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The Secrets of Computer Virus Removal Services

Computer repair shops would have you believe that computer virus removal services are complicated and out of your reach.  Yes, there are a few well-guarded “secrets” behind computer virus removal services.  I have written this blog article to help you understand these “secrets” for virus removal.

Computer Virus Removal Service Secret #1:   Free Antiviruses

When you purchase your computer, you typically get a free 1-year trial for an antivirus.  After a year, you normally pay a yearly fee to continue using the antivirus service.  What if I told you that paid and free antiviruses offer similar protection?  Would you still purchase an antivirus?  Antivirus companies don’t want you to know that paid and free versions of antiviruses are extremely similar.  For example, a paid antivirus offers automatic scans, while free antiviruses require manual scans.  However, there is an antivirus that is completely free which offers automatic scans.  Windows Defender or Windows Security, previously Microsoft Security Essential is an antivirus built by Microsoft for Microsoft products.  In most cases, Windows Security is embedded in the operating system and is only disabled if you install another antivirus.  Why pay hundreds of dollars each decade, when your computer already has a free and secure alternative.  In fact, as the oldest antivirus, Windows Security offers one of the largest virus databases in the world.  Why else should you use Windows Security?  Because it was made specifically for Microsoft products, it runs gently in the background with minimal pop-ups and system interruptions.  I would do away with your paid versions of Norton, AVG and McAfee.

Computer Virus Removal Service Secret #2:   Paying for Malwarebytes

Although most people only use antiviruses, it has become increasingly important to also have an antimalware program.  An antimalware program searches for malicious software on your computer that could be harming your system.  In most cases, the program used is Malwarebytes.  Malwarebytes is a program that has been around for over 30 years and has become increasingly effective at detecting all kinds of malware.  Additionally, this program also offers a paid alternative to the free version, which has extra features.  It is a common misconception that if you don’t pay for Malwarebytes, then you aren’t “fully protected from malware”.  This is simply not the case.  In fact, the paid version of Malwarebytes offers extra features, such as automatic monitoring and scans; but, the malware database is the same for both paid and free versions.  I would highly recommend using the paid version if you don’t have time to perform manual scans once a month.  If you have the time, then the paid version will work just fine.

Computer Virus Removal Service Secret #3:   Quick Scan vs Deep Scan

 Both antivirus and antimalware programs offer two types of scans, quick scan and deep (or custom) scan.  For daily scans, you should use the quick scan, for a quick overview of your systems health.  If you suspect that you have an infection, then you should perform a deep scan.  A few words of caution:  the deep scan can take several hours, please be patient with it.  Some people will perform a quick scan and if there is an infection, then they will use a deep scan to see if more of the operating system is infected.  In both cases, you should perform scans on your computer regularly, monthly for most people.

Computer Virus Removal Service Secret #4:   Uninstalling Potentially Unwanted Programs

Potentially unwanted programs or PUPs are programs that were either accidentally installed or installed without knowing their function.  For example, if you were looking to update Adobe and suddenly found yourself with “driver updater”, then you have installed a PUP.  In most cases, the PUPs can be easily removed, with minimal damage to the operating system.  In fact, most PUPs are barely noticeable and are only discovered while uninstalling unrelated programs.  As a computer technician, I like to use an external program called RevoUninstaller to remove potentially unwanted programs.  Sometimes Windows uninstaller leaves behind extra files, folders and registry entries which are no longer needed once a program has been uninstalled.  RevoUninstaller will uninstall the core program and all files, folders and registry items related to the unwanted program.  I have also heard of some computer technicians using Iobit Uninstaller; but, exercise caution because sometimes this program can act like malware. 

Computer Virus Removal Service Secret #5:   The Truth About Ransomware

There is NO antivirus or antimalware program that can help you prevent ransomware.  Ransomware occurs when an entity holds your files and folders ransom.  In most cases, these people are asking for hundreds of dollars in exchange for unlocking your computer.  The worst part?  In some cases, the files are never unlocked, even when the ransomware is paid.  Do not purchase antiviruses that claim to protect you against ransomware, this is simply not possible.  By the time an antivirus detects ransomware on your computer, the files and folders have already been locked and compromised.

Computer Virus Removal Service Secret #6:   Permanent Damage to your Computer

 Antiviruses and antimalware programs can be fantastic tools for removing malware and viruses.  But what happens after malware and viruses have been removed.  Most antiviruses do not speak about the permanent damage that some malware and viruses can do.  There are certain viruses that can render an operating system completely useless.  Once your antivirus removes a virus, the damage left behind is permanent.  In fact, your antivirus can protect you from a virus, but it can’t protect you from the damage that the virus has already done.  In most cases, viruses can do extensive damage before antiviruses can quarantine or delete them.  The best thing you can do is practice safe browsing online and don’t go to non-secure websites or download unknown files.

Computer Virus Removal Services in Colorado Springs

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