Everything You Need To Know About Building PCs

Anyone who has built a gaming PC knows how difficult it is to find assistance in creating their first build. Most novice builders would find a gaming PC repair shop to ask for help. However, not all repair shops specialize in building high-quality gaming PCs. What’s special about DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs, Colorado is:

  • We understand that parts that look cool don’t always make the best gaming PC
  • Our builders are specially trained to purchase parts that work best together
  • Our PC builders tailor each computer to the gaming needs of each person

The Cool Computer vs the Functional Computer

As avid gamers and PC builders, we have seen some of the coolest gaming computers ever built such as PCs that blow bubbles or have fish tanks inside. The biggest issue with these cool gaming PCs is that functionality is often compromised to make them look better.

Our repair technicians understand that machines should be beautiful but not at the expense of functionality. That is why we guarantee to build you a beautiful machine, without compromising performance.

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Ensuring Compatibility

One of the most common mistakes of PC repair shops when building a computer is disregarding the compatibility of the parts. We don’t want you to waste money on expensive components that don’t work well together.

Trust our trained and experienced technicians to assist you in choosing the right parts that work best together based on their personal experience and knowledge.

The Problem With Pre-Built Computers

While being one of the most affordable options in the market, pre-built computers tend to underperform and crash within months. That is why our builds are specifically tailored to the lifestyle and performance needs of our clients.

Not only do custom-built PCs cater to your specific needs, but these builds can also last up to 15 years and rarely need any maintenance.

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Save Your PC From Viruses

Our computer repair shop can help you with any malware, spyware, trojans, and other viruses on your device. Check out our virus removal services.