The Secrets of Computer Virus Removal Services

Computer VIrus Removal Service

Computer repair shops would have you believe that computer virus removal services are complicated and out of your reach.  Yes, there are a few well-guarded “secrets” behind computer virus removal services.  I have written this blog article to help you understand these “secrets” for virus removal. Computer Virus Removal Service Secret #1:   Free Antiviruses…

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How To Repair Your Desktop

Desktop Repair

Desktop repair is among the most common computer repairs in computer repair shops.  In fact, this is the easiest type of computer repair in the computer world today.  It’s so easy that you could do it yourself.  Granted, you might need a little guidance, direction, and the occasional computer repair shop but you can do…

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The Best Computer Repair in Colorado Springs

computer repair in Colorado Springs

It can be extremely difficult to find a good computer repair shop in Colorado Springs, much less find “the best”.  Do you look at google reviews?  Do you look at their services?  If so, which ones offer the best services?  How do you know for sure?  Our computer technicians have put together this list of…

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The Best Moments of Computer Repair Near Me

Computer Repair Near Me

In this day and age, we only hear the horrible stories behind computer repair.  However, there are many wonderful aspects of computer repair that aren’t shared on the internet today.  The purpose of this blog article is to illuminate the world with heart-warming computer repair stories.  Stay with me as I share these awesome stories…

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An Explanation of Laptop Repair Near Me

Laptop Repair Near Me

If you want to learn about laptop repair near me, then you have come to the right place.  In this article I will talk about all the aspects of laptop repair and how they are important to you.  You might be thinking that laptop repair and desktop repair are very similar.  Unfortunately, they are not. …

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Old Computer Repair Shops in Colorado Springs

Computer Repair Shops in Colorado Springs

The computer world has definitely changed in the past decade or so.  Once upon a time, computer repair shops were small, personal and had most knowledge needed to perform competent computer repairs.  In fact, many of those small mom and pop computer repair shops in Colorado Springs have closed.  They have been replaced with larger…

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How To Perform Laptop Screen Repairs

Laptop Screen Repairs

Contrary to popular belief, anyone can perform laptop screen repairs.  Replacing a laptop screen only requires a few pieces of knowledge that are the key to successful screen replacements.  In fact, diagnosing your laptop screen is one of the easiest diagnostics in the computer world today.  The hardest part about laptop screen repairs is removing…

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About Gaming PC Repairs Near Me

Gaming PC Repairs Near Me

As a fellow gamer I know how difficult it is to find competent gaming pc repairs near me.  It’s not enough to find a computer repair shop to perform repairs on gaming computers.  Unfortunately, you need to find a computer repair shop that specializes in gaming computer repair.  Once you find a competent gaming computer…

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DIY Computer Virus Removal Service

Computer Virus Removal Service

Anyone who has ever had a computer virus removal service knows that it can be detrimental.  Oftentimes the computer needs to be wiped clean and the operating system reloaded.  In some cases, the computer virus infection is so severe that data is lost.  What if you could perform a few simple steps to do your…

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How to Repair Desktop Computers

Desktop Repair

Desktops are a unit containing all the main components of a computer, except the peripherals (such as a monitor, mouse, and keyboard).  Decades ago, desktops were only built in large units; however, today there are desktops as small as your hand.  As a computer repair technician, I find that larger desktop units are easier to…

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