Tips for a faster computer

Tips to Make Your Laptop Computer Faster

 The number one complaint at computer laptop repair shops in Colorado Springs is a slow computer.  In fact, a slow computer can cause all kinds of havoc during computer use, requiring computer laptop repair.  Experienced computer technicians have put together this list of tips to help make your computer faster.

Computer Laptop Repair Tip #1:  Solid State Hard Drive

According to the best computer laptop repair shop, the most effective and guaranteed way of making a computer faster is replacing a mechanical hard drive with an SSD.  As a matter of fact, 95% of people who switch to solid state drives see an increase in computer speed.  Furthermore, solid state technology is no longer more expensive than the old mechanical drives.  If you switch to a solid state drive, then you will definitely see better speeds in computer tasks.  For example, a computer with an SSD will start in 20 seconds, rather than 60 seconds.  Additionally, when you click on a program it will open in 1 second, not 2-4 seconds.  All in all, solid state drives are faster, more efficient, and less expensive to replace.  This is a computer repair service that most computer laptop repair shops offer.  If you need your hard drive replaced, then I recommend a local shop for computer laptop repair Colorado Springs.

Computer Laptop Repair Tip #2:  Uninstall Programs

According to the best computer laptop repair shop, uninstalling programs is important.  Although this may not sound important, uninstalling unnecessary programs can often make a computer faster.  This is especially true for computers that have less than 2ghz processors and only 4GB of RAM.  In fact, you should not run several programs at a time on these computers since multitasking makes them slower.  If you need a faster computer, then uninstall all the programs you no longer use.  It really can make a difference.  In the event that you are unable to perform this task, call a local computer laptop repair shop for assistance.

Computer Laptop Repair Tip #3:  The Task Manager is Your Friend

According to the best computer laptop repair shop, the task manager is extremely useful.  Most of us learned years ago how to use the task manager.  Whether it was self-taught or learned from a friend, most people know how to stop programs from running.  If you hold CTRL and ALT, tap the DEL key, then you can access the task manager.  Additionally, you can disable startup programs in the “startup” section of the task manager.  Startup programs are programs that run in the background and start when Windows first starts up.  If left unchecked, then you could have a dozen programs running in the background during computer use. Although you can do this yourself, a local computer laptop repair shop can also help you disable programs safely.

Computer Laptop Repair Tip #4:  Perform Computer Maintenance Regularly

According to the best computer laptop repair shop, regular computer maintenance is vital to computer health.  Although this may not seem like an act that prevents slowness, it can.  For example, a computer that is overheating can act sluggish and freeze randomly.  In addition, a computer with clogged fans can also experience freezing and slowness.  For this reason, regular computer maintenance is recommended, especially on laptops.  But what do we mean by “computer maintenance”?  Computer maintenance is defined as the cleaning of debris in a computer and the changing of thermal paste.  This simple act, performed once a year, can add years of life to your computer and prevent unnecessary slowness.  If you ask a local computer laptop repair Colorado Springs for assistance, they can perform these services quickly.

Computer Laptop Repair Colorado Springs

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