Computer Fixers and New Technology

Computer Fixers and New Technology

This is the age of weekly updates and new operating systems.  I have sat at my computer and waited endlessly for that Windows update to finish.  I have also spent an equal amount of time updating my Apple computer.  Computer fixers need to stay up to date with the latest updates and operating systems.  If computer technicians don’t stay up to date, then they may lose their job.  Part of a computer technician’s job is to be aware of the latest and greatest new technologies.  Fortunately, most of the computer techs in my area are constantly retraining themselves to keep up with all the new tech.

Computer Fixers and Windows 7

Windows 7 was an absolutely wonderful operating system.  In fact, its predecessor, Windows Vista, was not nearly as popular as Windows 7.  I feel that this added attention was given to Windows 7 because it was so much more like Windows XP.  Of course, Windows XP has always been everybody’s favorite; but Windows 7 is a close 2nd in popularity.  The world stood still in shock the day that Windows 8 was released.  It was an operating system that had very little similarities to Windows 7 or its predecessors.  Needless to say, it did not do as well as Windows 7.  The downfall with attempting to use Windows 7 is the fact that Microsoft no longer provides support for it.  What does this mean?  First, no support means that there are no further updates.  If you have Windows 7 and need to reinstall, your product key will no longer function.  Most importantly, most browsers and anti-viruses will no longer work on your Windows 7 machine.

Computer Fixers and Windows 10

The world shouted and cried when Windows 8 was released.  It was geared too much towards touch screens and it was a completely different interface than previous versions of Windows.  Microsoft did not make the same mistake with Windows 10.  Fortunately, Windows 10 was a combination between Windows 7 and Windows 8.  At first, many people were leery about upgrading to Windows 10.  It should be noted that once people began using Windows 10, it seemed more intuitive than Windows 8.  Computer fixers around the world performed more and more upgrades as people began using Windows 10 more and more.

Computer Fixers and Windows 11

Windows 11 was released, the operating system was obviously not perfect.  As a computer fixer, I spent most of the year fixing computers that were broken when a Windows 11 upgrade was attempted.  As time passes by, it seems to have stabilized.  The updates are causing less computer crashes and people are responding very well to Windows 11.  Of course, it is worth stating that Windows 11 has a similar interface to Windows 10.  I think it makes it easier for consumers to adjust to the new operating system.

Computer Fixers and Apple Laptops

Apple laptops and desktops have long been praised for their durability and how they outlive Windows computers.  Computer fixers at DML Computer Repair have a very different point of view as repairmen.  In fact, DML Computer Repair completely stopped working on Apple laptops altogether.  The was a persistent issue when motherboards were replaced.  It is worth noting that this is the experience I had as a computer tech in my area.

Computer Fixers and the ever changing= world of technology

20 Years ago, computers were heavy, bulky, and difficult to fix.  In fact, when computers were first released there was nobody to fix them.  It wasn’t until much later that computer repair shops came along.  10 years ago, computers were built smaller and more portable (laptops).  As a matter of fact, as computers became more portable and smaller, the more computer repair shops were needed.  Portable computers tend to break because they are smaller, more delicate, and sometimes cheap parts are used.  Today, many laptops are on a tablet with no keyboard, making them extra easy to break.

Computer Fixers and Old Technology

Old technology can work beautifully and inspire us.  However, where do you go when it breaks?  Can young technicians fix this old tech?  DML Computer Repair trains all technicians with old and new technology.  As new technology is created, we teach it to our computer technicians.  It is best to call computer repair shops and find out if they fix your particular computer equipment.    

 Computer Fixers and Training/Education

At DML Computer Repair, computer techs in my area are required to train every month.  As a matter of fact, most of this training is geared towards newer technology.  If we didn’t have these training sessions, then we wouldn’t be able to fix modern technology.  Most computer repair shops require technicians to have a degree related to computers to begin training with them.  DML prides itself on training these individuals for up to 5 years, before touching a client’s computer.  In fact, DML has the most rigorous training methods in Colorado.  This makes them the very best computer repair shop near me.

 Computer Fixers and Hourly Rates

The first question that most people ask when they call a computer repair shop.  How much is your hourly rate?  At some point, the computer technician job became similar to a car mechanic’s job.  At DML Computer Repair there is a flat rate, charging by level of difficulty rather than hourly.  Charging by level of difficulty simply means that DML charges less for easier to complete jobs and more for hard to complete jobs.  It’s also worth noting that the client does not pay for a technician to learn a new skill.  Our new PC technicians practice on old and recycled computers, they will never practice on a client’s computer.  This means that you are getting the most experienced computer tech, who works fast and efficiently.

Computer Fixers in Colorado Springs

If you need computer fixers, then contact DML Computer Repair, the best computer repair services near me.  DML Computer Repair has the most reliable computer technicians, offering free PC diagnosis and rush services.  They can repair your computer quickly and offers the best computer fixers.  DML Computer Repair is the best choice to seek advice for computer upgrades and it’s free!

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