How long does it take to restart a computer?

How long does it take to restart a computer?

NOT all computers are created equally

As computer fixers in Colorado Springs, we often get questions that call for a good explanation.  The restart time of a computer is one of those questions.  In fact, a computer’s restart time can determine the overall health of a computer.  A slower restart can indicate that the computer’s hardware is struggling and may need to be replaced.  On the other hand, a fast restart can indicate that a computer’s hardware is healthy.  Although restart time can assist in a computer’s diagnosis, it should not be the only diagnostic tool used by computer fixers to determine potential computer hardware problems.

Mac vs Windows Computers

It was long believed that Mac computers had faster startup and restart times than Windows PCs.  However, this is not always the case.  As a matter of fact, Mac and Windows computers restart at similar speeds these days.  This is largely due to advancements made in hard drive technology.  For example, 10-20 years ago the restart time of a computer was about 1 minute, depending on the hard drive.  By comparison, today’s average startup time is 30 seconds.  This is due largely to the creation and implementation of solid state hard drives.  Without moving components, these newer hard drives are faster and longer lasting with less “hiccups” in the operating system.  If you need help determining the health of your computer then visit a local shop for PC fixing near me.

What makes a computer restart faster?

As stated earlier, hard drives are a huge component affecting a computer’s restart time.  If your computer and hard drive are healthy then your startup time could be as little as 20 seconds.  In fact, if your computer’s startup time is greater than 45 seconds, you may want an SSD drive.  I would recommend calling a shop for PC fixing near me and inquire about switching to a solid state drive.  In most cases, a solid state drive (including parts and labor) is typically $100-$200.  Equally important to a faster startup time, is the speed at which your operating system runs.  For that reason, I greatly recommend calling a local computer fixing store and switching to SSD today.  In essence, you will have a faster startup and a faster system overall.  In one word… awesome!

Can I purchase any solid state drive at a local computer repair shop?

Solid state hard drives are much like cars, the general design is the same but some last longer and perform better.  For example, a Kingston SSD will underperform any Samsung SSD.  While a Kingston SSD will only last a year or two, Samsung drives are known to last 5-10 years, depending on computer usage.  As a matter of fact, Samsung is one of the top brands for SSD’s, lasting longer and offering better performance than most.  I like to choose a hard drive that has a 5 year warranty and good read/write.  I would recommend researching the various hard drives to see which SSD is best for you.  If in doubt, then visit a computer fixing store for assistance.

Where to go if you need help with computers

If you have exhausted all possibilities and you need computer fixing near me then contact the good folks at DML Computer Repair.  They run the best computer fixing store in Colorado Springs and have years of experience.  Additionally, their friendly computer fixers can help with computer issues, fast and efficiently.  Call today for your free computer evaluation.

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