Computer Laptop Repair for Christmas

Computer Laptop Repair for Christmas

Rather than giving that special someone in your life a boring old gift, you should consider the gift of the best computer laptop repair services.  There are a variety of computer laptop repair services that you can purchase as a Christmas gift.  Here is a list of the best computer laptop repair services that you can offer as a gift to that special person in your life.

Computer Laptop Repair:   Power Port

A broken power port is not the most common laptop repair, but it is one of the easiest repairs to perform.  In fact, a shop for computer laptop repair Colorado Springs removes the old power port and replaces it with a new one.  Furthermore, there are two types of power ports, those that are clipped and those that are soldered.  Obviously, the power ports that are soldered are much more difficult to replace.  This type of laptop repair requires a technician that has the knowledge to solder a power port.  Unfortunately, there are not many computer technicians with this very specialized training.  The primary reason for this lack of knowledge is that schools no longer teach soldering as a skill in schools.  What does this mean for you?  This means that all power ports that are soldered may no longer be replaceable in the future.  You should give laptop services as a gift while it is still a laptop repair option.

Computer Laptop Repair:   Lap top Screen Repair

Lap top screen repair is one of the most common laptop repairs today.  It should go without saying that a touchscreen will be more expensive to replace.  In fact, this is due largely to the fact that touchscreens have more layers within the screen.  This means that it requires more parts to function properly.  Furthermore, if you’re gifting someone a laptop, be sure to get a non-touchscreen.  This will ensure that if the laptop screen breaks, the cost will not be high for replacement. In the long-run this will save your friend money, especially if they ever need a laptop screen replacement.  Non-touchscreen laptop screens typically cost $150-$200.  On the other hand, touchscreen laptop screen replacements typically cost $200-$300.

Computer Laptop Repair:   Slow Computer

A slow computer is one of the most annoying issues a computer can have.  One minute the laptop runs perfectly and the next it takes 20 minutes to startup.  Although this repair is typically a hard drive failure, there can be other causes as well.  It’s best to have the laptop looked at as soon as possible to secure the data and prevent data loss.

Computer Laptop Repair:   Frozen Computer

Whether you have intermittent freezing or consistent freezing it is worth getting this problem looked at.  This could be a simple solution, such as a hard drive replacement or as complicated as a motherboard replacement.

Computer Laptop Repair:   Broken Hinges

Broken hinges can lead to other problems such as broken screens, broken cases and broken keyboards.  It’s best to get this type of problem resolved as soon as possible.  At a shop for computer laptop repair Colorado Springs, it can cost $150-$300 to fix a broken hinge. The price largely depends on how many parts have been damaged since the hinges broke.

Computer Laptop Repair Colorado Springs

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