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Desktop computer repair near me can be extremely expensive to repair.  It is best to first try a few desktop computer repair solutions at home.  As a local computer technician, I have put together these tips for DIY computer desktop repair near me.

Desktop Computer Repair Solutions:  Turning Your Computer Off

Many times, the simplest solution is the correct solution for desktop computer repair near me.  It seems simple but turning your computer off and then on again could help your desktop.  In most cases, a power shift can solve some basic issues with a computer.  In fact, this solution works for both laptops and desktop computers.  If you are having computer issues, then you should try this simple suggestion.  This is an easy way to avoid computer desktop repair near me.

Desktop Computer Repair Solutions:  Hardware Cleaning

When referring to a hardware cleaning for computers, there are several things that this could be in reference to.  First, this could mean that you simply need to use a can of compressed air to remove all the debris and dust from your computer.  It’s amazing how often this can increase the performance of a computer.  In fact, if one of your computer fans is seizing or malfunctioning this simple solution can fix it.  Second, the thermal compound on your computer may need to be replaced.  Unfortunately, this is not something that I typically recommend doing yourself.  As a matter of fact, many DIYs for thermal compound replacement can lead to catastrophic malfunction of your computer.  In worse case scenarios, the pins on some motherboards and CPUs can bend, rendering it useless.  If you believe you need this service, visit a computer desktop repair near me.

Desktop Computer Repair Solutions:  Software Cleaning

If you have a computer cluttered with unnecessary software, then this solution is for you.  There are several options for cleaning the “software” on your computer.  First of all, you can uninstall all programs that you no longer need or use.  You can also update or install newer versions of the programs that you do use.  Many times, updated software can run faster and more efficiently.  Second, you can use programs such as CCleaner to clean your browser cookies and computer temporary files.  Some people will have hundreds of gigabytes worth of useless data that should be cleaned out every 6-12 months.  Finally, organize and delete your documents, pictures, music, and videos.  This simple act can help your PC be more efficient and help a computer run smoother.  Avoid a computer desktop repair near me altogether, by performing this small computer solution.

Desktop Computer Repair Solutions:  Check for Malware and Computer Viruses

Sadly, many people believe that they are savvy computer users, and they will never contract malware or a computer virus.  However, even the most careful computer users can contract a piece of malware.  It’s best if you run a Malwarebytes scan and a Windows Defender virus scan to help determine if you have malicious software on your computer.  In fact, if you have a computer virus, be sure to have it removed by a professional computer desktop repair near me.  Fortunately, malicious software can be removed from your computer easily and painlessly by a desktop computer repair near me.

Desktop Computer Repair Solutions:  Solid State Drives for Slow Computers

Before I became a computer technician for desktop computer repair near me, I constantly struggled with slow computers.  Unfortunately, solid state drives had not been invented for PCs yet.  I suffered tirelessly replacing one hard drive after another.  As a matter of fact, when solid state drives finally did come out, I was thrilled.  Ever since then, I only use solid state technology in my computers.  Why use solid state hard drives instead of mechanical hard drives?  As mechanical hard drives begin to “wear out” they become extremely slow, and some freezing may also occur.  In other words, if you want a fast computer, replace your hard drive with solid state hard drives.  Mechanical hard drives are a thing of the past, especially when solid state drives can make your computer 10X faster.  If you are considering a solid-state drive then visit a desktop computer repair near me for guidance.

Desktop Computer Repair Solutions:  When You Need a Computer Repair Shop

Having simple solutions for DIY computer repair is one thing; however, doing the work is a completely different issue.  If you are not comfortable with any of these solutions, then you should visit a local computer repair shop for repairs.  In fact, there is a 30% chance that fixing a computer yourself will result in further issues with your computer.  For example, if you believe that you need to organize files because your computer is slow, but the hard drive is failing.  Performing the organization of files can actually cause your hard drive to stop working entirely.  Fortunately, most computer desktop repair near me will offer free advice over the phone if you have doubts about doing something yourself.  As a matter of fact, you should call a local computer repair shop and ask for their friendly advice about the problem you are having.   If they are a good desktop computer repair near me, then they will guide you in the right direction.

Desktop Computer Repair Solutions:  Free Computer Diagnostics

Although all computer desktop repair near me offers computer diagnostics, they are not always free.  Fortunately, you can call around and find out which shops offer free diagnostics to get your computer seen. It’s a sad reality that sometimes free diagnostics aren’t always accurate.  Some computer technicians will rush through diagnostics to try and get work approved and a repair done.  The best way to get a free computer diagnostic that is also competent, is research.  If you look up the reviews for desktop computer repair near me, you can often find out if their computer diagnostics are any good.  Most good computer repair businesses will have no negative reviews for diagnostics.  For example, DML Computer Repair has perfect reviews and no negative reviews about computer diagnostics.  In fact, they have a large number of positive reviews about their free computer evaluations and desktop computer repair near me.

Desktop Computer Repair Solutions:  Is Your Computer Worth Fixing?

Almost everything on this planet can be repaired for the right price, especially by computer desktop repair near me.  If you are paying more for a computer repair than you would for a new computer, then the computer may not be worth the repair.  I have heard of people who have unrealistic expectations about new computers.  For example, someone who won’t fix their computer because they can get a new computer for $100.  This is a completely unrealistic expectation.  As a matter of fact, it’s best if you research the current value of new computers and set a maximum budget in mind before a computer evaluation.  Your computer desktop repair near me can also assist with evaluating if your computer is worth the repair.

Desktop Computer Repair Near Me

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