availability of parts for the lap top screen repair and damage to other computer components.  It is best to find a professional who can perform a computer screen repair Colorado Springs.

3 reasons you should not perform a lap top screen repair yourself.

Before becoming a computer technician, I remember trying to fix things myself, several times.  Although some of my “PC repairs” worked out, many of them did not.  I did not have the experience necessary to properly fix my computer.  Here’s a few reasons why you should not perform a lap top screen repair yourself.

DML Computer Repair’s Reason #1:

According to the best computer repair near me, laptops are made of many small pieces that can easily be missed.  If you were to attempt a laptop screen repair and accidentally cut your webcam or speakers cable, then you may have damaged a component that is more expensive to fix than your original problem.  Additionally, YouTube videos do not always show these intricate parts or warn you against accidentally damaging them.

DML Computer Repair’s Reason #2:

What you pay is what you get.  In this instance, you get what you pay for.  If you install a laptop screen repair by yourself, then you are not getting the best quality PC repair.  It’s simple, you are not a certified computer technician from the best computer repair shop.  What does this mean for you?  This means that your lap top screen repair may not last as long or be as “problem-free” as if you had a professional do it.

DML Computer Repair’s Reason #3:

You may have misdiagnosed your laptop screen repair.  In some cases, I have seen a person swear that their laptop screen was broken, when in fact their video card was not functioning properly.  In other words, if you plan on fixing your computer yourself, try and get a free computer diagnosis from the best computer repair shop near me

DML Computer Repair offers these Pros and Cons for paying for a computer screen repair Colorado Springs. 

According to the best Computer Repair Colorado Springs, there are many pros to paying for a lap top screen repair.  Most lap top screen repairs have a 30 day-1 year warranty.  This means that you will have a warranty should your new laptop screen stop functioning.  I always recommend trying and getting a lap top screen repair with a 1 year warranty.  This will ensure that your lap top screen lasts at least a year after replacement.  It is important to keep in mind that lap top screen repair warranties do not cover a second breakage.  For example, if you go home and drop the laptop and the screen breaks again. The laptop screen repair warranty only covers manufacturers defects.  Another Pro for paying a professional for a laptop screen repair is the guarantee that you are getting quality work.  If you try to replace the laptop screen yourself, you may accidentally break another component.  When a professional replaces your laptop screen, there is a guarantee that even if they make a mistake and break another part, they will fix it for free.

According to the best Computer Repair Colorado Springs, there are also many cons to paying someone for a laptop repair.  Let’s face it, there are dishonest computer repair service companies out there.  You may be overcharged for a laptop screen repair, mistakes might be made that could damage your computer permanently, and some shops don’t give a warranty on their laptop screen repairs.

Best Computer Repair Colorado Springs

DML Computer Repair is considered the best computer repair Colorado Springs.  In fact, they provide the best lap top screen repair near me.  If you find yourself in need of the best computer repair, then contact DML Computer Repair Colorado Springs.

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