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Computer Fixing Store: The Rules

Computer repair shops have certain rules that both their technicians and clients should adhere to.  Although many computer repair shops follow these rules, there are some that may not.  In fact, these rules work in almost any computer repair scenario and are meant to protect everyone.  Even if your PC Repair shop does not follow these rules, as a client, you should try to.

Computer Fixing Store:  The Rules – Your Private Information

As a general rule, I tell our clients that their private information is safe.  Additionally, we do not share or sell their personal details.  Sometimes computer repair shops will share the emails and phone numbers of their clients to their marketing company.  However, this is frowned upon by the community.  In fact, if you are a computer shop owner, then you probably already adhere to this rule.  Sharing or selling client information violates the trust that your clients have put into your PC repair shop.  Although sharing data with a marketing company, who sends emails and texts to your clients, might produce more jobs, it is not an ethical practice.  Imagine being the client and suddenly you are bombarded with emails and texts that you did not solicit.  How would you feel?  As a client what can you do?  You can ask your computer technician how your information will be used.  At that point you can decide whether or not to share your personal information.

Computer Fixing Store:  The Rules – Turning Your Computer On and Verifying the Problem

This rule is extremely important for both a computer repair shop and clients.  Sometimes a computer that didn’t power on at home, will suddenly start working.  By turning on the computer at the PC repair shop, you can verify that your computer is still not functional.  Furthermore, if your computer turned on but had problems, it’s equally important to power it on at the computer store.  For example, you arrive at the computer store and suddenly your computer won’t power on.  If this was not the original issue, then this would indicate that there might be more complicated problems with your device.  Either way, powering on your computer should be the first thing that a computer tech does when they take the computer for diagnosis.

Computer Fixing Store:  The Rules – No Dongles, No Laptop Bags

I can’t tell you how many times someone has picked up a computer and sworn that they left a laptop bag with their computer.  In other cases, they left devices attached to their computer, which they claim are no longer there.  Best case scenario, the client removed these items; worst case scenario the computer repair shop has lost them.  In my experience, the items were never brought to the computer repair shop during the repair period.  In fact, we typically get calls a few days later stating that they found the lost items and apologizing for the accusation.  To avoid future problems, it’s best if all dongles and laptop cases are not left with the computer for diagnosis.  Additionally, I would recommend NOT leaving any peripherals during the diagnostic and repair period.

Computer Fixing Store:  The Rules – Length of Diagnosis and Length of Repair

The length of diagnosis and computer repair varies greatly with each PC repair shop.  For example, DML Computer Repair performs most PC diagnostics in between 1 and 24 hours.  Additionally, computer repairs are performed in as little as 30 minutes or as long as 3 days.  It is my understanding that many shops in Colorado Springs have a 1-2 week wait time just for computer evaluations.  Unfortunately, not all computer repair shops are fast and efficient in their computer evaluations.  If you need a quick diagnosis, then call local PC repair shops for evaluation time frames. 

Computer Fixing Store:  The Rules – Free Diagnosis and Approval of Services

Although you can find computer diagnostics within 24 hours, such as DML Computer Repair, free diagnosis is not easy to find.  In 2024 computer diagnostics reached outrageous levels, ranging from $60 to $199.  Unfortunately, there are very few companies that offer both free diagnostics and a quick turnaround time.  If you need free diagnostics quickly, then call several computer stores to see if any of them meet your needs.  I would also recommend reading reviews, oftentimes a bad review can tell you more about the integrity of a company than the good reviews.

Computer Fixing Store:  The Rules – Cash Deposit for Services

Once a diagnosis has been provided and services have been approved, most PC shops will ask for a cash deposit to cover the cost of parts.  The reason for the cash deposit is all the scams that can be done with checks, credit cards and even money orders.  As a matter of fact, some PC repair shops will only accept cash for computer repair deposits.  If you are an established client, then it may be possible to pay the deposit with a credit card.  Additionally, paying a deposit in cash is the best way to prevent any delays to your repair.  Otherwise, your computer repair shop may need you to wait for a check to clear, a credit card to go through or a debit card to no longer be pending.

Computer Fixing Store:  The Rules – 30 Day Rule

In most cases, computer repair shops will adhere to a 30-day rule for computers that are left at their shop.  As DML Computer Repair, our disclaimer states 30 days but we typically give clients 6 months to pick up before we act.  As a matter of fact, we send several texts and make several phone calls to ensure that the client understands that we will be recycling their computer if it is not picked up in X number of days.  It is my understanding that most shops have a 30–60-day abandonment rule.  In other words, if your computer is abandoned at a shop for 60 days, then it will likely be recycled.  Furthermore, it is best if you pick up your computer within 7 days of computer repair completion to avoid potential complications.

Computer Fixing Store:  The Rules – Computer Repair Warranty

Most computer repair shops have a warranty behind their work.  In most cases, software repairs are not covered since software is easily modified and often accidentally.  In other words, if you walk out of a shop and have a software issue, you will likely be paying for a second software repair.  I like to tell clients with software repairs to be extra cautious on changes they make on their computer.  Most hardware repairs have a 30-day warranty.  This warranty is standard at most computer repair shops.  At DML Computer Repair we offer 1–5-year warranties on a variety of repairs.  For example, hard drive repairs have lengthy warranty as do screen replacements, battery replacements and keyboard replacements.

Computer Fixing Store

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