Computer Fixers: A Christmas Story

Computer Fixers:  A Christmas Story

This is a Christmas story from the perspective of several different computer technicians at PC fixing near me.

Computer Repair:  David Baker

It was the day before Christmas and David was at his computer fixing store performing PC fixing near me.   As one of the most popular computer fixers, David arrives at work early and leaves late every single day.  In fact, today he was staying late to help any last-minute Christmas shoppers.  As the end of the day drew nearer, David was anxious to get home to his family.  5 minutes before closing an elderly gentleman walked in for assistance.  In fact, he had a laptop computer with him and desperately needed help.  Furthermore, the gentleman needed help setting up his new computer.  As fast as computer fixers can go, David set up the new computer.  It was at that moment that he learned that the computer was actually a gift for the man’s godson.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t set up the computer because he was “tech oriented”.  If David hadn’t stayed late, this gentleman would never have been able to set up his godson’s gift.  The following business day at the computer fixing store, the gentleman brought his godson who was eternally grateful for the assistance provided to his godfather.  They have been faithful clients of DML Computer Repair ever since.

Computer Repair:   Dominic Garza

It was the day before Christmas, and it was Dominic’s day off from PC fixing near me.  Secondary personnel don’t typically work near the holidays.  Dominic was at home playing video games with his friends and family when he got the call.  The owner of the computer fixing store where Dominic works needed him to go in.  There was a young man with a computer that was experiencing a ton of crashing.  Dominic didn’t know this yet, but the young man was at the computer fixing store crying and inconsolable about his computer’s current state.  As Dominic arrived, he introduced himself, found out the problem and proceeded to diagnose the computer Issue.  After a couple of hours Dominic had a full diagnosis.  In fact, the issue was his video card, once it was replaced, it would work perfectly.  Upon hearing the news, the young man was overcome with joy.  Additionally, he hugged Dominic and told him “Thank you for fixing my Christmas”.  This young man has no family or friends; each Christmas he spent it alone with his computer.  He would spend all of Christmas day playing video games and relaxing from work.  Upon finding out that this young man would be alone, Dominic inviting him to his home for Christmas dinner.  It has been 4 years since this occurred and each year the young man is invited to Dominic’s Christmas dinner.  He has also been a faithful customer of DML Computer Repair ever since.

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