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The Best Computer Repair in Colorado Springs

It can be extremely difficult to find a good computer repair shop in Colorado Springs, much less find “the best”.  Do you look at google reviews?  Do you look at their services?  If so, which ones offer the best services?  How do you know for sure?  Our computer technicians have put together this list of characteristics that make a computer repair shop in Colorado Springs “the best”.

Computer Repair in Colorado Springs and Free Diagnosis

Have you ever visited a PC repair shop and they wanted $65 for diagnosing your computer?  To make matters worse, they didn’t even credit the diagnostics fee to your computer repair.  Situations like this are the very reason that you should find a PC repair shop that performs free computer diagnostics.  Unfortunately, there are very few shops that offer this service for free anymore.  In fact, people have taken advantage of these free services, by bringing in a bunch of computers for free diagnostics, that companies stopped offering this service for free.  This forces people to bring in only the computers that they absolutely want diagnosed.  Among the shops that offer free computer diagnosis, DML Computer Repair has vowed to never charge for computer diagnosis.  The owner of DML Computer Repair states that, “we will always offer free diagnosis, there is no reason to ever charge for it”.  Diagnosis can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the difficulty.  In fact, if a company tells you that diagnosis is a few weeks, I would search for a different company.  Having a diagnostics period of several weeks can mean that they are overbooked at best, or at worst they are lazy and slow.

Computer Repair in Colorado Springs and Reasonable Prices

In the past decade, the prices of computer repair in Colorado Springs have been severely inflated.  This is due largely to computer repair shops “overcharging” on certain items and then other computer shops simply follow their lead.  At DML Computer Repair we only have 1 price change in almost 15 years, and this occurred when hard drive prices increased.  Otherwise, our computer repair prices have stayed the same.  How do you know if a computer repair shop has inflated prices?  For starters, you can ask for quotes over the phone or in person.  I would ask for a screen replacement quote.  Screen replacements are typically $150-$250, anything over this amount is highway robbery.  There are, however, some laptop screens that could cost up to $900 for newer computers.  I would also make sure to call various PC repair shops to get a baseline of what “most” shops are charging for the service.  If you call DML Computer Repair, then you can get a really good idea of what a fair price looks like.

Computer Repair in Colorado Springs and Return Policies

In most cases computer repairs and computer parts can’t be returned.  For example, if you order a screen replacement, pick up the job, change your mind about it, and attempt to bring it back.  In this case, the laptop screen is nonrefundable, as are most parts in a computer repair.  In other words, you can’t return it.  There are very few exceptions to this rule.  If you ordered a power supply and it didn’t function, then returning it is perfectly acceptable.  The only time that a computer repair can be returned is if something has gone wrong.  Fortunately, if something has gone wrong then the computer shop will replace the faulty part.  Although warranties do vary from one PC repair shop to another.  In some cases, you can only return a computer within 30 days of repair for a free replacement.  DML Computer Repair is one of the few places that offers a 5-year warranty for hard drives, 1-year warranties for laptop screens, and extended warranties for almost everything else.  Most PC repair shops only offer a 30 days warranty, sometimes with a 90 day warranty.

Computer Repair in Colorado Springs and Custom-Built Computers

Are you looking to build a computer and don’t know who to turn to?  It’s very easy, there are only a handful of computer shops that build computers in Colorado Springs.  DML Computer Repair is, of course, the most popular.  They offer the best quality parts at affordable rates.  Their computers are also known to last a decade or more, depending on how well you take care of it.  The best way to find a good place to build you a computer, is to interview them.  Basically, you visit their shop and talk to them about the computer you want built, how much it will cost, and what parts will be used.  You typically walk out of there feeling satisfied with the conversation and thrilled with your choices.  I would strongly advise doing your research first and finding out which parts you would prefer to use.  For example, some people prefer Ryzen over Intel.  In this case, you’ll want to research Ryzen products and make sure that the computer builder understands that you would like these specific parts.  A good computer builder will try to steer you toward higher quality parts to avoid CHEAPLY building your computer.  If it’s cheaply built, then it could fall apart within 6 months.  At which point, you’ll be finding yourself purchasing a new computer every year.

Computer Repair in Colorado Springs and Gaming PC Repair

It’s important to understand that not all computer repair shops in Colorado Springs can perform gaming PC repair.  To find the best gaming PC repair shops, you will need to do a little bit of research.  First, look at the reviews of potential gaming PC repair shops.  Be sure that there are no bad reviews for gaming PC repair.  Second, call or visit the computer shop and ask questions.  Typically, while you are asking questions, you can tell if a computer technician understands gaming PC repair.  Finally, start by having them fix a small job to build trust between you and your computer technician.  I would highly recommend working with DML Computer Repair, because they are the best with gaming PC repair in the area.

Computer Repair in Colorado Springs

DML Computer Repair is considered the best shop for computer repair in Colorado Springs.  I wouldn’t take my computer anywhere else!  The amazing computer technicians at DML Computer Repair are fast, efficient, and friendly.  Everything you want from a computer repair shop.  If you are looking for a great shop that offers computer repair in Colorado Springs, then these are your guys.

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