Laptop Screen Repairs or Screen Repairs?

laptop screen repairs

Have you ever accidentally broken a computer screen?  Was it a laptop screen or a desktop screen?  It’s important to know the difference between the two.  When you are calling computer repair shops for quotes on laptop screen repairs, you want to make sure that they are quoting you for the correct type of screen.…

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Purchasing a Gaming PC and Understanding Repairs Near Me

Gaming PC Repairs Near Me

When you purchase a computer, there are dozens of factors to figure out.  You want to make sure to have the right amount of RAM, the right sized hard drive and so on.  In addition to these factors, you also want to consider different brands for different reasons.  For example, if you plan to have…

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EVERYTHING About Computer Viruses and Removal Services

Computer Virus Removal Service

Computer virus removal services can be extremely complicated and difficult to understand.  For most computer repair technicians, the explanation is long and full of computer jargon.  I would like to explain computer virus removal service in the best way possible.  I will use simple-to-understand language and provide examples as often as I can. Registry Infection…

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Desktop Video Repair

Desktop Repair

Are you having video issues with your computer?  This blog was written for you!  There are a variety of reasons for video problems.  First, you always want to check your monitor, make sure it’s plugged in properly and test it if it seems to be malfunctioning.  Second, check your GPU by replacing it temporarily with…

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The Need for Computer Repair in Colorado Springs

Computer Repair Colorado Springs

With the ever-increasing population of Colorado Springs, computer repair is becoming more in demand than ever.  With over 100 computer repair shops in Colorado Springs, there is plenty of work for all the shops.  Although nobody is becoming a millionaire with computer repair in Colorado Springs, it’s enough to make a good living.  Ever since…

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DML Computer Repair is Near Me

Computer Repair Near Me

DML Computer Repair is near me?  Yes!  DML Computer Repair is near me, and they are an awesome little computer store!  This wonderful little computer shop has been open for over a decade and they have the best customer service that I have ever seen.  DML also has the most competent computer technicians in Colorado…

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