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Laptop Repair Near Me:  Different Types of Laptop Repairs

There are hundreds of different types of laptop repairs.  However, if you should need computer repair services, this is a good reference on the type of repair that you might need.  In fact, these computer services make up 75% of all computer repair performed at DML Computer Repair.

Laptop Repair Near Me:  Hinge Replacement

A broken hinge can occur for several different reasons.  Depending on where the break occurred, this may be an urgent repair.  For example, if your hinge broke near the laptop screen, a broken hinge could cause your laptop screen to break also.  In fact, if enough pressure is applied to the broken hinge, you may also break your laptop case.  It is always best to seek the help of a local computer repair shop.  Additionally, they can tell you if this is a repair that requires some urgency or if it can wait a few months.  In most cases, PC repair shops will need to take your computer apart to diagnose it.  If this occurs, then they will be extra careful in making sure that the laptop does not break any further.  Laptop hinges typically break because too much pressure is applied to the lid and case, when opening and closing it.  If you would like to prevent hinge breakage, be sure to be extra gentle when opening and closing your laptop.  In fact, if you use both hands top open  your laptop, your laptop is less likely to break.

Laptop Repair Near Me:  Laptop Screen Repair

If you are very careful with your laptop computer, then you are probably wondering when a laptop screen repair is needed.  In most cases, a laptop screen is damaged accidentally.  For example, a child sits on a couch with a laptop on it and the screen cracks.  In addition, breaks can happen with age.  Sadly, these kinds of laptop screen breaks can’t be predicted.  In fact, these “natural” breaks are typically in the form of “screen blotches” in the center or around the edges of the laptop screen.  You can also get lines around the edges or the center, both vertically and horizontally.  Here are some tips on how you can best protect your laptop screen from breaking.  First, be sure to NEVER carry your laptop turned on in a backpack or carrying case.  Always turn your computer off before putting it in a case.  Second, do not leave your computer on couches or seating areas.  Having a laptop in a seating area is not just risking a break, but it can overheat your computer unnecessarily.  Third, try to leave your computer in places where it won’t be disturbed, such as desks, end tables, kitchen tables etc…

Laptop Repair Near Me:  Power Port Repair

A popular laptop repair is repairing a malfunctioning power port.  Power port repairs or DC jack repairs often occur from carelessness.  For example, a child putting a lego in the power port area.  More commonly is when a laptop falls directly on the charger area with the charger plugged in.  This will usually immediately break the charger port by pushing it far into the motherboard, where it is inaccessible.  Other times, the charger tip will be stuck inside the charger port, making it impossible to charge the computer.  We see this type of accident on people who use their laptops on their lap and other unstable places.  The best thing that you can do to prevent this, is to keep your laptop in secure and stable areas.  You can also place your power cable in an area where someone is not likely to trip over it.

Laptop Repair Near Me:  Battery and Keyboard Replacement

I can’t tell you how many times someone has one broken key on their keyboard, and they want me to just fix that one key.  Unfortunately, this is no longer how computer repair works.  In fact, these days you need to replace the entire keyboard on account of one key not functioning.  It’s best to be careful with your keyboard and prevent key malfunctions altogether.  The most common reason for malfunctioning keyboards is a liquid spill on or near the keyboard.  This typically causes some or all of the keys to be “sticky” or stop working altogether.  A good rule of thumb is to keep all liquids far away from your precious laptop, preventing spills.

Laptop Repair Near Me:  Motherboard Replacement

Motherboard replacements are one the most expensive repairs in the computer world today.  There are several reasons for a motherboard replacement to occur.  First, a computer might be old, causing a motherboard that requires a motherboard replacement.  Second, a liquid spill is one of the most common reasons for a malfunctioning motherboard.  In fact, replacing a motherboard after a liquid spill has its own risks.  For example, a liquid spill can cause other parts to go out either immediately or in the near future.  Sadly, this means that these types of repairs are unreliable.  Finally, damage from sudden impact, such as a laptop falling to the ground or being hit hard can cause severe motherboard damage.  Additionally, impact damage can occur to other components, making this repair unreliable.  If you have this type of damage, make sure that your computer technician looks for ALL potential damage to your laptop computer repair.

Laptop Repair Near Me:  Charger Replacement

I had a client who purchased a charger from my shop.  Every few weeks she would come back because the “charger wasn’t working”.  I would give her a new one, only to see her return in another few weeks.  This kept going for several months until one day I took the charger and placed it under one of our microscopes.  It turns out that there were tiny little teeth marks biting through the charger.  Obviously, these could not be seen with the naked eye but perfectly under a microscope.  When asked if she had any pets, she mentioned that she had a cat. At that point, she and I realized that all this trouble could be credited to her feline companion.  Laptop chargers can go out for any number of reasons and with no warning.  In fact, you could care for your charger perfectly and it will probably still malfunction within a few years.  Laptops and their accessories are not built to last decades and decades.  No, instead they are meant to be disposable and easily replaced at stores.  To get the most life out of your charger, simply make sure that it is not in danger of being damaged when you use it.

Laptop Repair Near Me:  How Do You Know Which Laptop Repair You Need?

Sometimes it is difficult to tell which type of laptop repair you might need.  For example, sometimes a video issue can be a broken laptop screen not a motherboard issue.  The best thing to do is visit a laptop repair near me and get a free computer diagnosis.

Laptop Repair Near Me

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