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An Explanation of Laptop Repair Near Me

If you want to learn about laptop repair near me, then you have come to the right place.  In this article I will talk about all the aspects of laptop repair and how they are important to you.  You might be thinking that laptop repair and desktop repair are very similar.  Unfortunately, they are not.  Just because a company can fix a desktop, it does not mean that they can competently fix a laptop.  In fact, you want to call computer repair shops ahead of time and verify that they fix laptops.  You may also want to have a conversation about laptop repair to gauge their knowledge.  As a matter of fact, laptops have such tiny parts that the wrong computer repair technician can easily break a piece while fixing something completely different.

Laptop Repair Near Me and Replacing a Broken Laptop Screen

Broken laptop screens are one of the most common types of laptop repairs.  Furthermore, this is also the type of laptop repair in which computer technicians can make more mistakes.  For example, laptops have tiny wires around and near the laptop screen, if they are moved the wrong way they can easily break.  When this happens you can lose audio, Wi-Fi, webcam use and other key functions.  It’s always best to take your laptop screen to a computer repair shop for a free computer diagnostic.  The reason for the diagnostic is to make sure that there is nothing else wrong with your computer.  Oftentimes, when the laptop screen breaks, other laptop parts tend to break too.  The most common part to break along with a laptop screen is a hard drive.  In fact, hard drives are very sensitive and can break easily with the slightest “bang”.  At the time of diagnostics, the computer technician will also retrieve the part number for the laptop screen.  The part number is important when ordering a new laptop screen.  Without the part number, you risk ordering the wrong laptop screen.  This is why many computer repair shops insist on seeing your computer for a quote for a laptop screen repair.  It’s easier to give an accurate quote when you have a part number.

Laptop Repair Near Me and Laptop Hinge Repair

A broken laptop hinge typically occurs when someone is too rough opening and closing their laptop screen.  At times, it can be as simple as somebody sitting on their computer and breaking the hinge this way.  Although laptop hinge repairs are not very common, they can be expensive.  Laptop hinge repairs are expensive because many modern computer technicians don’t know how to repair hinges.  In most cases, they will tell you to simply replace the laptop because it is broken beyond help.  However, you should keep looking for computer repair shops that can repair broken hinges.  In each city, there is at least one computer repair shop that can replace or repair broken laptop hinges.  The reason laptop hinges are extremely difficult to replace is that most of the laptop needs to be torn apart to remove the old hinges and replace them with new ones.  In fact, there are some easily replaceable laptop hinges for certain laptops, but this is pretty rare.  It’s best to find a competent computer repair shop that can easily replace your laptop hinges.

Laptop Repair Near Me and Keyboard Replacements

It is a common misconception that individual keys on a keyboard should be replaced when broken.  In most cases, the individual keys are completely broken off and not fixable.  Even when laptop keys might be repaired it is often difficult and they end up breaking in the process anyway.  This is why most computer repair technicians simply replace the entire keyboard.  Unfortunately, most laptop keyboards are not easy to remove or replace.  First, you need to remove all the screws that are attached to the keyboard.  This can be difficult if you don’t exactly know which screws belong to which piece of hardware.  Second, you may need to remove the bottom lid and/or the motherboard just to get to the keyboard.  This step is what makes keyboard repairs so expensive.  In most cases, you won’t need to remove the motherboard, but there are laptop models that require it.  Finally, the ribbon that connects the keyboard and motherboard needs to be carefully unclipped from the motherboard.  At this point, it is extremely easy to accidentally break the clip on the motherboard.  When this happens, the entire motherboard will need to be replaced.  Yet another reason that it is very important to have a competent computer repair technician replacing your keyboard.  In the end, a keyboard replacement can sometimes cost more than the cost of replacing the computer.  If you reach this point, then I would highly recommend simply buying a new laptop.

Laptop Repair Near Me and Battery Replacements

There are several reasons why someone would need to replace their laptop battery.  One of the primary reasons is that the laptop battery no longer holds a charge.  In other words, you can’t use the computer without having it constantly plugged in.  Another reason to replace a battery is that there is swelling in the battery that is affecting performance or cosmetics.  A swollen battery can cause the battery life to be significantly reduced or stop working altogether.  Additionally, a swollen battery can cause a case to “swell” which can cause cosmetic damage to the case.  In worse case scenarios, the battery swelled to the point where it was causing damage to the laptop screen and sometimes the keyboard.  The biggest danger when replacing an old keyboard is potential damage to the motherboard.  If your computer repair technician does not know how to properly replace a keyboard, then they can accidentally cause damage to the motherboard.  This damage can include breaks on the motherboard, a short that could cause the motherboard to stop working, and other damage.  I would strongly recommend calling computer repair shops and talking to the computer technicians to determine if they are competent enough to replace your battery.

Laptop Repair Near Me and Broken Cosmetic Pieces

Cosmetic pieces are parts of your computers that are on the outside.  This includes the bezel, the touchpad, the lid, the bottom cover and any computer part located outside of your computer that does not have a specific function.  For example, your laptop screen and keyboard are not cosmetic pieces because they serve a function.  In most cases, it is entirely possible to replace a cosmetic piece.  However, in some instances, it can be nearly impossible to replace one of these pieces.  For example, a bezel that is glued down to the laptop screen can be extremely difficult and almost impossible to replace without slathering globs of glue to your laptop screen.  In this case, it might be best to simply leave the broken bezel and deal with the fact that it is broken.

Laptop Repair Near Me and Laptop Repair Prices

Laptop repair prices can range anywhere from $20 to $900.  In fact, 50% of all repairs at DML Computer Repair are only $20.  This means that when you visit a computer repair shop you have a 50% chance of only paying $20 for your computer.  Those are great odds!  $20-$40 repairs typically include minor computer issues.  Issues such as loose cables, devices not plugged in correctly, and minor operating system problems.  Most of these problems can be solved within a 10-minute period and cost very little.  More complicated computer issues can cost $80-$250 and these include laptop screen repairs, keyboard repairs, and battery replacements.  The most expensive repairs are those that involve the motherboard.  In fact, most motherboard replacements for a laptop cost an average of $350.  In some cases, it may be less expensive to replace the computer than to repair the motherboard.  I would highly recommend exploring new computer prices before you replace your laptop’s motherboard.  Some motherboards can cost up to $900 to replace!

Laptop Repair Near Me and Estimated Time of Completion for Fixing a Laptop

The time it takes to fix a laptop can vary from one computer repair shop to another.  Extremely busy computer repair shops can take a few weeks to complete a computer repair.  On the other hand, smaller computer repair shops can complete a repair in less than 24 hours because they are not busy.  The amount of time it takes to fix a laptop can also vary by repair type and part availability.  If you have an easy repair, such as an operating system repair, then you could get your computer back within a couple of hours.  However, if you need a laptop or battery replacement that requires the shipping of parts, it could take up to 10 days for your computer to be fixed.  At most computer repair shops, the average repair is 3 days, this includes both small and large computer repair shops.

Laptop Repair Near Me

DML Computer Repair is considered the best shop for laptop repair near me.  The awesome computer repair technicians at DML Computer Repair are friendly and reliable.  As a computer repair technician, I wouldn’t take my computer anywhere else.  DML Computer Repair also offers competitive prices that won’t break the bank and they offer rush services.  If you are looking for a great shop that offers laptop repair near me, then these are your guys.

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