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My Computer Repair Shop in Colorado Springs

Are you looking for the best computer repair shop in Colorado Springs?  Finding the best can be extremely difficult.  How do you find the best?  This blog is about my computer repair shop in Colorado Springs and all its wonderful characteristics.  When looking for a computer shop, be sure to keep these features in mind, because they may help you find the best.  This is what the best looks like, I challenge you to find your own “best” computer repair shop.

My Computer Repair Shop in Colorado Springs Is Friendly

It’s amazing how “friendly” seems to be a lost art.  You’ll walk into a store and the employees are rude or condescending.  Sometimes computer technicians will completely ignore you for 10 minutes before assisting you.  At my computer repair shop in Colorado Springs, they are always professional, friendly, and outgoing.  For example, every time they answer the phone they say, “good morning” or “good afternoon” with a sense of cheer behind their words.  When you walk through their door, they immediately greet you with, “hi, how are you doing today”?  These are simple and friendly tokens of appreciation for their clients, and they haven’t gone unnoticed.  In fact, the other day I was conversing with another client of theirs and they said that they have never encountered a grouchy computer technician at the computer shop.  Shocking!  NEVER?  I’ve thought about it and in 10+ years of doing business with them, I’ve also never encountered any behavioral issues with computer techs.  Isn’t that awesome?

My Computer Repair Shop in Colorado Springs Is Punctual

When my computer repair shop in Colorado Springs says that they will deliver my computer on a certain date, they are always prompt with their promises.  In fact, I paid an $80 rush fee one time, and my diagnosis was promised for 1 hour.  In 60 minutes, my computer diagnosis was ready for me.  I have always been impressed with how quickly they diagnose, repair, and deliver my computers.  Diagnostics typically take 1-12 hours, while repairs can take up to 24 hours (if no parts are needed).  If parts are needed, then the computer repair will take 3-5 business days.  Everything at my computer repair shop in Colorado Springs is punctual and delivered perfectly.  I would highly recommend finding yourself a PC repairs shop that under promises and over delivers, like my little computer store.

My Computer Repair Shop in Colorado Springs Offers Free Computer Diagnosis

Offering free computer diagnostics is a courtesy that some computer repair shops in Colorado Springs no longer have.  In fact, the average diagnosis fee is $35 for most computers and $60 for gaming computers.  For years, many people have taken advantage of free computer diagnostics in some shape or form.  For example, if you take a computer for free diagnosis but it has a warranty, it’s not likely that you will ever get this computer repaired.  As a matter of fact, you are more likely to cash-in that warranty and have the manufacturer fix your computer.  In addition, some people take several computers at once for computer diagnostics, with the intention of only fixing one or none at all.  All these factors affect the computer store that offers free computer diagnostics.  If a computer repair shop in Colorado Springs is performing MORE free computer diagnostics than repairs, then they are losing money.  75% of people who request a free diagnostic must also repair their computer at the shop to pay for the shop to stay open.  This is one of many reasons that most computer repair shops in Colorado Springs do not offer this awesome feature.  At my computer shop, they offer free diagnostics and although their prices aren’t the lowest, they are affordable.  I would recommend finding yourself a little computer store that offers this great service.

My Computer Repair Shop in Colorado Springs Is Inexpensive

Your PC repairs don’t have to “cost an arm and a leg”.  In fact, 50% of computer repairs should be simple and cost less than $80.  I love my computer repair shop in Colorado Springs because they don’t charge for small repairs.  For example, if my audio is not working and I just need a driver reinstalled, there is no charge for doing this.  If they can fix the problem at the front counter, then normally the PC repair is free.  This is what PC repair shops should be like.  Even the “expensive” repairs are a reasonable price at my PC repair shop.  A few years ago, I took my ASUS ROG to my local shop for a laptop screen repair, and it was extremely affordable.  I couldn’t believe that a screen for such an expensive gaming computer was only $200!  In one word, unbelievable!  If you can find yourself a shop for PC repairs that is affordable in all areas, then I would keep them around.  It’s always nice to have an inexpensive computer shop at your disposal.

My Computer Repair Shop in Colorado Springs Encourages DIY Computer Projects

I called a computer shop a long time ago about building a computer myself.  I got a typical response of “I can’t help you”.  Most computer shops do not want you to build your own computer, because this takes business away from them.  In fact, most PC shops won’t even help you if you mention that you are building a computer yourself.  At my computer shop, they encourage DIY computer building.  They understand that when I break my computer, which I eventually will, I will come to them for repairs.  There is no money lost and they even manage to gain a life-long client.  I feel that my PC repair shop cares about the client and their needs, rather than just the bottom line of their company.  That’s why they get my money!

My Computer Repair Shop in Colorado Springs Has Tons of Experienced Computer Technicians

Computer repair technicians are not difficult to find.  However, GOOD computer technicians are extremely hard to find.  In fact, it is estimated that 60% of computer technicians fall short of the golden standards for PC techs in my area.  The golden standards include excellent customer service, competent software and hardware repairs and adequate computer building services.  Interestingly, 100% of the computer technicians at my favorite computer shop are GREAT computer technicians, who meet the golden standards.  I would highly recommend researching your computer shop’s technicians and their ability to perform computer repairs.  Sometimes you won’t know that you have a “bad” computer technician until it’s too late.

My Computer Repair Shop in Colorado Springs is DML Computer Repair

My favorite little computer shop is DML Computer Repair.  As I mentioned earlier, they are prompt, friendly, inexpensive and offer the best computer technicians in town.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a computer repair shop with expertise and constant availability.

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