Valentine’s Day

5 signs that your computer needs love

This Valentine’s Day love your computer by giving it the proper computer maintenance and computer repair.  Here are some signs that your computer needs added attention this Valentine’s Day.

Sign #1:  Your computer is slow, computer is freezing or your computer takes a long time to restart

If your computer is running slow, then you might need to clean out temporary files and internet browser cache.  Furthermore, if this doesn’t help your computer’s speed, it may be necessary to replace your hard drive.  In most cases, a slow operating system often means that your hard drive is showing signs of distress.  Its best to replace your hard drive with a solid-state drive to make your computer faster than previously.  In fact, solid-state drives can improve the speed of your computer 10-fold!  Already have a solid-state drive and experiencing slowness?  In this case, you may want to look at your ISP; it’s possible your browser is slow because your internet connection is bad.  Not sure what to do?  No problem!  Call the good folks at DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs for your free hard drive test.

Sign #2: A computer has the blue screen of death

The so-called “blue screen of death” does not necessarily mean that your computer is no longer repairable.  In most cases, the blue screen of death can be traced to a hardware issue that needs attention.  For example, a bad RAM module or a failing hard drive can be easily replaced to solve this computer problem.  As a matter of fact, shops for computer repair in Colorado Springs will usually test your computer for free.  If your computer needs love then call the best computer technicians at DML Computer Repair.

Sign #3:  The computer has persistent pop-ups

Although computer pop-ups can be a sign that you have adware at your computer, this isn’t always the case.  Your computer needs love, it’s this simple.  In some cases, a computer pop-up can mean that you have too many programs running when your PC starts.  I would highly recommend opening your task manager and disabling unnecessary startup items.  It’s also possible that you inadvertently installed software that causes persistent pop-ups.  For example, driver updaters and fake virus removers can cause constant pop-up messages.  If you see programs that may be causing this behavior, then you should take appropriate steps to remove them.  Subsequently, if you are unable to resolve the issue, call your local computer repair in Colorado Springs.

Sign #4:  Your computer is hot to the touch and shutting down

This is one of the most common signs that your computer needs love in computer repair shops.  Furthermore, it’s a computer problem that has a very simple solution.  If the thermal compound is replaced, then this problem is usually fixed immediately.  The computer will stop shutting down by itself and it will function as usual.  Unfortunately, most people wait until the computer no longer turns on to seek help from a computer technician.  At this point, the damage is permanent, likely causing the major computer components to no longer function.

Sign #5:  Computer message “low disk space” error

The “low disk space” error, refers to the hard drive space, not the RAM modules.  It’s a common misconception that RAM needs to be upgraded when this error appears.  If you replace the current hard drive with a hard drive of greater capacity, then this message will go away.  In addition, the random computer slowness and computer freezing will also cease to exist.  This process is best performed at a shop that performs computer repair in Colorado Springs.