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The Best Technicians for Gaming PC Repairs Near Me

Join me as I explore the world of computer technicians and gaming PC repairs near me.  Finding the right computer technician means everything when you need a gaming computer fixed.  In most computer repair shops, you won’t find a computer technician for gaming PCs.  In fact, most computer repair shops don’t have a computer technician for Gaming PC repairs near me.  Although gaming computers have become increasingly popular, computer technicians who specialize in them are still rare.  The reason you won’t find these valuable computer technicians is because they aren’t paid extra for specializing in gaming computers.  All computer technicians are typically paid the same amount of money regardless of “special” knowledge.  As a gaming computer technician, myself, I’m hoping that this will one day change. Once you find a good computer technician for gaming PCs, I would recommend holding on to them until they retire. 

Finding the “Right” Computer Repair Shop for Gaming PC Repairs Near Me

There is no such thing as the “right” computer repair shop, only the “right” computer technician.  As a matter of fact, the computer repair shop could be horrible and expensive; but if your gaming technician is awesome then keep going back!  As mentioned earlier, gaming computer technicians are in such high demand and low pay, that you should hold on to them for dear life.  Don’t let them go! 

Finding the Right Computer Technician for Gaming PC Repairs Near Me

How do you find the “right” computer technician for gaming PC repairs near me?  In most cases, you can call computer repair shops and ask them if they keep a gaming computer technician on staff.  Unfortunately, you may get the occasional computer repair shop that claims to have a gaming technician, but it is just a regular computer technician.  It is infuriating that some computer repair shops take advantage of people that don’t know any better.  If you get to a computer repair shop and don’t feel that they have the “gaming knowledge”, then I would recommend taking your business elsewhere.  I have found that in the entire city of Colorado Springs, there are only 4 fantastic gaming computer technicians.  Each one is excellent in their specific field in the gaming world, and they all work at DML Computer Repair.  I’d like to introduce each one and explain their expertise, should you ever need it, you know who to call.

David and the Best Gaming PC Repairs Near Me

David is one of the oldest gaming computer technicians in Colorado Springs.  His expertise with gaming computers is vast and his skills are fantastic.  If you need someone to build you a computer, then David is the guy to ask.  David’s custom-built computers are extremely popular in this area and are known to last over a decade.  Although David specializes in other areas, the building of computers is his baby.  In fact, he will sit with potential buyers for hours, until he has ordered all the parts needed to build their perfect computer.  Looking for state-of-the-art technology?  David works with the newest computer technology and offers competitive pricing.  If you want the latest and greatest in high quality computers, then David is the computer technician to visit.

Dominic and the Best Gaming PC Repairs Near Me

Dominic is one of the youngest gaming computer technicians of his time.  He began working at DML Computer Repair when he was just 15 years old.  Dominic remembers his years as an intern at DML Computer Repair very fondly, “learning a fountain of information”.  Dominic’s area of expertise in the gaming world is a little complicated to explain; but I will try my best.  If you are struggling with video issues, such as FPS drop or games that freeze, then Dominic can help you.  In fact, Dominic learned to use gamers testing software at an early age, when was an aspiring EA gamer.  As I understand it, he played hours upon hours of games and did a lot of troubleshooting for his own computer, which is where much of his knowledge comes from.  In fact, he states that “there was lots of trial and error in those days, it’s a miracle I survived it without more guidance”. 

De and the Best Gaming PC Repairs Near Me

Have you ever wondered what happens when you lose valuable game data during a computer glitch or computer malfunction?  De is almost completely self-taught in data recovery as it pertains to gaming computers.  As a matter of fact, if your computer crashes, the first person you want to talk to is De to see if your game data can be recovered.  In most cases, De can bring back your valuable game saves and get you back to Call of Duty in no time.  Of course, I’m biased, having written this article, but De is one of the few female technicians in the state of Colorado.  Let’s support our female computer technicians!

Izzy and the Best Gaming PC Repairs Near Me

Izzy is one of the most sought after computer technicians in Colorado Springs.  She can thoroughly clean a motherboard with absolutely no damage to the tiny components.  She also uses specialized tools to clean fans and heatsinks on gaming computers.  Need a gaming computer to be squeaky clean?  Izzy can help!  Most people who contract Izzy need a deep cleaning of their computer for a specific reason.  For example, someone who spilled soda pop onto a computer might need Izzy to thoroughly clean and remove the spill.  Additionally, someone who smokes heavily around their gaming computer, might need Izzy to remove all the tar and residue from the smoking.

Who do you trust for the best gaming PC repairs near me?

DML Computer Repair has the best computer technicians for gaming PC repairs near me.  They also have decades of experience with gaming computers and gaming computer repairs.  The best part?  DML Computer Repair also offers free computer diagnostics for gaming computers, with very few exceptions.  If you need gaming PC repairs near me, then visit the good folks at DML Computer Repair for your free computer consultation.

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