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With over one billion devices running Windows 10 worldwide, it’s only natural that users are interested in Windows 10 life hacks to enhance their user experience. (If you are not familiar with the term, a “life hack” is an act or process that saves time and effort, essentially making your life easier.)

While PCs seem easier to use than ever these days, there are still plenty of Windows 10 hidden tricks to discover. And if you are one of the thousands of Colorado Springs residents who now work from home, you might demand more from your desktop or laptop than ever before.

Ready to discover new ways to get the most out of your Windows computer? Here are three cool Windows 10 life hacks that we love.

1. Work Smarter With Shortcuts

Using Windows 10 shortcuts allows you to work smarter and faster. You’ll get more done in less time and free yourself up to tackle harder and more time-consuming tasks.

For example, you can create desktop shortcuts that will open frequently used programs with just a few keystrokes. First, search for Command Prompt in the search bar and click “run as administrator”.

Type explorer shell:AppsFolder” from there to bring up a list of icons. Drag an icon to the desktop and then right-click it and select properties.

In the shortcut key field, add CTRL + ALT + a letter of your choice. Now you can access the program by typing that shortcut key when you need it.

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This Key Is The Secret To Many Windows 10 Life Hacks2. Record Screenshots

One of the best Windows 10 life hacks in our opinion is the ability to record videos of your desktop without any additional software. This is especially helpful for those of us working from home that need to share presentations with our remote team members.

Search for Game Bar in the search field or type Windows Key + G to pull it up. The Game Bar was designed for gamers to show off their skills but it’s an incredibly useful tool for anyone that needs to record their desktop or take a screenshot.

There are on/off buttons and you can turn the camera or microphone on and off as needed. There are also shortcuts to make it easier.

Windows Key + Alt + R starts and stops your recording session. Windows Key + Alt + PrtScn takes a screenshot.

3. Focus on Important Tasks

Is your computer a window into fun distractions or does it always ring or chime with constant updates? There’s a feature that can help you stay on track with your tasks.

There are plenty of websites you can visit that can “lock” your computer so that you don’t stray when you’re working. For minimizing notifications, there are Windows 10 features that can help with that.

Open the Action Center from the main menu and click on “Focus Assist”. You can turn off all app notifications from there or eliminate just the ones that annoy you the most.

More Windows 10 Life Hacks

These are just three of our favorite Windows 10 life hacks, and there are plenty more to discover. Try these out and see how you can improve your output or just make using your computer much easier.

There are times, though, when the best life hack is to call in a professional. If your computer isn’t running as smoothly as it should, avoid the frustration of DIY computer repair on your own by contacting us for a free diagnostic test. We have been helping our Colorado Springs friends and neighbors with their technology issues for almost a decade, and look forward to welcoming you into the DML family!