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DML Computer Repair is Near Me

DML Computer Repair is near me?  Yes!  DML Computer Repair is near me, and they are an awesome little computer store!  This wonderful little computer shop has been open for over a decade and they have the best customer service that I have ever seen.  DML also has the most competent computer technicians in Colorado Springs.  Their computer technicians will repair most minor fixes for free!  Yes, free!  I couldn’t believe it the first time they fixed my computer for something minor and there was “no charge”.  I was ecstatic.  Over the years, I have been so pleased with DML that I’m writing this blog to honor their fantastic service.

1.    DML Computer Repair is Near Me and Affordable

Most computer repair shops claim that they have “competitive pricing”.  This simply means that, compared to other shops, they are neither more nor less expensive.  DML Computer Repair is less expensive than most computer repair shops nearby.  In fact, on average, DML charges 25% less for PC repairs than their competitors.  I also like that they don’t charge for computer diagnostics.  I think it’s ridiculous to pay $60 just to be told that your computer is a pile of scrap.  In my opinion, there is no good reason to charge for PC diagnosis.  I’d also like to mention that DML offers discounts to military, seniors, and students.  They honor the military, respect seniors, and help students as much as possible.  As a matter of fact, as a student myself, I have a great appreciation for their student discounts.  In most cases, the discounts that they offer are well worth it.  I would highly recommend getting a quote, mentioning that you qualify for one of their discounts, and see for yourself just how much you can save.

2.   DML Computer Repair is Near Me and Reliable

One of the biggest issues with computer repair shops today is reliability.  For example, a computer repair shop gives you a time frame for a PC repair but takes 7 days longer than expected.  This scenario is not normal, but unfortunately has become the norm for certain computer shops.  Additionally, computer diagnostics are taking weeks to complete, which is also not normal.  At DML Computer Repair 90% of diagnostics occur “on the spot”, which means you have your computer diagnostic within 30 minutes of dropping off.  IN the other 10% of cases, the computer diagnosis is delivered within 24 hours.  DML is extremely strict about computer technicians delivering diagnostics within 24-48 hours.  As a matter of fact, it’s very rare to get a diagnosis in 48 hours, this almost never happens, as diagnostics are delivered far before then.  It’s also worth mentioning that DML Computer Repair Repairs most computers the same day, if they have the parts in stock.  In addition, computers are repaired within 3 days, when parts need to be ordered.  DML Computer Repair is extremely reliable, and it shows in their time frames.  I’d also like to mention that the other day I was running late to pick up my computer.  It was 6:00, which is when they close, but they graciously waited for me until 6:30pm to pick up my computer.  They are the best!

3.    DML Computer Repair is Near Me and they Offer Free PC Diagnostics

I don’t understand why computer shops need to charge a computer diagnostic fee when they are already overcharging on repairs.  It appears that these computer stores are getting greedy with their charges.  I also think that if they charge a diagnostic fee, it should be applied to the cost of the PC repair.  There was a time when many computer stores applied the diagnostic fee to the cost of the PC repair.  DML Computer Repair has never charged a computer diagnostic fee for most computers.  However, when you build your own computer and need some guidance, there is a small fee for that guidance.  I think it’s fair to pay for a solution on a custom computer when you are at a loss.  Otherwise, all PC repairs at DML are 100% free.  Whether the diagnosis is super easy or 100% difficult, you won’t pay a dime to find out what’s wrong with your computer.  That’s one of the things that I really love about these guys, they make my life easier as a client.

4.    DML Computer Repair is Near Me and offer 1 Year Warranty on Parts

There is something to be said for the 30-day warranty that most PC repair shops offer with their repairs.  In fact, 30 days is enough time to determine if a part is defective or if a computer repair was done incompetently.  However, there are exceptions to this and DML Computer Repair understands it.  For example, a hard drive that has a manufacturer’s defect, may not begin to show symptoms until months after you’ve been using it.  For this very reason, DML offers a 1-to-5-year warranty on most hard drives.  If your hard drive breaks down within that time period, then DML will replace it for free.  No charge whatsoever.  Unfortunately, it can take some time for the replacement to occur.  Sadly, a warranty can sometimes take weeks to cash-in.  First, the hard drive must be removed from the device and returned to the manufacturer.  Second, the manufacturer determines if it was a “faulty” drive, or if the damage was caused by your client.  Third, a new drive is approved and shipped to DML.  Finally, the hard drive is put in the computer and the system is put back into place.  At that time, you can pick up your computer, but in the meantime 2 weeks have passed by.  Yes, it can take a few weeks to submit a warranty claim and get replacement parts.  Although DML Computer Repair makes the process free of charge and easy, it can still be time consuming.

5.    DML Computer Repair is Near Me and Has the Best Computer Technicians

There are several computer technicians at DML that I would consider “the best” computer technicians in the entire city, maybe even the entire state.  For example, their Master Technician, David, is absolutely wonderful at every repair that he does.  He can solder, he can recover data, he can fix flash drives, he can fix random electronics (other than computers) and his knowledge of PC repairs is vast.  If you need a PC repair, then I would recommend giving Dave a visit.  DML Computer Repair also has other fantastic computer technicians such as De, Izzy, and Dom.  Each of them specializes in a different area and each is fantastic at their job.

DML Computer Repair is Near Me and the BEST

The best computer repair near me is DML Computer Repair.  As mentioned earlier, they are awesome!  Don’t hesitate to visit their amazing computer technicians today and get your free computer diagnostic. 

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