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Have you ever wondered where to buy used computers Colorado Springs?

DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs is the PC place to buy a used computer nearby!  Here’s 5 reasons why you should shop with DML!


Reason #1:  Solid State Technology

Many used computer stores still sell used computers with the original mechanical hard drive inside.  Unfortunately this practice is outdated and dangerous, considering the ease in which data is recoverable these days.  For example, purchasing a “used” computer with the owner’s old data simply “deleted” would still make this data accessible during a professional data recovery.  As a result, DML Computer Repair, only sells computers with brand new solid state drives.  Generally solid state technology is also faster than mechanical hard drive technology; increasing your app & click speed by 200%!


Reason #2:  Full Pre-Purchase Hardware Check

Have you ever purchased a computer that still had crumbs in the keyboard or smokers tar in the fans?  This occurs when a store buys a used computer and does not perform a thorough hardware check.  Furthermore, a hardware check can give the overall health of a computer, providing valuable information on any future issues.  At DML, the hardware check is used to replace any parts that might be a problem in the future.  Coupled with solid state drives, hardware replacements make our used computers the longest-lasting computers nearby.


Reason #3:  Our computers are refurbished, not used

“Used” computers have been previously owned and no parts or components have been replaced.  On the other hand, “refurbished” computers have been repaired, upgraded or improved (in some way).  Our computers are all 100% refurbished, with failing or worn parts replaced before reselling.  In other words, a refurbished computer is a used computer that has been repaired, replaced, and upgraded.


Reason #4:  A warranty on all refurbished computers

DML sells refurbished computers that carry a 30 day+ warranty for repairs and replacements.  In many cases, people will purchase a used computer only to find out immediately there is an issue.  For example, the purchased computer is slow, not charging, no longer turns on or a number of other common issues.


Reason #5:  DML will never try to sell you more than you need

Have you ever walked into a store with a $200 budget and walked out with $600 worth of stuff?  Unfortunately, it is a common practice to sell you what you need and then try to sell you items that you don’t necessarily need.  DML Technicians are trained to listen to your needs and ONLY sell you computers that meet your needs.  Do you already own a computer and need a computer fixer for pc repairs?  No problem!  DML Comp Repair fixes all brands and types of computers, such as MSI, ASUS, ACER, HP, and gaming computers!  DML Comp Repair also performs data recovery services in Colorado Springs.



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