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Computer Fixers Honesty Day

With “Honesty Day” behind us on April 30th, DML Computer Repair Colorado Springs CO is paying tribute with the truth about computers and computer repair.  This is the best PC fixing near me, exposing the harsh truth about the computer repair world.

Computer Fixers Honesty Day:  The Truth About Purchasing “Cheap” Computers

As a computer fixer, I’ve heard and seen all the horror stories about buying cheap computers.  If a computer is less than $250 then you need to ask yourself one question.  What’s wrong with it?  Many times, a cheaply built computer will cost less initially but will break down within a year.  These “cheap” computers are completely disposable and typically cost more to repair than to replace.  For example, a certain computer “book” that costs $100 but only has 32GB of memory and nothing can be upgraded.  These are more trouble than they are worth. Any computer fixing store can tell you that it’s more expensive to replace the laptop screen than it is to replace the entire computer.  If you have the extra money to pitch in for a better-quality computer, then try to go that route.

Computer Fixers Honesty Day:  The Truth About Computer Warranties and Computer Fixing Store

Many people buy a computer and only consider the 30–45-day warranty offered by the merchant.  Typically, these merchants will try to sell you an extended warranty, such as a 1-year warranty.   The merchant or computer fixing store does not want you to know that your computer automatically comes with a 1-year warranty.  They want you to purchase their warranty and forget about the awesome warranty that already comes with your computer.  In fact, even the stores for PC fixing near me would rather have you pay for a computer repair than let you know of this warranty.  DML Computer Repair Colorado Springs CO always asks, “how old is your computer”?  If a computer is less than a year old, then they always recommend that you contact the manufacturer about the warranty first.  My computer fixing store has received hundreds of “thank yous” over the years for saving somebody’s computer a trip to PC fixing near me.  All they had to do was call the manufacturer!

Computer Fixers Honesty Day:  The Truth About Burning “Hot” Computers

Fact #1 gaming laptops may be hot to the touch, and this can be normal, depending on the laptop.  Fact #2 newer laptops will overheat less than older laptops.  Regardless of the situation, if your computer is burning it, it’s probably time for a thermal compound replacement.  Thermal compound is a pasty substance that keeps your computer from overheating too much.  If your computer is overheating, then you should probably have your computer’s thermal paste replaced at a store for PC fixing near me.  The reason this truth is exposed is because many computer fixers don’t want you to know this.  In fact, they avoid having you come back to repair your computer.  Although this is unethical since there are no guidelines or oversight for computer repair then they can get away with it.  It would be nice to have a committee oversee computer repairs and that computer fixers are acting ethically. 

Computer Fixers Honesty Day:  The Truth About Hard Drives and Computer Fixers

It is a well-known fact, by stores that perform PC fixing near me, that mechanical hard drives work slowly and don’t typically last as long as solid-state drives.  In fact, my computer fixing store only recommends solid state drives for this very reason.  But why do computer technicians still use mechanical drives?  Although there are some legitimate reasons to use mechanical hard drives, there are more reasons not to use them.  Stores that perform PC fixing near me will often use mechanical hard drives so that the client comes back for repairs more frequently.  This is highly unethical but it doesn’t stop some computer repair shops from doing it.

Computer Fixers Honesty Day:  The Truth About Antiviruses and PC Fixing Near Me

Have you ever paid for an antivirus?  Let me tell you that you paid too much!  Apple computers do not get viruses and Malwarebytes can easily remove malware for free.  Windows computers have “Windows Security” built into the operating system.  This option is actually FREE and will never cost you a penny.  The next time a computer fixing store offers you the purchase of an antivirus, please say “no”.  These programs are free and just as reliable as the paid versions.

Computer Fixers Honesty Day:  The Truth About PC Fixing Near Me

To quote a famous movie, “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”.  Unfortunately, there’s no special list that will tell you the best PC fixing near me.  In fact, you will probably need to do a little research to find the best computer fixing store.  First, look at reviews of potential computer repair shops.  Second, make sure that you look at the negative reviews, which can often tell you more about a computer repair shop and how they do business.  Finally, make sure to visit a few different computer repair shops before settling on any one of them.

Computer Fixers Honesty Day:  The Truth About Computer Fixers and PC Fixing Near Me

Finding a good computer technician can be just as important as finding the right computer repair shop.  Make sure that you visit potential computer repair shops and always ask for the same computer technician.

Computer Fixers Honesty Day:  The Truth About Computer Passwords

Computer passwords are great to protect your data if your computer should fall in strange hands.  Unfortunately, if you are trying to protect the device from being “broken into” then passwords won’t help you.  In fact, if someone steals your password protected device, they can simply wipe the drive and use the device as if it were brand new.  If you would like to fully protect your device, then find a physical computer lock (to make it harder to steal) or put a BIOS lock on your computer (preventing hard drive overrides).

Computer Fixers Honesty Day:  The Truth About Computer Maintenance and PC Fixing Near Me

A computer fixing store, that has questionable practices, will probably not tell you about computer maintenance that will help your computer break down less.  Here are the top recommendations from computer technicians.  First, make sure that you change your thermal compound every year to prevent motherboard damage and unwanted overheating.  Second, replace your solid state drive every 2-4 years. According to DML Computer Repair, this will prevent unwanted downtime, especially if you use your computer for work or school.  Finally, keep your computer files and programs organized and up to date.  For example, be sure to remove any unwanted programs, especially those that you no longer use.  Additionally, you should check startup items in your task manager to make sure that only necessary programs are starting with your computer.

PC Fixing Near Me and Computer Fixers

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