Computer Repair Shops in Colorado Springs

Old Computer Repair Shops in Colorado Springs

The computer world has definitely changed in the past decade or so.  Once upon a time, computer repair shops were small, personal and had most knowledge needed to perform competent computer repairs.  In fact, many of those small mom and pop computer repair shops in Colorado Springs have closed.  They have been replaced with larger computer shops that are impersonal, incompetent, and sometimes even rude.  Small computer repair shops in Colorado Springs were also grateful for your business, while the newer larger ones seem to feel entitled to your business.  This blog article pays tribute to our oldest computer shops and fondly remembers those that have closed.

Why Do We Miss Old Computer Repair Shops in Colorado Springs

If you’re like me, then you miss some of our old computer repair shops in Colorado Springs.  It’s difficult to find a computer shop with that “mom and pop shop” feel to it.  I want the “Cheers” PC repairs shop, where everybody knows your name.  It’s absolutely awesome to walk into a store and be recognized by name.   There is no better feeling when you are shopping than to hear your name.  As a computer repair technician, I try my best to remember everybody’s name, but it can be difficult when you see dozens of people each week.  Furthermore, I understand that people want the “personal touch” when it comes to small businesses, and they are very appreciative of my efforts.  In fact, I’ve had several people tell me that the only reason they’ve returned to my PC shop is because they felt a connection when one of us remembered their name.  Unfortunately, with newer businesses, this type of business etiquette does not exist anymore.  Additionally, it feels like these businesses just want you to give them money and leave quietly.  No interaction, no personalization, just a money transaction.  Don’t let this become the standard for PC repairs. 

Why Were Old Computer Repair Shops in Colorado Springs Different?

I run an old computer repair shop in Colorado Springs.  Needless to say, older shops have a different look and feel to them.  First, you have the amazing personalization that I mentioned earlier in this blog article.  It is gratifying to know that clients appreciate that we remember their names, their computer, and the work that needed to be done.  In newer shops you are lucky if they can look up your name and phone number in an estranged database.  Second, old PC repairs shops tend to stay in constant communication with you.  This can be in the form of a phone call, a text, an email or even a request to see you in person.  I find that newer PC repairs shops only communicate with you when it’s time to pick up your computer, not during each step of the computer repair process.  For example, if your computer is going to take longer than anticipated to fix, you might not receive a phone call with this change at a newer PC repairs shop.  Third, older computer repair shops tend to be more “cozy” and “homey”.  There is typically a seating area and a computer technician can have a comfortable conversation with you.  On the other hand, doing business with a larger shop can be awkward with very little conversation.  Finally, contrary to popular belief, the prices of smaller PC repairs shops tend to be lower than their larger counterparts.  In fact, smaller PC repairs shops have lower costs to run the shop in general, causing lower prices.  These small computer repair shops in Colorado Springs also have more experience, especially if they have been open 10+ years. 

CompUXparts:  Old Computer Repair Shop Colorado Springs

CompUXparts was a fantastic little computer repair shop in Colorado Springs off Galley Road.  Although this PC repairs shop had various locations around town at different times, their clients always found them.  Even though they frequently had a variety of employees working for them, they were a force to reckon with.  Most of their repairs could be done quickly, affordably, and efficiently.  Throughout the years CompUXparts became a household name for PC repairs.  When you entered the shop, you were greeted with friendly smiles and happy words.  In fact, CompUXparts was one of the first computer repair shops in Colorado Springs to ask questions about computer behavior and client habits.  Up until that point, most computer shops took in the computer and “guessed” what was wrong with it.  CompUXparts took the time to ask about symptoms the computer was experiencing and how it was malfunctioning.  All these characteristics made them the leading computer shop for over a decade in Colorado Springs.  This awesome little computer shop closed after some pretty devastating financial disasters.  It was a sad day for Colorado Springs residents.

The PC Doctor:  Old Computer Repair Shop Colorado Springs

The PC Doctor was another PC repairs shop that was well known in Colorado Springs.  They provided very friendly and personalized service, remembering most of their clients’ names.  The PC Doctor also had a great turnaround time, returning repaired computers within a few days of dropping off.  In most cases, computer shops around time will return your computer within a few weeks.  This is completely unnecessary and wasteful.  Most computers are repaired within a day or two and parts typically arrive within 3 days.  Completing jobs quickly is one of the things that made the PC Doctor a fantastic computer shop to deal with.  Unfortunately, like many small PC shops, personal matters began to interfere with business.  Soon, there were more “closed” days than “open” days and the business eventually closed.

PC Paramedics:  Old Computer Repair Shop Colorado Springs

PC Paramedics was an interesting little computer repair shop in Colorado Springs.  It was run by a young couple who had experience with computer repairs.  They offered fast service, along with personalized touches.  In other words, they got to know their clients through conversations and then bonded over computer issues.  It’s fantastic when two people can work together and get along to run a successful business.  In my experience, it is difficult to run a business with a significant other and doesn’t typically end well.  In this case, that’s exactly what happened.  The couple separated and after the separation, the business began to fall apart and eventually closed.

DML Computer Repair:  Old Computer Repair Shop Colorado Springs

DML Computer Repair is one of a handful of “old” computer repair shops that are left in the area.  After being open for over 12 years, they still have the same owner and computer repair technicians.  David has been the master technician at DML Computer Repair since it opened back in 2012.  During the COVID years, the business struggled a little bit but eventually regained its strength and came back stronger than ever.  In fact, today DML Computer Repair is one of the top 3 most popular computer repair shops in Colorado Springs.  Another advantage of new computer shops is the new computer technicians that come with them.  These new computer techs in my area can be a valuable resource for new technologies and repair methods.  Sometimes older computer technicians tend to be set in their ways, never wanting to change their method or learn new things.  New computer technicians can bring new methods to a computer shop and sometimes even impact an entire town.

What is the Advantage of New Computer Repair Shops in Colorado Springs?

New computer shops keep the computer marketplace competitive.  This means that computer prices don’t become outrageous to the consumer.  As mentioned earlier, new computer repair technicians can bring new and improved methods of computer repair to a shop and sometimes an entire town.

Colorado Springs Computer Repair Shop

DML Computer Repair is considered the best computer repair shop in Colorado Springs.  They offer the most competitive computer repair prices and competent computer repair technicians.  The quality of repairs is also phenomenal, and they will exceed your expectations.  DML Computer Repair also offers rush services for busy lives and free diagnostics year-round.   They are reliable, affordable, and friendly.  Go by and get to know the amazing computer repair technicians at DML Computer Repair today!

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