Desktop Computer Repair New Year’s Resolutions

Desktop Computer Repair New Year’s Resolutions

Every year we commit to a New Year’s resolution that makes us feel good and productive about our lives.  This year, make a resolution that gives your desktop computer new life.  Hardware solutions, software solutions and upgrades that fit within your budget. 

Desktop Computer Repair New Year’s Resolution #1:  Hardware Solutions

There are several changes that you can perform to your hardware to make it last longer and give it new life.

1.    Dust – remove all the dust from the fans and heatsink to allow for the best possible airflow.  Allowing the dust to gather in your computer can cause your fans to seize and overheating issues.

2.   Thermal Paste-change the thermal paste on your computer once a year for optimum performance.

3.   Replace Failing Hardware-If you have failing hardware, you should replace it as soon as possible.  Allowing continued use of failing hardware can cause other parts to malfunction.  For example, a failing hard drive can put unnecessary stress on the CPU.  It really is best to take your computer to a desktop computer repair near me for testing.

Desktop Computer Repair New Year’s Resolution #2:  Software Solutions

There are thousands of websites promising you a software solution for your computer.  Unfortunately, there is no easy solution for helping your software run better.  Here are some old-fashioned software solutions that don’t require the installation of additional software.

Defragmenting:  This process should only be performed on computers with mechanical hard drives that have Windows 7 or earlier software.  Since Windows 10 and the invention of solid-state drives, it is no longer necessary to defrag your hard drive.

Potentially Unwanted Software:  Uninstalling software that you do not want or that is no longer needed should be a top priority when you are cleaning up your computer.  I like to use Revounistaller to get the extra files that typically get left behind after uninstalling a program. 

File Organization:  Keeping your files organized may not seem useful right now. If you ever need a data recovery, then organizing your files could make it easier to find your data. 

Startup Items:  Sometimes we install software that we only need to use once or twice.  Unfortunately, the software starts every time that the computer is turned on.  In this case, it is best to open the task manager and stop any programs that are starting unnecessarily. 

Desktop Computer Repair New Year’s Resolution #3:  Upgrades

One of the best things you can do for your computer is upgrade it.  There are several different upgrades that you can have done at a shop for computer desktop repair near me.  Here are some ideas for upgrades.

RAM-Upgrading the RAM can help your computer multitask better and run a little faster.

Hard Drive:  Upgrading the hard drive to a solid-state drive can make the slowest computer fast.

GPU– Upgrading your graphics card can give you the best possible frame p/second and a crisper view of your games & videos.

CPU– Upgrading your CPU can give you extra processing power to get the things done that you need on your computer.

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