Computer Repair and Slow Computers

Computer Repair and Slow Computers

Do you have a slow computer?  If you have a slow computer, then you understand the frustrations that come with it.  As a computer technician, I have a seen all the reasons and repairs behind slow computers.  As a matter of fact, I decided to write this blog due to the overwhelming number of slow computers these days.

Computer Repair:  Why is my computer slow?

There are many reasons that can cause a slow computer.  In fact, at DML Computer Repair Colorado Springs, slow computers are a very popular problem with a variety of reasons.  First, the issue can be caused by a problem with the operating system.  It can also be caused by software that is broken within the system.  Second, it can be caused by a hardware problem.  In most cases, the issue can be repaired.  However, there are instances in which a slow computer is not repairable. 

Computer Repair:  Slow Computer Software Solutions

The second most common reason for slow computers is broken software.  This can range anywhere from a corrupted operating system to malfunctioning software.  For example, when an operating system is broken or corrupted, it can cause a computer to experience freezing and extreme slowness if not repaired right away.  Fortunately, this problem is 100% repairable.  Software that is malfunctioning or broken can also cause a slow computer and this issue is also 100% repairable.  When software or operating systems are broken, they can be repaired without losing the device.  Of course, if a device is old enough, paying $80 to fix a very old computer, might not be worth it.  I’d also like to mention that the speed of the internet can cause a slow browser.  Although this doesn’t refer to the entire computer, it does cause specific slowness of the browser.  In this case, I would recommend changing your internet service provider to solve this problem.  Find out the severity of your slowness issue and visit a shop for computer repair Colorado Springs with a free computer diagnostic.

Computer Repair:  Slow Computer Hardware Solutions

There are very few things that can cause a computer that is slow, as far as hardware issues.  In rare cases, computer repair technicians see some strange behavior from hardware that would normally not cause a computer to be slow.  For example, a wireless card is malfunctioning, causing a computer to be very slow.  This is an extraordinary situation which is specific to the combination of hardware of that particular computer.  In other words, you can’t expect every wireless problem to cause a slow computer.  One of the most common reasons for computer slowness is a computer hard drive that is failing.  Older style mechanical hard drives are extremely sensitive to movement and can fail easily when mishandled or dropped.  In this day and age, it’s best to purchase solid state hard drives to make your computer faster.  Most solid-state drives have a life span of 1-9 years, depending on the brand you purchase.  I personally like to use Samsung hard drives; they are reliable.  Although they cost a few extra dollars over their competitors, it is well worth the money.  I’d also like to add that I’m not being paid to endorse Samsung, I just like them as a company.  I would recommend going to a shop for computer repair Colorado Springs for an evaluation.  The slowness of your computer maybe completely affordable to fix.

Computer Repair:  When is a slow computer not fixable?

In some cases, a computer that is slow is not fixable.  Obviously, a hard drive can be replaced and most of the smaller parts.  What about the motherboard and the case of a computer?  There are some rare instances in which the case of a computer (usually in the form of a “short”) can cause a computer to be slow.  Should you replace the entire desktop or laptop case to fix it?  Unfortunately, this can be a pricey repair and at that point you need to decide if you like your computer enough to invest that kind of money into it.  Replacing a motherboard is a similar concept, except with laptops.  Laptop motherboards can be 10 times more expensive than their desktop counterparts.  At that point, it may not be worth fixing.  In either case, you should visit a professional at a shop for computer repair Colorado Springs and get an evaluation to determine the severity of the problem.

Computer Repair:  What is the cost to fix a slow computer?

There are three price brackets for this computer repair.  In the first bracket you have the easier software repairs which cost between $20 and $100.  In the second bracket you have hardware repairs which cost between $150 and $300.  Finally, there is the motherboard and case replacements in the final bracket which cost between $300 and $900.  All in all, is not typically expensive to make your computer fast again.  In fact, a shop for computer repair Colorado Springs can easily tell you which option you will need.  At DML Computer Repair, they test your hard drive while you wait in the lobby.  It is a quick and painless process.

Computer Repair:  Is it worth fixing a slow computer?

On the lower end of the spectrum with software repairs, it is absolutely worth fixing your computer.  However, on the failing motherboard end, it is not necessarily worth the repair.  I recommend taking your computer to a shop for computer repair Colorado Springs for a free evaluation to determine if you this is a repair that you would like to have performed.

 Computer Repair:  Slow Computer and Free Diagnostics

Free diagnostics is not a service that every shop for computer repair Colorado Springs practices.  DML Computer Repair Colorado Springs offers free computer evaluations and provides this fantastic service both efficiently and accurately.  If you need a free computer diagnosis, then visit DML Computer Repair Colorado Springs CO.

Computer Repair:  The Problem with “Slow Computer” Diagnostics

Unfortunately, computer diagnostics are typically done by humans.  This means that there may be mistakes with the evaluations.  For example, computers that have both a software and a hardware issue.  In this case, one problem may be fixed while the other is still causing a slow computer.  What should you do if this occurs?  If this occurs then be patient with your computer technician, they are still human and make mistakes.  In fact, most computer technicians will catch the issue before the computer leaves the shop, but if they don’t then please be kind.  I’ve had instances where clients returned and yelled at the computer technician for making an honest mistake during a very complicated computer repair situation.

Computer Repair Colorado Springs

If you need Computer Repair Colorado Springs, then contact DML Computer Repair, the best computer repair services near me.  DML Computer Repair has the most reliable computer technicians, offering free PC diagnosis and rush services.  They can repair your computer quickly and offers the best PC repairs.  DML Computer Colorado Springs is the best choice to seek advice for computer upgrades and it’s free!

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