Who Fixes Computers Near Me?

People Who Fix Computers Are Called Computer Technicians

Are you looking for a person who fixes computers?  These people are called computer technicians.  In fact, there are dozens of names for people who fix computers.  These names include:

  1.   Computer Techs
  2.   PC Technicians
  3.   PC Techs
  4.   Computer Guys
  5.   Computer Geeks
  6.   Computer Doctor
  7.   PC Doctor
  8.   PC Specialist
  9.   Computer Specialist
  10. Computer Expert
  11. PC Repair Expert
  12. Geek Squad (specific to Best Buy’s Computer Repair Team)

Computer Technicians Near Me

Computer technicians in Colorado Springs fix a variety of computer issues.  If your computer is overheating then PC techs will change your computer’s thermal paste preventing further overheating.  Furthermore, choosing the right computer repair shop is just as important as choosing the right tech to fix computers.  Below is a list of reasons why choosing the right computer repair shop is as important as the tech.

  1. Some computer repair shops in Colorado Springs do not allow their technicians to perform certain computer diagnostics.  For example, a shop that performs PC repair in Colorado Springs does not allow hard drive tests in their store.  Additionally, the computer repair business claims that hard drive tests are unreliable and misleading.  Although this can be true for some hard drive tests, there are many tests that provide results with 99% accuracy.
  2. Computer repair shops limit the services that a computer technician can perform.  For example, a shop that performs PC repair in Colorado Springs does not allow charging ports on laptops to be replaced.  Instead of replacing $80 parts, these shops simply replace the entire motherboard (averaging $300).  Obviously, this contributes to a huge price increase on your PC repair in Colorado Springs.
  3. PC repair shops do not allow clients to tip computer technicians.  Additionally, at DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs, we find that allowing for technician tips can be motivating.  For example, a computer technician is more likely to perform a great repair and provide excellent customer service when confronted with the possibility of a tip from a client.  In fact, this is especially true for computer techs that struggle financially.

Desktop Computer Repair Near Me

Desktop computer repair near me is one of the most popular computer repairs in Colorado Springs.  As a matter of fact, desktops are the easiest types of PC repair in Colorado Springs, with few exceptions.  Furthermore, any computer repair business can perform this type of PC repair.

Laptop Computer Repair Near Me

Laptop computer repair can be very complicated, unlike desktop computer repair.  Additionally, broken laptop screens and gaming laptops are rated some of the most difficult PC repair in Colorado Springs.  Firstly, find someone who fixes computers, which includes desktops and laptops.  Second, make sure that they have a great reputation, by reading their online computer repair reviews.  Finally, get to know the person who fixes computers, by visiting them before your computer needs to be fixed.  As a matter of fact, visiting your PC technician ahead of time, ensures that you already know and trust your PC tech.

The Best Laptop & Desktop Computer Repair Near Me

The best PC repair near me is performed by DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs.  Their extensive computer knowledge and experienced computer techs, make DML the best PC repair near me.  As a result of this fantastic reputation, DML Computer Repair has become the leader for PC repair in Colorado Springs.  Call, text, email or visit DML Computer Repair today for the best computer repair in Colorado Springs!