building computers at a computer repair shop near me

Building Computers at a Computer Repair Shop Near Me

Can a computer repair store near me that specializes in “gaming computer repair” build me a computer? 

Yes, any gaming computer repair store near me can build a computer, in theory.  With that said, I would not recommend hiring a computer repair shop near me that specializes in pc repairs, not in building pcs.  They are not familiar with compatibility issues or personalizing a computer’s hardware to meet your specific needs.  In other words, they will build a computer that is built for “gaming”, not for the specific games you play.  This would be similar to buying a computer at Best Buy, built for gaming, not tailored to your needs.  As a matter of fact, I frequently fix them, explaining why the computer crashed after just a few months.  If you buy a computer from a big box store, then expect performance issues.  Additionally, the only way to ensure perfect performance is to hire someone who specializes in building pcs.   Although the process can be quite long, it is worth the extra money, time and effort involved in building a computer.  In the gaming world, we always recommend hiring the best computer repair shop near me.

What gaming computer services do you offer?

DML computer repair offers a variety of gaming computer services and the best computer repair near me.  We specialize in building PCs, gaming pc repairs, CPU repairs, and help with computers when you are building a computer.  We also perform virus removal, soldering on gaming PCs and computer tune up near me. In fact, DML Computer Repair is the best computer repair shop near me.

Does every computer repair shop near me, who perform gaming computer repair use websites to put together the parts for a computer?

Yes, even the best computer repair shop near me, who builds computers, uses websites to choose parts for building a computer.  Unfortunately, this is simply the way things are done and this compromises the quality of the gaming pc.  More often than not, our technicians fix the errors made by other gaming pc repair shops, during building. This is just one of the many reasons we are the best gaming computer repair shop near me.

What is the cost for computer building from DML Computer Repair?

Whether you want a basic gaming computer or a state-of-the-art computer, we are the best at building computers and the best computer repair shop near me.  Basic computers, such as those for Zynga games or Facebook games are approximately $600.  In contrast, state of the art computers can cost as much as $5,000 for a base model.  Presently, graphic card and CPU prices are at an all-time high, which contributes to the high cost of these PCs.  On average, most people pay approximately $2,300 for a computer that plays almost any game currently on the market.

I am building a computer that plays Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, but I have game lag and frequent FPS drops.  would this problem be solved, If I had DML Computer Repair building a computer for me?

Our experienced computer specialists can build a computer that fits any need.  With that said, yes, we can build you a computer that plays your games.  World of Warcraft does not have major game requirements; however, COD needs very specific hardware to run smoothly.  I would recommend calling our Gaming Technician Dominic to make sure that we meet your needs with this build.  As a matter of fact, he specializes in FPS drop and game lag, as they relate to custom builds.  I would also recommend bringing the computer you built to Dominic, he can recommend a modification that solves the problem.  Computer techs, like Dominic, are what make DML Computer Repair the best computer repair near me.

I used an online custompcbuilder website to choose the parts for building a computer.  Do you have any advice for me?

80% of the parts that are recommended by online websites are not typically compatible.  For this reason, I would recommend researching the parts individually to ensure compatibility.  This is a common mistake made by gaming computer repair near me, and the main reason computer builds malfunction.

I know at least one pc gaming computer repair shop near me that claims to help with building PCs, what makes DML Computer Repair different?

Like every computer repair shop near me, DML Computer Repair specializes in all PC repairs.  What makes us different?  In a word, “experience” makes us different.  Our gaming computer builders study the art of building PCs for 5 years before attempting a build.  This means that they have honed their skills and perfected them, before ever building their first computer.  Additionally, the first 100 computers they build are supervised by an experienced Master Computer Tech.  This ensures that we remain the best gaming computer repairs & the best computer repair near me.  In other words, the quality of our work is guaranteed, simply because of the extensive training of our PC technicians.

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