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As a fellow gamer I know how difficult it is to find competent gaming pc repairs near me.  It’s not enough to find a computer repair shop to perform repairs on gaming computers.  Unfortunately, you need to find a computer repair shop that specializes in gaming computer repair.  Once you find a competent gaming computer repair shop you need to understand what gaming computer repair entails.  In fact, if you walk into a gaming computer repair shop knowing the details of gaming computer repairs, then you are most likely to understand the repairs that your computer needs.  This blog article will cover the most common gaming PC repairs that you will find at a gaming computer repair shop.

Gaming PC Repairs Near Me and Operating System Issues

Operating system issues are fairly common in gaming computer repair.  These issues can occur for several reasons.  First, there could be a video game that is interfering with the performance of your operating system.  Second, your video driver may need to be updated to play certain video games properly.  Third, your hard drive may be full and need an upgrade.  Fourth, you’ve installed third party software, and this has corrupted your operating system.  In most cases you will simply have your computer wiped and the OS reloaded.  At that time, all software and drivers will be updated, and your system will be running smoothly again.  I’d also like to mention that a reset is not the same thing as a wipe and reload.  When you reset your computer, you can sometimes retain some of the errors of the operating system.  This is why it is very important to request that a computer be completely wiped and the operating system reloaded with a fresh copy of Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Gaming PC Repairs Near Me and “Build it yourself computers”

Every day I meet people who have built their computer themselves.  In most cases, the computers have mismatched parts, incorrect power supply units, incorrect wiring and assembly, or broken pieces.  These are the most difficult gaming computers to diagnose.  I find that I usually have to completely tear down the entire system and rebuild it again to catch all the errors.  A computer technician that just looks at your system and says “you have this one thing unplugged” without checking the rest of your system is incompetent.  Although one thing may be unplugged incorrectly, I find that where there is one thing wrong, there is usually more.  At DML Computer Repair we typically take the computer like this and slowly diagnose the entire thing.  We start by tearing it down and putting it back together.  Additionally, we check that parts are compatible and work well together.  In fact, there are no other gaming PC repairs near me that use this method.  This is probably why we are considered the best gaming PC repairs near me.

Gaming PC Repairs Near Me and Motherboard Replacements

A motherboard can stop functioning under certain conditions.  The primary reason for a motherboard malfunction is age.  The computer is simply old and broke down from age.  Second to this reason is a spill.  Sometimes people knowingly or unknowingly spill a liquid on their motherboard which causes the board to short and stop functioning.  For example, I knew a gentleman named Bob who vaped constantly.  He vaped in his home, around his computer and in his car.  One day Bob brought me his computer because it was no longer functioning.  I noticed a strange oil dripping all over his motherboard.  I asked Bob what happened and if he had spilled some kind of oil on his board.  He was very surprised and exclaimed that he had not put oil on his computer.  As it turns out, upon further investigation, the “oil” was residue from his vape.  In this case, Bob was inadvertently slowly causing his motherboard to be damaged through the residue of his vape.  In fact, it is not uncommon for devices such as vapes, cigarettes, swamp coolers and similar types of units to cause damage to motherboards.  It is best to keep gaming computers in rooms that do not have these types of units.

Gaming PC Repairs Near Me and GPU Replacements

Graphics cards or GPUs can malfunction in many different ways.  In fact, they can cause freezing, a drop in FPS (frames per second), game lag, no video, and even cause some games to not function at all.  In some cases, the GPU only needs a driver updated but those situations are rare and far between.  Chances are if you are having issues with your graphics card, it is a serious issue and it needs to be replaced.  The best way to test your GPU is to replace it with one that is functioning and see if you experience the same symptoms.  If replacing the graphics card solves the issue, then you need to replace your card.  Experienced technicians will run “user benchmark”, running a game and using the driver monitoring software in the background.  They will be looking for discrepancies in the monitoring software to determine if the GPU is having specific issues.  However, the simplest way to check for a graphics card problem is to replace it because the results are typically immediate.  It will either stop doing what it’s doing, or it will continue.  Either way, you get answers quickly.

