Computer Repair Technician Tricks and Tips

Computer Repair Technician Tricks and Tips

Have you ever taken a computer to a computer repair shop, just to watch it work perfectly?  In fact, it is very common for computers to start working again upon arrival of a computer shop.  In some cases, a computer just needed to be turned on and off.  Our master computer repair technician has put this list of tricks and tips that you can try before taking your computer to a computer repair shop. Additionally, 25% of the time, one of these tricks will save you a trip to your computer repair technician.

Computer Repair Technician Trick#1:  Have you tried turning it on and off?

We’ve all seen episodes of The Big Bang Theory and heard that very famous phrase, “have you tried turning it on and off”.  Did you know that this is the number recommendation from computer repair technicians for troubleshooting your computer?  For example, a computer that is frozen or has no video, might benefit from this trick.  Other, more serious symptoms such as a slow computer may not benefit from being turned on and off.   Sadly, if you have a serious computer condition, these tips may not work for you.  On the other hand, I’ve seen computers that wouldn’t turn on at home, suddenly work for a computer repair technician.  If in doubt, then take your computer to a professional computer shop and let them sort it out.  In fact, a computer repair shop that has free diagnosis can often save you the hassle of paying a diagnostic fee.  If your computer is complete toast, then you’re not stuck paying for the evaluation of a broken computer.  This is exactly why DML Computer Repair offers free computer diagnostics. 

Computer Repair Technician Trick#2:  Have you tried cleaning your touchscreen?

Does your laptop have strange lines or blotches that keep you from using your laptop?  Or maybe your touchscreen keeps flickering?  Perhaps your mouse cursor is acting strangely and moving all over the place?  It’s amazing how often these issues are all caused by one very simple thing.  In one word, cleanliness.  If a laptop touchscreen is dirty, then it can cause issues with your laptop.  In fact, one tiny little spec of gunk can cause your touchscreen to think that someone is touching it.  Additionally, when this happens your laptop screen can produce ghost touches.  These are seemingly invisible touches that can cause your laptop touchscreen to think that someone is touching it.

Computer Repair Technician Trick#3:  Have you tried verifying that the wall outlet is functioning properly?

As a computer repair technician, I can’t tell you how many times there was nothing wrong with a computer, except a bad wall outlet. First, a client brings a laptop that doesn’t appear to power on.  Second, we plugin the laptop and it works perfectly.  Third, the client takes home the laptop and attempts to use it, but it powers off after a few minutes.  Fourth, the client brings back the laptop for diagnosis and again the laptop powers on perfectly.  Finally, we ask the client to test their power outlet at home with another device.  The results?  The power outlet does not function.

Computer Repair Technician Trick# 4:  Have you tried using a cooling pad for your laptop?  Or opening the side panel on your desktop?

A laptop and desktop that are shutting down or hot to the touch should be seen by a computer repair technician.  If your laptop or desktop are shutting off or extremely hot, then there are some temporary fixes that might help.  First, on a desktop you can remove the side cover and allow air from outside the case to circulate into your computer.  Sadly, this is a temporary fix and will not work long term but can help you finish what you were working on to get to a computer shop.  If you need a long-term solution, then you will need to take your computer to a computer shop.  Second, laptops can overheat severely.  As a matter of fact, with some brands, you can fully expect that they will run hotter than the average laptop.  In that case, you should invest in a “cooling pad” to help keep your laptop from overheating.  Again, this solution is temporary, and this is by no means a long-term solution.  As mentioned earlier, a long-term solution can only be offered by a computer repair technician.

Computer Repair Technician Trick# 5:  Have you tried scanning your computer for viruses and malware?

Viruses and malware can sneak up on you if you are not careful with your computer.  This problem can occur with questionable downloads, unsafe website, and clicking on popups.  Sometimes a quick Windows Security or Malwarebytes scan can make all the difference in the world.  In fact, it’s amazing how many problems can be caused by a small piece of malicious software.

Computer Repair Technician Trick# 6:  Have you tried unplugging all your peripherals?

Peripherals are external sources of technology that connect to your computer and fulfill a function.  For example, a mouse, a keyboard, speakers, a printer cable, and external hard drives are all peripherals.  Sometimes when these peripherals malfunction, it can cause your computer to act wonky.  Yes, “wonky” is a new technical term.  In fact, a failing hard drive can cause the most destructive symptoms.  This includes computer freezing, a slow computer, and operating system crashes.

 Computer Repair Technician Trick# 7:  Disable unnecessary startup items.

Over the past few decades there is an entire generation that is proficient with the task manager.  In this section of the operating system, you can disable startup items easily.  Of course, you want to make sure not to disable crucial system processes.  If you are proficient with starting and stopping startup items, then this trick can be your new best friend.

Computer Repair Technician Trick# 8:  Free diagnosis.

When all else fails what do you do?  If all these tips fail to help you, then you need a computer repair technician.  I like to find myself a little computer repair shop that offers free computer diagnostics.  Why free diagnostics?  I would prefer to get a free diagnostic just in case my computer is no longer functional.  I don’t want to pay a fee for a piece of machinery that does not work and can’t be fixed. 

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