Gaming PC Repairs Near Me and Hard Drive Issues

Hard drive issues are often disguised as symptoms that could also be caused by your CPU, RAM, or Graphics card, such as freezing and slowness.  Computer repair shops, like DML Computer Repair, have a test for hard drives to determine if they need to be replaced.  It’s a simple process, where a USB is put into your computer and the hard drive is tested within minutes.  Usually, a hard drive will cease to function properly when it reaches a certain age.  For example, a mechanical hard drive that is “worn out” from usage can cause it to malfunction.  On the other hand, a solid-state drive only has a certain amount of read/write before it too needs to be replaced.  In both cases, the drives experience heavy usage, which causes the need for replacement.  There are also situations in which a hard drive would need to be replaced for reasons other than malfunction.  For example, if a hard drive is full and requires additional space to run games or save data.  In this case, the hard drive should be upgraded to a large hard drive to accommodate for new data.

Gaming PC Repairs Near Me and Power Issues

Power issues are rare when it comes to gaming computers.  In most cases, the power issue is caused by a direct source, such as the power supply or missing screws on the motherboard.  When you are building a computer yourself, you should also be sure to use all the parts that are provided for your computer.  For example, a motherboard typically comes with an average of 9 screws when you purchase it.  I have had clients that decided not to put any screws on the motherboard when they put it in the case.  Instead, they set the motherboard neatly in the case with only one or two screws.  This simple omission caused an arc with the power, preventing the motherboard from functioning.  ALWAYS use the parts that are provided when you’re building a computer.  There is also the matter of the wattage needed to run a computer, provided by the power supply.  If you own a gaming computer, then you need a 1,000-watt power supply minimum.  You can never have too much wattage, but you can have too little.  On a gaming laptop the power port can often break, causing the computer to not have power.  In this case, the DC jack or power port needs to be replaced.  At this point you would need to find gaming PC repairs near me that perform soldering, since this is a lost art.  Fortunately, the good folks at DML Computer Repair still perform soldering and would be happy to fix your power port.

Gaming PC Repairs Near Me and “Custom Case” Problems

When you are building a computer and you choose to purchase a custom case, this can be a huge problem.  There are many things to consider when purchasing a custom computer case for your new build.  First, you need to make sure that your motherboard fits inside of your case.  In fact, many custom cases can be too small for most gaming motherboards.  Second, make sure that you have enough ventilation to keep your computer as cool as possible during usage.  The last thing you want is to have your computer overheat and damage your precious gaming parts.  In fact, most computer cases come with 3 fans; make sure that you order extra fans to equal 6 fans for the entire unit.  Finally, you will be looking at this case for years.  Make sure that you order a case that is the right color and aesthetically pleasing to you.

Gaming PC Repairs Near Me and Liquid Cooling System Disasters

The most detrimental disasters that a computer can encounter are those caused by liquid cooling systems.  Liquid cooling systems can leak and damage your motherboard, GPU and other major computer components.  In most cases, this can happen with age, which is why it’s extremely important to have your liquid cooling system serviced and/or replaced regularly.   As a matter of fact, liquid cool systems that are built custom with loops should be serviced every 1-2 years.  Although I have seen people go up to 4 years without service, I would not recommend it.  On the other hand, liquid cool systems that are purchased as self-contained units can be replaced ever 2-3 years.  All in all, liquid cooling systems should be treated responsibly, with proper care and maintenance.

The Best Gaming PC Repairs Near Me

The best gaming PC repairs near me can be found at DML Computer Repair Colorado Springs CO.  They offer reasonable prices and discounts for seniors, military and students.  DML Computer Repair is considered the best gaming PC repairs near me, offering same-day service and competent computer technicians.

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